Friday, May 1, 2009

Home Redo Challenge - one room at a time!

I'm so excited to take up Shortmama on her new challenge! She is putting together a home-redo challenge, one room at a time!

The idea is to post some before pictures of the monthly room (this month is the living room), and explain what you'd like to have done with the room by the end of the month. You link up on her site so everyone can see each other's "before" pictures, and see the goals for that room. Then at the end of the month, you link up again to show what you've accomplished!

This is sooo good for me, because I see so many beautiful homes of my fellow bloggers, and great decorating ideas and I think "I want to do that!" But I never seem to get around to implementing all the inspiration I get! So I am beyond excited for this challenge! I'm asking for a lot of input, so's kinda long!

So, I'm being brave here posting my before pictures (no room primping allowed)...I always crop very carefully because everyone in blogland seems to have such beautifully decorated (and clean!) homes. To be honest, I have done very little to my home since we bought it almost 9 years ago. When we bought the home, I was pregnant with my 2nd child. Shortly after her birth we started our own business. This, and a new baby consumed all of our time and attention, and as the business grew, so did the demands on our time! Now I'm not complaining at all...but 2 more children later, I think it's time to start beautifying...don't you? So here goes:

This is my west wall, imediately when you come in my front door. The chair and table were stuck there after our last boutique, and I haven't taken them downstairs yet. The pile of stuff on the end table is boutique product that we haven't taken into the store where we have a booth full time. My goal here is to obviously put the stuff away that doesn't go here! And I want to replace the end table with a different one from my room that I'm going to paint black and mod-podge the top to match the chest I did here. Do you think it will be too matchy-matchy if I do that? This is the picture hanging above my piano. It's one of my favorite pictures, and IS my favorite picture of George Washington. Santa brought it to me 2 Christmases ago.

This is the wall to the right of the picture. I would love to get some framed duplicates of our founding documents and do a grouping of them here.

This is something I REALLY need some advice on. We only have one T.V. It is in our living room. You all know that I often walk on the treadmill to a show I enjoy watching. There's really no other place I can have my treadmill. When it's folded up it fits nicely in the corner between my couch and my fireplace, but it's still not very classy looking! What should I do about this?

This is the North wall to the left of the door when you walk in. I keep my laptop the same place as you, Shortmama! I'd like to paint the c.d./movie rack black. I also will replace this end table, the same as the one by the piano. I also want to change the valence out for a different window treatment. I've already replaced the picture grouping with something else. I'll share that later.

This is the south wall. I'm going to paint the entertainment center black. I've already replaced the picture to the right with one of my projects from earlier this year. That's the dog bed beneath it. I'm going to sell the rocker, and replace it with an old rocker from my parent's cabin that I'm going to paint chocolate brown.

This is the corner of the east and south wall. It is where all my Ribbon Blossoms materials are. I plan on moving this downstairs, I just brought it all in here when I was working on stuff for our last boutique (I have to have the TV for this too!) I think that's a blanket on the fireplace, it's already been moved! I need some cool ideas on how to accessorize the fireplace.

I'm going to put another project on the wall to the right...I just need to get it finished!

There's nothing I can do about the pink carpet...GAH! But I'd like to do some different accessorizing on the surfaces once I get my furniture how I want it. Whew! that's a lot to do in just 30 days! I guess I better get busy!

I welcome all input and advice! Thanks Shortmama for this awesome challenge to help get me motivated! If you'd like to take up the one room at a time challenge go visit Family of Shorts and link up!


Unknown said...

I love moving things around but I would have to be in the room to see it. Good Luck I know its going to look great.

shortmama said...

Thanks so much for joining...I was getting lonely over there! I love that you are painting the furniture black, I will be doing the same in my bedroom when it comes time for that. How about a screen for in front of the treadmill? Like one of those room diving screens? They are pretty pricey ($100)but I have seen them around yard sales and thrift stores for 1/2 the price, maybe you can find one too. I love all your ideas and cant wait to see the room in a month! Im still thinking on the fireplace, will get back to ya on that!

Jen @ said...

What a fun challenge! I was also thinking of a screen to put in front of your treadmill. I saw a really cute idea that used thin doors as the panels. I think it was in Domino a few months ago. They used flat panel thin doors 28 inches wide and covered them with fabric. Then they used the outside as a kind of pin board to put pin pictures and things like that on. It was really cute. And you could make matching pillows to go on your couch to tie it in to the room. Or you could decoupage the doors. Hmmm... That would be pretty cool too.

I can't wait to see what you do!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Yes! A screen for the treadmill, totally. You can make one pretty easily. (Or have hubby do it: even easier!) One thing I didn't get from your post and your pictures: what colors are you wanting to do in there?

Tanielle said...

It will be fabulous...I know!!!

J.J. said...

How fun ...I can't wait to see the finished product?

Unknown said...

Girl.. I need some weight loss motivation myself. I have no self control apparently! As we speak I am laying on my bed in a pair or spanx and a bra with clothes spread out around me. NOTHING looks good or fits cute right now! Erghh. I refuse to go buy bigger clothes... I have too many cute ones that are just sitting there looking sad in my closet! Tell me what you're doing! I need HELP!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love your idea of painting the entertainment center black! I wonder if maybe you could even use some NON-permanent adhesive to do a decorative (scrapbook?) paper backing to the shelves in whatever accent colors you decide on.

And puh-lease. You think that's messy. I'd love for you to stop by my house any given day around 4 pm. It looks like Toys 'R Us and a laundromat threw up on my first floor. Seriously.

Dawn said...

Hey there! I agree with everyone else about the screen for the treadmill. You are a very creative girl, you'll come up with the perfect solution!

I definately think you should do the end table in black and do the same treament that you did on the trunk (cause I love that!!!)

I agree with Amanda, definately paint the entertainment center black and try using some pretty scrapbook paper on the back of it.

I crop my pictures a lot of times, too. I don't even have little ones (they are 15, 12, and hubby) in my house yet they all seem to have a very hard time cleaning up after themselves!!!

I can't wait to see what you do with your room. I know it will be fabulous!!!


I love the George Washington painting. How touching it is...I have never seen that one. I have Civil War General paintings in my bedroom....they were Franks when we married...and I sort of made hiim lose most of his male stuff...would not budge with these. Ouch. I also have a treadmill in the living room...which has become my craft room of sorts. My house looks so much like yours right now it hurts. Since my parents have moved stuff has been wedged and tucked in the craziest they would feel at home. I wish I could come and play with you. I love decorating. I helped my cousin do her newly renovated living room last weekend...and it looks like something out of Southern Living right now...she is so proud....and so am I...we worked magic. :-) Have fun on your project...and thanks for inspiring me again.

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Yep, definitely a screen for the treadmill, I love that idea. It can "hide" when not in use :)

I am in the same boat as you. When we moved in we didn't do much because we were never really sure how long we'd be here. We are on 20 acres and would really like to build a new house, but don't know when that dream will come true. Sooooo, that means we haven't done much with our current house. After all, we don't want to pour too much money into it if it's not a place we'll be for much longer. Of course, on the flip side, if we'll be here even a few years more, we (I) want to make it a nice space to be. Ahh, the challenges (and limited funds, lol!)

kado! said...

I say a folding wall divider for the tread can find cute ones that have slots for your own family photos...that would be cute?

Jan said...

This will be fun to see the transformation. Great idea to share.

Jenny said...

What a great contest! Do you need a new dog bed to complete your redo?

Enter 10off at checkout to get 10% off your new bed!

AndreaLeigh said...

I'm looking forward to your redo! I wonder if you could put some sort of partition or curtain up to hide the treadmill.

Rachelle said...

Can't wait to see what you do! I love looking at room makeovers and seeing what people come up with!

Good luck!

Marrdy said...

Wow, what an undertaking! Can't wait to see the finished project. I have the same picture of Washington in my living room and I love mine too!

ImagineCozy said...

I love that you are doing this challenge --- I love this stuff, it is what my blog is all about. Creating a Cozy, Comfortable space with what you have already.

Your fireplace and mantle is a great focal point in the room --- add a few natural elements such as some twigs in the pots you have there, or some fresh cut flowers. The picture and candles look great, maybe add a few hardbound books with the dustcovers taken off.

I have a post all about books and how you can use them to decorate.

Also, you will notice I have so many pictures of Christ in my blog before and afters --- I live in Utah and many of the homes I do are LDS families. Me too!

I teach free classes on Room Makeovers for RS Enrichments if you live on the Wasatch Front.

Any way fun stuff I am excited to see your after pictures.


E said...

How fun! I love this challenege, and if we weren't in the middle of our stinking move I would join in! I can't wait to see the 'After' photos!