Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random thoughts from me, as I sit here at 1 in the morning.

Remember the TV show Without a Trace? I'm watching reruns on ION television right now. Eric Close is hot. Just sayin'.

I like sparkly things. Like a LOT. My newest favorite sparkly thing? I'm LOVING this Glimmersticks Diamond eyeliner from Avon. LOVE.

I'm also loving this Co. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint.

Also? I tried some of this at Victoria's Secret the other day. Pure Seduction is my most favorite scent. I use the shower cream, lotion, and body spray. I'm running low. I went in to check if they were having any kind of sale on my stuff and found SHIMMER body lotion! How freaking awesome is that?? It really did make my skin shimmer! I'm totally getting some when it goes on sale. Between my eyeliner, lip gloss, and shimmer lotion - I'm totally going to look like a Cullen. (Threw that in there for you JK).

Eric Close is pretty hot. Just had to point that out again, cuz he's on the TV right now...looking good.

Anybody watch DWTS? I've never watched a full season. Even the season that Donny was on. I still rooted for him and was happy he won. This year I tuned in to see Ralph Macchio. I had such a crush on the Karate Kid. And Kirstie Allie (I never had a crush on her, just tuned in to watch her). I can't seem to not love her - no matter how mouthy and crass she gets. And mouthy, crass women usually bug the crap outta me. They are the front runners - which makes me happy.

I was glad to see the guy who was paired with Lacey Schwimmer go.

Because I can't stand her.

Back when she was on SYTYCD I couldn't stand her. Glad I won't have to watch her anymore.

Roselyn Sanchez is really beautiful. They never hooked her character up with Eric Close's character on the show - but that would have been a lovely pairing. TV shows should hire me to tell them which characters to hook up on the show. I'd be good at that.

Am I the only one who finds it astounding the HUUUUUGE list of possible side effects listed in the "disclaimer voice" on prescription drug commercials? Especially when the "condition" seems to be a relatively mild inconvenience compared to the possible side effects from the medication used to treat it?

Also, I consider myself a fairly intelligent girl. I use proper grammar (unless I'm purposely using a slang word). I'm pretty well-read. I pronounce most words correctly. Until this very moment I have said "PERscription". It's "PREscription". I only just discovered that when the spell check put a little red squiggly line beneath my word. How could I be saying such a common word incorrectly my whole life? It's like saying "bob-wire". I'm so humiliated.

I guess it's about time I wrap this up. It's 1:40 a.m. now, and I'm still not sleepy. I still have to go through and add links and pictures to my post. Maybe that will make me sleepy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

ob·ses·sion: noun : a persistent, disturbing preoccupation....

So did y'all have a good weekend? Mine ROCKED!

Remember how excited I was for the ReAL season home opener? Yeah - we TOTALLY killed it! La Galaxy? David who? And may I point out that MY soccer hottie plays the position that defends David Beckham's (the world's soccer hottie) position. I guess we know who outplayed who in that set-up, right?

Now I know there aren't many of you who are as interested as I am in watching this highlight reel. Repeatedly. Just to relive the glory of the night. But what if I told you you could play a little game of "where's Xazmin?" That's right...I'm totally in the highlights! A couple of times. I'll tell you where...since you don't know where I'm sitting, and where to look.

So we are sitting in the front row of the SE corner of the stadium. To the left of the goal. It is called the Colonel's Corner and is sponsored by KFC. So look for the big red wall that says "Colonel's Corner". There's a really good view of the CC at 1:19. We are in the left section, front row - you can't see us yet. We are in the very first 2 seats on the left of the front row. Hubby is wearing a red ReAL long sleeve jersey, with a ReAL scarf around his neck. I am wearing a Navy hoodie, also with a ReAL scarf. Now, I'm fat, but can I just say I am not as fat as I look in the video? I have 4 layers on because of the weather - so imagine me at least a little thinner, mmkay?

Then at 1:50 Andy Williams scores a goal, in the footage of the celebrating it shows a close up of LA's goal keeper in the light blue jersey (not celebrating). As it pans to the left, pause it at 2:00. Hubby and I will be standing up cheering on the left half of your screen. He's in red, I'm in navy. Don't blink or you'll miss us! Then keep watching, and they'll replay it twice, from different angles. In the second replay if you watch closely when it pans the Colonel's Corner, you can see us jump out of our seats when he scores!

Then there's a sweet penalty kick goal at 3:49, watch closely, and on the 3rd replay you can see us jumping up and down at about 4:38. Watch fast though!

There are a couple more quick passes of the CC section, but you'll have to find them if you REALLY want to see me that badly. Now wasn't that a fun game? Tell the truth, did any of you even honestly look at the ones I actually pointed out to you? I didn't think so.

So, I had a blast. Also, Chris Wingert - such a sweetheart - always runs a lap around the field waving and applauding the fans after the game is over and most of the players are on their way into the locker rooms. Last night, he totally looked at me when he ran past! Just sayin'.

I bet he was drooling all over himself at my 4 layers of clothing on top of my many layers of blubber.

The next home game isn't for a few weeks, so you may be spared my soccer talk and CW lust for a while. Maybe.

P.S. For a couple girls who have mentioned an appreciation for my introducing them to Chris Wingert, here are some nice highlights of him - number 17 (yes he grew his hair - I liked it better before - but he can pretty much do anything and still look good):

5:03 - 5:11 doesn't he look nice running?
5:22 - just after Javier Morales scores our third goal, he joins the celebration and kisses him on the head! Javier Morales has such a lucky head!!
6:48 - 6:56 LA almost scores, and Wingert gets tangled up with Rimando (our goal keeper) while trying to stop it. He almost sits on, I'll just leave that one alone.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...

Do you totally have that song stuck in your head now?

Today I'm linking up with Mamarazzi ....I'm sharing my happy list!

1. Meeting a dear blog friend and creating lifelong memories made me very happy.

I know I'm totally cut out of the picture...but that's what makes it a good one!

2. My new phone. It's not as fancy as all you with your smart phones...but I still likey a lot.

3. I'm happy that I am starting to recover from the death cough I brought back from Portland.

4. Soccer makes me happy. I've missed watching this boy. (p.s. Myya - his name is Chris Wingert - since you asked.)

I'm really happy to be going to the ReAL season home opener with my man tonight....our favorite date night. Yes, he knows I like to watch that guy up there - and he is totally not threatened...because our relationship rocks like that.

5. I'm even happier to be watching my talented son perform with a small group of other talented young violinists this evening before we go to the game.

6. I'm happy to be reconnected with old bloggy friends I've been missing in my blog hiatus, and to have connected with some fabulous new ones as well.

Want to share your happy? Head over to Mamarazzi's and link up.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mims and Xazmin take Portland

I have a LOT to tell you about my week in Portland. But let's face it, you really just wanna hear about my face to face meet up with the one and only MiMi. So I'll just skip to Thursday.

It was something I have been looking forward to for sooooo long. And there was much preparation to be put into this meeting. I mean, so many things to consider. What will I wear? Shall I wear my hair up, or down? And most importantly - what was I going to do about THIS?

Yes friends, this is the collection of shoes I took to National Conference. I am a high heel girl. I luuuuurve me some sassy high heels. But since MiMi has repeatedly referred to herself as a midget on her blog (which she's not) - I wasn't feeling the desire to be Goliath to her David. So for the first time EVER in life - I bought myself a pair of dress flats. I think they're pretty cute for flats. I wore them the first time on Tuesday when we flew into Portland. I could not get used to them! So once we were checked in - I switched to heels before going out to dinner! And on Thursday I wore heels until lunch break, and then switched to the flats in preparation for meeting MiMi!

Anysidetrack....Thursday was the day. I could NOT focus! I had class from 8-12:30, then again from 2:30-4:30. I was twitchy and tapping my pencil, and shhhh...don't tell, but I pretty much just texted with MiMi through most of my afternoon class!

Then it was time! I went down to the lobby, and was waiting for her to come up in the elevator. So I stood by the elevators, and was chatting with a couple of school friends. I kept glancing over at the elevators, watching for her. Somehow I TOTALLY missed her. So what did she do? Just stood there - watching me jabber away, waiting to see how long it would take me to notice her. Mean, huh? I felt like such a dweeb.

We hugged...we laughed...we wedged ourselves into the elevator with the bajillion other people from the conference (seriously 23 floors, and 800 people attending the conference and FOUR elevators? Yeah - that was special). We went up to my room because I had a gift up there for her, and look what she gave me! She is seriously the sweetest. And she is soooo pretty!

These cards she made me are seriously GORGEOUS! I wish I could show how colorful and sparkly they are - she knows how I love my glitter!

I'm angry that I can't get a good picture of this - my house is just too dark. But isn't it adorable? I love it!

We stayed in the room chatting for a bit - and it was seriously like I have always known her. At least that's how it felt to me.

Then off to our adventure! It started right off the bat when we had to do a 75 point turn just to get up the ramp from the hotel parking. I am not kidding you - you have never seen a parking garage exit ramp with a sharper turn. There were scuff marks all around the curve where people had scraped their cars trying to get out! But my girl MiMi did it without any scuffs! It only took us like 17 minutes!

Our first objective was to find Voodoo Doughnuts which was supposedly 0 .8 miles from my hotel. MiMi and I have an inside joke about Voodoo, and how voodoo people creep us out. We talk incessantly about voodoo people - so when she learned I was coming she said we HAD to go to Voodoo Doughnuts! And guess what? It's actually owned by REAL voodoo people - yikes!

We braved the Portland streets and despite her warnings - MiMi's mouth was actually very well-behaved! We couldn't find the freakin' shop! We did nearly hit a pedestrian - then had a pedestrian nearly hit US. Both men gave us dirty looks that I felt were completely undeserved. Whatever.

We were honked at by a bus, just because we were driving in the "bus-only" lane. Whatever again.

We finally found the dang place, and had to pay EIGHT DOLLARS to park in the stupid parking lot across the street. As soon as we stepped out of the car...downpour! As soon as we got to the edge of the parking lot and were about to cross the street...HAIL! So we stood out in the pouring rain/hail and waited for our turn in the creepy voodoo shop.

I guess hair up or down was a pretty irrelevant question at this point.

Once inside MiMi struck up a nice conversation with the lovely young couple in front of us about herpes. Yes that's right friends - I said herpes. Okay - it was funny, we were talking about how gross the store was, and how if you accidentally touched your mouth on the ginormous donut on the wall that everyone was pretending to eat - that you would walk out with herpes. But it was still really funny to hear her repeatedly say "herpes" in a store jam-packed with people.

After donuts we drove around a little bit, and discussed serial killers. In all the TV shows the serial killers are always in Portland and Seattle. We talked about the Green River Killer, and pointed out people who could potentially be the GRK - there were some SCARY folks out that night! MiMi also introduced me to a game called "gay or not gay"...I'll let her tell you about that. I then told her about "make-out or not make-out". If you have any imagination - you can probably figure out the rules to either or both of these games.

We headed out of town, and looked for a place to have dinner. We may or may not have driven past the same shopping plaza 3 or 4 times while trying to figure out where we were. We also may or may not have gone through a huge dip at full speed, bottomed out so hard that we hit our heads on the ceiling, and then smelled oil, and had to pull over to check under the car for leaking fluids. We also may or may not have been laughing hysterically the whole time.

We finally found our restaurant, went in, had tasty food and chatted for hours about anything and everything while everyone around us got drunk on green beer.

I think we were both reluctant to leave. I know I was. In fact, if we both hadn't had to pee so bad, I'm not sure we would have left when we did. Once back at the hotel, we still sat down in the lobby and talked until nearly 2 in the morning. Then the worst part of the week happened. I had to say goodbye. It really was one of the best nights of my life. It was so worth it, conquering my fear of flying, wearing flat shoes, leaving my family for the first time ever.

Thank you MiMi. Thank you for taking the time to drive into Portland and take me around, and for spending the evening with me and for being my hilarious, sweet, wonderful friend. I love you! I'm still sorta mad that your post is much funnier than mine though!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fashionably Late....

So I'm a little late to the party. Gimme a break - I am the sickest I have been in YEARS! But wild horses couldn't keep me away from Amanda's Crafty Cutter Love party!

Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party

Today I'm sharing a project that I actually shared a couple of years ago for Mod Podge Mania (which is coming up at the end of this month BTW!!)

I started out with this cute little wooden chair that had been part of a small desk set for my kids.

I sprayed it white, and let it dry completely. Next I found some fun, happy cardstock. The 12x12 size was perfect to cover the seat, with just a little trimming to make it fit properly. I then used Mod Podge to adhere it to the chair.

I next used my cricut "Walk in my Garden" cartridge - by FAR my favorite cartridge. I use it for everything! I cut a cute little ladybug and flower, and the word "smile". I used my Mod Podge again to hold them in place, then covered with several generous coats of Mod Podge and let dry completely!

I love it! What do you think? My daughter also ADORES it - so I guess I would consider it a success!

I'm anxious to see what everyone else has come up with, and if you'd like to see too, head on over to Amanda's to link up, or just check out all the other crafty cutter goodness!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A week of firsts....

Things I did this past week, that I have never done before:

Purchased a pair of dress-flats.

Flew on an airplane.

Was violated by the pornographic airport scanning machine.

Spent more than 1 night away from my girls.

Had dinner at a brewery.

Found a bottled Pibb Xtra (they only have it in the fountain here).

Attended all my classes the entire week.

Met one of my most favorite girls EVAH!

Stood in a hailstorm/rain downpour for a stinkin' DONUT! (MiMi had a hood! She only took it off for the picture!)

Braved the world of voodoo.

Got honked at by a bus, for being in the bus lane in a car!

Hung out in a gay bar.

Sat in a hotel lobby gabbing until nearly 2 in the morning.

I can't wait to elaborate on my week in Portland. It really was a wonderful week, even if I did come home feeling like a truck is parked on my chest. I have some sort of nasty cough and sore throat - no beuno!

But it was so worth it! Especially the part about meeting MiMi! Yes people, she IS as fabulous in person as she is on the blog!

Stay tuned to hear all about it! I missed you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today is the day

that I brave the "friendly" (?) skies!

I am nervous beyond belief.

I don't know what I'll do being away from my kids for so long.

Especially my little monkey. She is my constant chattering shadow every day while the kids are at school.

I'm going to miss her terribly.

I'm going to miss you all too! I'm not sure I'll have a chance to blog or visit this week, but I'll be thinking of you!

And despite my anxiety, I am incredibly excited thinking that in 2 days I will meet the incomparable MiMi!!!

Wish me luck! Love you all!

Friday, March 11, 2011

F-Bomb Friday

5 lb bag of oats before

5 lb bag of oats after

My Pantry floor.

The End.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Spillin' the Beans....

I have mentioned a few times lately that I'm going to be doing some travelling here in the near future. And if you've been reading recently, you know that I have never flown - and that I'm terrified. It will probably go a little something like this:

You probably think I'm joking - but I'm not.

Now you may be asking yourself - "What in the WORLD would be enough motivation to make this girl get on a plane after 34 years, when she has such a fear of flying?"

Next week is the annual National Conference for Expeditionary Learning Schools (ELS). ELS is the organization our charter school is affiliated with. Expeditionary Learning (EL) is the teaching model our school uses to deliver curriculum. The conference is 4 days of immersing yourself into EL, taking master classes, participating in discussion groups, learning in the EL style, just like our students do. Sounds like an amazing opportunity, right?

Yeah, that's totally not enough motivation for me to get on a plane.

This year's conference is being held in the beautiful city of Portland. At least I think it's beautiful. It looks beautiful in this picture anyway, don't you think?

I've never been to Portland. I've hardly been anywhere. Especially anywhere that is not within reasonable driving distance. I guess Portland is...but yeah, I've never been there. Visiting a new, beautiful city sounds exciting...doesn't it?

Yeah, still not getting on a plane. Even knowing that airfare and hotel will be covered by our school's contract with EL.

What, oh what could motivate me? Any guesses? Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. My motivation is......drum roll please.....

If you don't know who this is....I seriously feel sorry for you. I first met MiMi back when I was blogging like crazy, you know before I fell off the face of the earth? We started out with comments, then email response, and I knew I had found a kindred spirit. We then graduated to texting and phone calls, and I just seriously, seriously love this girl. We have tried scheming a couple of times on ways we could meet in person, but things just haven't worked out.

Until now.

When I learned that National Conference was in Portland this year....I squealed with delight (inside, because it was at a board meeting, and they are recorded for public record). MiMi doesn't live too super far from Portland, and I immediately started planning that I would be one of the board members attending this year's conference.

It almost didn't happen. Our director had given out all our conference slots to staff that he felt needed to attend. And the close! But THEN, weeks later, our Business Services president said he had an extra "marketing slot" that he could let me use, and the board agreed that any board members who could attend, should be able to - because we are the vision-keepers of the school, so to speak - and the more training we can take advantage of, the better. So I was IN! I was so giddy....because at this point MiMi and I had resigned ourselves to the fact that once again our plans would be foiled. I called answer! I texted her...repeatedly. When I finally got ahold of her I nearly SHOUTED with glee! Okay, I'm pretty sure I DID shout.

Still, it felt like something that was happening sooooo far in the future. And now it's nearly HERE! Squeeeeee!!! In exactly 1 week I will be hanging with MIMI! Are you jealous yet? IA....please don't stop being my friend again because I bragged blogged about this!

Okay, well, I ramble when I get excited, so I'll wrap it up. Basically, meeting a fabulous, funny, warm, intelligent kindred spirit of a blog friend in person is what is motivating me to finally get on an airplane. Now, before you go thinking that I shouldn't use this conference just as an excuse to go meet my friend - I am eagerly attending ALL my classes while there. I have been to conference before (I drove) and ate it up, and my board is fully aware that I have been dying to meet MiMi for so long, and this conference is the perfect opportunity. I truly am excited to learn more from Expeditionary Learning, because I am passionate about my children, their education, and the school I have poured my heart and soul into for the past 5 years. Now everyone pray for me to make it there in one piece!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

How many more things can I tell you about me?

The ever fabulous Tanya over at Frou Frou Britches (she is seriously so adorable and funny) has given me an award. Or awards. I'm not sure which. She blogged about 2 awards and then passed one or both to me. I couldn't tell. So I'm just gonna post them both!

I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself. The thing is, I feel that I have been MORE than free in sharing details about me. Particularly over the past week! Wouldn't you agree? I'll try my best to come up with some new material. Here goes nothin'.

1. I used to wish I could grow up to be a mermaid. Or a Unicorn.

2. I hated school, skipped class all the time, and barely graduated by the skin of my teeth. Which makes it ironic that I now sit on the board of trustees for a public charter school.

3. I think Mitt Romney is foxy.

4. I am trying to single-handedly bring the term "foxy" back in style.

5. When I come home from somewhere after dark, no matter how late it is, I make someone talk on the phone to me until I get in the house, because I am afraid of killers.

6. I'm addicted to hair flares, and my husband has told me I'm too old for them. I am getting green ones for St. Patrick's Day!

7. I would like to have another baby, but I'm not sure that's the right decision for our family.'s that for ending on a serious note!

So there you have it. And I am supposed to pass this on....but seriously - nobody reads my blog any more! It was all I could do to come up with people to tag in my 5 truths and a lie post!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Confessional

Good for the soul, eh? We'll see.

I confess that I COMPLETELY spaced Mod Podge Mania on Monday. Um, but since no one mentioned it, I'm guessing nobody really missed it.

I confess that I made a gift for JennyKate weeks and weeks ago, and I still haven't sent it to her. Why is she even still my friend?

I confess that if I was hot, I would spend obscene amounts of money on clothes. And shoes.

I confess that I am mother of the year - I totally forgot to go to the morning crew meeting at Pixie's school this morning where she was awarded Student of the Month.

I confess that sometimes I get bored listening to my husband's stories about work - and halfway through I find myself thinking about something else, and realize I totally missed what he was saying.

I confess that I still love playing with Barbies. Also - Polly Pockets are freakin' awesome.

I confess that I am terrified of flying - and I will be doing it for the first time in less than 2 weeks. It is for a very good cause though. So I am pulling up my big girl panties and taking the plunge.

I confess that I bored myself while writing this post, and I'm surprised you're still reading.

Click the button if you want to read more confessions, that are certainly more entertaining than mine.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Should I be offended?

Well, not a single one of you guessed correctly my lie (please click here before continuing if you don't know what I'm talking about). I don't really know why, but I sorta said that like Yoda.

Are you ready to know way more than you ever wanted to know about me? I think you will see that it is all much less scandalous than I made it sound. At least I hope so.

#1 - I used to sneak out the bedroom window in the middle of the night to go meet my boyfriend and then sneak back in before morning.

TRUE. But it was quite innocent. The summer I turned 15. I liked a boy who was the cousin of my brother's best friend. Does that make sense? Boy and his cousin would walk up to our house, and my brother and I would sneak out the window (we had really strict parents - sorry mom and dad, but you know it's true - and had to get creative when it came to having a social life). My brother and Boy's cousin would take off to do 13 year old mischief, and Boy and I would hang around my dad's apple orchard. And we never did anything bad! He was my first kiss and that didn't even happen until the end of the summer. Then school started and he dumped me. The end.

#2 - I once kissed 2 different boys in the same night. And they were best friends.

TRUE. Although not quite as innocent as number one. I was at an after school activity my senior year. I think it must have been a they call them "stomps" everywhere, or just in Utah? Anyways, basically a "non-date" casual dance. I sorta liked this boy named Jake. I thought he sorta liked me too. He kissed me and then told me he just wanted to kiss me, not be my boyfriend. Thus I was first introduced to the concept of "friends with benefits". Yes I was almost 18 - and a little naive. I got a ride home with a friend, who was also Jake's close friend. Coincidentally this friend happened to be Boy from the above story. He brought me home, and then he kissed me. I shouldn't have kissed him, but I guess I still had a little thing for him - being my first real boyfriend and all. Then I told him I didn't want to be his girlfriend. He said the feeling was mutual. The end.

#3 -I met my husband when I was 18 - cruising State Street, and he came back to my friends house with me and stayed all night.

TRUE. But also more innocent than it sounds. I DID meet my husband when I was 18. I was never a girl that went downtown and "cruised state". However I had an awesome girlfriend who thought such activities were quite enjoyable. I had just purchased my first car (I was not allowed to have a car until I turned 18), a 94 Ford Mustang. I went to my awesome girlfriend's house to spend the night cuz her parents were out of town, and she and her sister coerced me asked me nicely to take my new car downtown to cruise State Street. Funny how I'm the one who got a husband out of it. ;) Now, the story of this night is quite amusing, and a blog post all in itself. One for another day. I will tell you that at the end of the night (actually the wee hours of the morning), he came back to my friends house with us, and my friend and her sister conveniently decided to turn in for the night. Leaving Future Hubby and I to chat and watch Aladdin for the rest of the morning. He was a perfect gentleman, and gave me a chivalrous hug before he left to go home. NOTHING HAPPENED!! But we were engaged 6 weeks later, and married 3 months after that.

#4 - I believe in, and practiced abstinence before marriage.

TRUE. I may have been a little too free with my kisses, BUT THAT'S ALL!

#5 - I kissed my best friend's boyfriend at the baseball park one night when they were in a fight.

Let me just say that I am highly offended that any of you would think I would actually do this to my best friend. Seriously! I am and always have been and extremely LOYAL friend. I never kissed a friend's boyfriend. However I DID get accused of this - I think it was Junior year. It was not a fun experience.

#6 - I had a boyfriend at the time I met my husband.

TRUE. Mostly. I was in a pretty dysfunctional relationship. For almost a year. I was 18 - he was much older than me. The age difference really started to show after first few months. We were constantly fighting/breaking up/making up. I had never been in a relationship like that. I kept thinking I needed to get out of the relationship, but never quite had the courage to follow through. During the week we had an ugly fight and I said maybe we should date other people - but was too chicken to break it off completely. He disagreed and we never actually agreed to what our relationship status was going to be. So technically we were still together when I met Future Hubby that weekend. Needless to say, I had to quickly break it off completely after meeting him. Ex-boy is how married as well, and I hope happily.

So there you have it. Judge me if you will - but I hope you don't! Please say you understand and don't think I'm a complete skank!