Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Grateful.

It's been over a month since my last post - but I'm not giving up on my little blog.  I have too much I want to write about!

I'm working on a pretty heavy political post right now.  At least it feels heavy to me.  I'm not really sure when it will be finished and ready to publish.  I only know it has been fighting to burst out of me for months and months and I finally had to sit down and start writing.  We'll see what it looks like when my brain is finally relieved of all the the thoughts and feelings that have been tumbling around in there for all this time.

For today I think I'll just share some things I'm grateful for.  Because I am truly, truly blessed.

Today I am grateful for the teenagers in my teens' lives.  And for their parents.

I'm so thankful that I was able to send my son out to his first school dance yesterday with a wonderful young woman who values modesty, and who knows she can be beautiful and have a magical evening while dressing in a way that shows respect to herself as well as to my son.  I'm so grateful to her parents for setting that expectation, and for raising her to become a young woman with high standards that will help my son live up to those standards that he believes in as well.  I hope her parents feel the same about sending their daughter off with my son.  I'm also grateful that he was able to go with a whole group of great young men and women who also value these same things.  As a mother, it is the best feeling in the world to know your teenager is spending his time with a bunch of other teenagers who share the same beliefs, standards and outlook on life as he does.  It is a comfort to hear about their friendships, their activities and experiences, and to hear how they help each other be their best selves, and lovingly lift each other up when one of them may be struggling to be the best them.  My son's friends are a true blessing in his life, and therefore mine.

Today I am grateful that my 13 year old daughter has a group of wonderful, kind friends who also influence her in good ways.  I remember so vividly being her age.  I remember how tempting it could be to join in with others who weren't always trying to do what I believed was right.  I remember seeing friends give in to some of those temptations.

What a blessing it is to watch my daughter with her friends.  Laughing, being dorks, messing around and being silly - but also seriously trying their hardest to do what's right, and expecting the same of each other.  I'm thankful for the decision my daughter and one of her close friends have made to start getting up early to serve in the temple every Tuesday at 5 a.m., in order to make it back home in time to get ready for school. They are setting a good example for not only their other friends, but for me as well!  Weekly temple service is something that I really would like to get back into the habit of.  I watch my daughter interacting with her friends, and my heart fills up with gratitude and pride.  I love these kids and am proud of them for knowing who they are, what they stand for and where they are going.  And again I feel so much gratitude to their parents for raising them to be the kind of kids that impact my daughter's life in such a positive way.  I'm proud of her for being a wonderful example to and influence on them as well.

Today I am grateful that I will soon be able to hold my new baby niece.  She spent the first month of her life living far far away in North Dakota, and is now here for a 2 week visit!  I get to see her later tonight and I can't wait!  I'm not nearly as excited as my kiddos though.  They have been wanting a new cousin for SO LONG!!  They are the only grandkids on my side of the family and have been waiting (im)patiently for some cousins.  It's going to be a great night.

I hope this beautiful Sabbath day finds you all healthy and happy and that you have a wonderful week ahead of you!