Sunday, March 27, 2011

ob·ses·sion: noun : a persistent, disturbing preoccupation....

So did y'all have a good weekend? Mine ROCKED!

Remember how excited I was for the ReAL season home opener? Yeah - we TOTALLY killed it! La Galaxy? David who? And may I point out that MY soccer hottie plays the position that defends David Beckham's (the world's soccer hottie) position. I guess we know who outplayed who in that set-up, right?

Now I know there aren't many of you who are as interested as I am in watching this highlight reel. Repeatedly. Just to relive the glory of the night. But what if I told you you could play a little game of "where's Xazmin?" That's right...I'm totally in the highlights! A couple of times. I'll tell you where...since you don't know where I'm sitting, and where to look.

So we are sitting in the front row of the SE corner of the stadium. To the left of the goal. It is called the Colonel's Corner and is sponsored by KFC. So look for the big red wall that says "Colonel's Corner". There's a really good view of the CC at 1:19. We are in the left section, front row - you can't see us yet. We are in the very first 2 seats on the left of the front row. Hubby is wearing a red ReAL long sleeve jersey, with a ReAL scarf around his neck. I am wearing a Navy hoodie, also with a ReAL scarf. Now, I'm fat, but can I just say I am not as fat as I look in the video? I have 4 layers on because of the weather - so imagine me at least a little thinner, mmkay?

Then at 1:50 Andy Williams scores a goal, in the footage of the celebrating it shows a close up of LA's goal keeper in the light blue jersey (not celebrating). As it pans to the left, pause it at 2:00. Hubby and I will be standing up cheering on the left half of your screen. He's in red, I'm in navy. Don't blink or you'll miss us! Then keep watching, and they'll replay it twice, from different angles. In the second replay if you watch closely when it pans the Colonel's Corner, you can see us jump out of our seats when he scores!

Then there's a sweet penalty kick goal at 3:49, watch closely, and on the 3rd replay you can see us jumping up and down at about 4:38. Watch fast though!

There are a couple more quick passes of the CC section, but you'll have to find them if you REALLY want to see me that badly. Now wasn't that a fun game? Tell the truth, did any of you even honestly look at the ones I actually pointed out to you? I didn't think so.

So, I had a blast. Also, Chris Wingert - such a sweetheart - always runs a lap around the field waving and applauding the fans after the game is over and most of the players are on their way into the locker rooms. Last night, he totally looked at me when he ran past! Just sayin'.

I bet he was drooling all over himself at my 4 layers of clothing on top of my many layers of blubber.

The next home game isn't for a few weeks, so you may be spared my soccer talk and CW lust for a while. Maybe.

P.S. For a couple girls who have mentioned an appreciation for my introducing them to Chris Wingert, here are some nice highlights of him - number 17 (yes he grew his hair - I liked it better before - but he can pretty much do anything and still look good):

5:03 - 5:11 doesn't he look nice running?
5:22 - just after Javier Morales scores our third goal, he joins the celebration and kisses him on the head! Javier Morales has such a lucky head!!
6:48 - 6:56 LA almost scores, and Wingert gets tangled up with Rimando (our goal keeper) while trying to stop it. He almost sits on, I'll just leave that one alone.


Myya said...

Am I lame because I really did follow your directions & watch the video. I should be in bed, but I was excited for you & HAD to watch. Ooooh & THHHHANK YOU for highlights of Mr. Yummy.

Glad you had such a great time!

Impulsive Addict said...

You are a hot mess! I'm glad you had such a good time! I think I can confirm for you that Chris totally wants you. He tweeted about it.

Macey said...

HAHAHAH!!! I see you guys!!
Man. Jeremy IS short!
Seriously, any sport LIVE is a thousand times better than on TV.
Do you have season tix???

Trooper Thorn said...

I'll go out on a limb and guess you are a soccer fan. Not sure what clued me in though.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think it's cool that you and hubby get to go out to the game. I am pretty sure I saw you!!! :)

FrouFrouBritches said...

I totally saw you at 2:00! How cool is that? Well, I'm excited you were on TV. Glad y'all had a good time.

jennykate77 said...

I love your obsession with soccer. Since I am a girl with obsessions I totally get it. It's so cute.

I spotted you! I had to watch a few times, but I see you!! That's so cool!

Sarahie said...

Fun stuff! I totally saw you!