Thursday, May 20, 2010

A first and a last...

Last month we had a special night in our family. It was a music recital that our 2 oldest children performed in. It was Cowgirl's very first piano recital. She had just started lessons the month before the recital. Her teacher is the same teacher that Bookworm has been taking violin lessons from for the past six years.

During the weeks before the recital she (our music teacher) had been mentioning that she felt it would be good for Bookworm to move on to a more professional violin teacher. She referred us to someone she felt would be good for him, and we knew that this would likely be his last recital under this teacher. So it was a special night. A welcome for Cowgirl and a farewell for Bookworm.

We're so proud of both of them. Cowgirl had only had about 4-5 lessons, and is learning so quickly, and is so dedicated to practicing. Sometimes so much that I kinda wanna take an axe to the piano! But I hope she stays this excited about developing her talent.

Bookworm has actually struggled a little this year with deciding how dedicated he is to his craft. He's lost a lot of his motivation to practice, and for a while my heart was heavy, worried that he may decide to quit.

But last week we went and auditioned for Jack Ashton, whom our teacher had referred us to. When we first arrived there was a young violinist there just finishing up her lesson. She sounded incredible. Mr. Ashton had a serious talk with Bookworm about what it meant for him to take on a student as young as he is, which he doesn't typically do. He (Mr. Ashton) is in demand, and extremely expensive (his price per lesson is more than the entire month's tuition with our previous teacher). He told bookworm that it was a waste of both of their time, and my money if he wasn't willing to be an excellent practicer. He told him to go home and think about it, and for us to talk it over as a family, and if we felt good about his commitment, and our pocketbook, that he would be willing to take Bookworm on as a student.

When we left, Bookworm had a new excitement for developing his talent. He told me that he was so impressed with the girl who was playing when we got there, and he wanted to be able to play that well. He was excited to study under a musician who is a member of the Utah Symphony, and has such an impressive Bio, and musical following around here. The price is going to be difficult for us to swing. But with this new fire for learning and improving that Mr. Ashton inspired in my son, how can we not make this move?

We are a music loving family, and I am so grateful for the gift of music and how it inspires and uplifts. I can usually be found with music playing, anything from classical, to country, to hard rock - depending on my mood. I'm glad that so far my kids are deciding they want to develop their musical talent, and hope and pray they continue working at it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Two weeks? REALLY?

I seriously cannot believe I have not blogged in over 2 weeks. Can you?

What? You can? You think I am a total, loser-ish, poor pathetic excuse for a blogger?

Okay. I admit it...I suck.

How has everybody been? I have been up to my ears in the school. We had a promising director candidate that we were really excited about, but in the end we weren't able to make it work out for him and his family...just a really bad time to try to sell your house and move to a new state. We were so close. I will keep ya posted on the developments with that.

I also have been sitting in with our interim director and conducting interviews with perspective new hires. We have hired some really strong new people for the school and I couldn't be more pleased with the candidates we have met. Also board meetings, budget meetings, and curricular meetings have kept me feeling like a working mom who's not getting paid!

But enough about that, I just needed to make my case for why I've been such a slacker. On to more exciting topics! All random, and in no particular order. Was that just completely redundant? Oh well.

Did y'all notice that the countdown clock at the top of my blog has reached zero? Like quite awhile ago? I hope you all went out and got Due West's debut CD. I am not even exaggerating when I tell you it is SO GOOD! So go join something small that's about to explode into something huge, right now, by downloading or ordering the album. You won't be disappointed! And I don't even get a kick back for my free advertising!

Let's see, what else? Oh- did you know that I am friends with a bloody genius? Let me tell you about it. You have heard me talk about mine and Tanielle's girls nights in, and how we always have to get giant Dr. Peppers - it is tradition. Well, we usually order "extra large Dr. Peppers, easy ice". Because if you get too much ice, a) there is less soda, and b) when it melts it makes your drink way watered down. So Tanielle came up with the brilliant idea of making Dr. Pepper ice cubes! Yup...we're gonna get a small bottle of Dr. Pepper and make ice cubes with it. Then we will get our Dr. Peppers with NO ICE! And put our own ice in, and our drinks will stay cold with no dilution! I told you she was a bloody genius. Don't you wish you were friends with a bloody genius? I just like saying "bloody genius". And sometimes when I'm typing it, I say it with a Brittish accent in my head. Go ahead, try it. Fun, right?

Next up. IT IS SOCCER SEASON...YAY! I didn't really blog about it, because it ended up being a total bummer that Tanielle couldn't come, and I didn't want to make it worse by blabbing all over blogland, but I recently went to see Daughtry in concert. Tanielle and I have been planning this since January. But as some of you know, her dad went in for open heart surgery. It was 2 days before the concert. He then had some complications, and in fact continues to have set-backs. Tanielle was not able to come to the concert with me, and it was really heartbreaking for her...and for me, even though I still got to go, so my heart was only like half broken, but still.

Wow. THAT was a huge digression. Anysidetrack...(learned that from MiMi) I was talking to Tanielle that night on the phone...after the concert that just wasn't the same without her by my side...and she was super bummed out. So I said...we are going to go to something awesome...and soon. We looked on the ticketmaster website, and there just really aren't any shows coming anytime soon that we are super thrilled about. I said..."Don't worry, we'll find something". Then, shortly after hanging up the phone, my FB homepage updates, and since I follow ReAL Salt Lake on FB...I receive their updates. Guess what the update was? Give up?

DAVID COOK is singing the National Anthem, and doing a post-game concert for the June 9th soccer game! We LOVE David Cook. And to top it off, the game is against the LA Galaxy who just happens to be the team we beat for the National Championships last year. AND the team that boasts David Beckham who Tanielle happens to find particularly attractive. I say he's not as good as Chris Wingert, but we'll see them both, so SCORE! I mean GOAL!!! Are you jealous? No? You don't care about soccer? Whatever - you are so missing out.

There's so much more to ramble on about, since I've been so absent, but I'm heading to the hospital with Tanielle so I can watch her baby for her while she goes in and sits with her dad for awhile. Please keep them in your prayers, and I will be by to visit later tonight. I really do love you guys, and miss you.