Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm a loser...I know

Here I've let a bunch of time go by AGAIN since I've posted and visited my friends. LahoooosER!

I do have quite a bit to share...let's see if I can remember it all.

Oh. I got older. Yeah, had my birthday last week. It was good to spend the day with my family. We went to breakfast and did some shopping. Sadly Hubby had to work that night, but I had a fun girls night with my girlfriend/cousin Kimberlee who also recently had a birthday. We treated ourselve's to a yummy dinner from Famous Dave's. I also got spoiled by my other friends and family as well, and just had a really great Birthday.

I've been crazy busy with school stuff this week. We had our summer work session/retreat this week. 2 evenings and then a full day today. Making some good progress, but hard to focus when I'm getting ready for GIRLS' CAMP!!!! We head up Tuesday morning. I'm so excited, but sad as well.

This will be my last activity with the girls. I've been released from my calling in Young Women's and been called as 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency. I LOVE the Primary President I will be serving with - she is one of my closest friends. But I am seriously heartbroken to be leaving my Young Women so soon. I feel like I've just begun. I'm so not ready to leave. So camp this year will be bitter-sweet. I hope my girls don't forget me too quickly. I've just loved working with them so much.

I have to stop talking about it now, or I'll start crying again. So - moving on. I'm trying to focus on "happy thoughts" how I'll be able to see my ReAL boys play tonight followed by fireworks after the game for Pioneer Day!!! YAY! Go RSL!

My boy Chris Wingert has some new banners...check out how yummy they are!

On his blog he said he'd be coming out to watch the fireworks after the game and signing the banners! Think I'll be brave enough to go find him? I'm still deciding.

Have I mentioned how yummy I think the new banners are? Yeah...they're good. Nice distraction from my blues.

I know there's more, but if I don't stop now I'll be too tired to visit any blogs, and I'm really missing you guys!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer...can't believe it's nearly over! My kids go back to school in 3 weeks! GAH!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's what Fun Is...


If you live in Utah you have that song in your head now! That's the theme for one of my favorite places in the world. And we took our family there yesterday.

I have so many fond memories of this place. When I was young, my best friend's dad was a mechanic for Lagoon. They were able to go free of charge, and she would often invite me along. We had soooo much fun!

I remember riding the ferris wheel and when we were at the top, yelling out boys' names randomly, and seeing if anyone would look up. If we happened to get a boy to look, we would wave vigorously as if they should know us, just to see if they would wave back!

We also thought it was hilarious to stand in line and speak animatedly in a different language just to see if people would stare at us. The thing is, we both took different language classes, so she would speak to me in Spanish, and I would speak back in French. Neither of us knew what the other was saying...but we pretended we were having a conversation!

One particularly funny memory I have is when we were at the picnick pavilion, where tons of people were friend chewed up some BBQ potato chips and then mixed them with orange soda in her mouth...then she made gagging noises and pretended she was puking into the bushes. I know that is so gross, but we were in middle school, okay? A lot of girls our age were doing MUCH worse things than that!!

Then of course, as a teenager Lagoon was the best date spot. I have kissed a couple of boys at Lagoon - including my husband - on the Colossus! I wish I knew where that picture was so I could post it. If I find it, I will!

Hubby and I actually bought season tickets the first year we were married, and spent so many fun summer days and evenings riding all the rides and making wonderful memories.

Do you get the idea that I LOVE Lagoon?

We have only been a couple of times since having kids, because taking a whole family is a lot more expensive than just the 2 of this was such a treat for us to share one of our favorite places with our kids, especially since some of them are old enough to go on the REAL rides now!

I was so lame and forgot to bring my camera, so I don't really have any good pictures. But I couldn't resist taking this one of Monkey with her jumbo corndog on my cell phone.

As I said, we've only been a couple of times since having children, and they were too small for us to go on any roller coasters...which I LOVE! So it had been over 12 years since I had ridden a roller coaster, and I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to handle it in my old age.

But I conquered my fear, and took my girls on the Colossus (where I kissed their dad!), and found to my delight that I still loved it! Yay! Cowgirl also became a fan, but Pixie - not so much.

The Colossus Fire Dragon - one of my favorite rides.
I was nervous and excited to try out one of the new roller coasters - Wicked. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance. Cowgirl was a little nervous to try it, so I sat off with her while Bookworm and Hubby went. I can't wait to go back and have my turn!
Here's a little video and I like to watch it to "prep" myself for going on the thing. I'm still a little nervous...but we're headed back on Monday and I'm determined to ride it!

Everyone had so much fun. My mom came with her friend and her friend's grandson, and Monkey went with them and they rode all the small rides and she was loving it! She can't wait to be big enough for the "big" rides!

There's much more than roller coasters, and we had so much fun enjoying the day together as a family. Truly worth every penny.

I hope everyone has had a great week!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Floor, Please open up and swallow me.

I know I'm a day late, but I have one that's just too good not to share with MiMi. You know, for that Friday thingy she does. Soooo...

My son turned 12 on June 30th. That is another "milestone" birthday in our family. Turning 12 meant that he would be graduating from the Primary program at church, and entering the Young Men's program. He would also be ordained into the Aaronic Priesthood.

Bookworm has needed new church clothes for a while. His pants are becoming floods, and his shirt sleeves are pretty short. We decided that for the occasion, he needed a new suit instead of just a new shirt and pants.

So the week after his birthday, before Sunday arrived, we went out suit shopping. Hubby and Bookworm went in first. When I got in with the girls in tow, they were already being helped by a nice older gentleman. he was probably in his late 60's. Maybe 70. Anyway, Hubby tells me that these are a few of the suits they've looked at. Nice elderly gentleman holds up a black pinstripe suit. I tell him "No, I don't really care for pinstripes. They remind me of the Mafia." He went on to show us a few more, put together several different looks with different ties, and was just really helpful.

During one of the times Bookworm was in the dressing room changing I was looking over the different ties, and glanced up to ask helpful salesman a question. As I did I noticed his nice pinstripe suit.

I. wanted. to. die. I was so mortified. I just wanted to disappear the whole rest of the time he was helping us. I felt so bad, I told hubby to buy his shirt and belt there too.

Could I be more of a snob? I'm that customer who thinks she's "above" the sales staff, and therefore has no problem insulting their fashion sense. I'm the one he and the othere sales guys will talk about for years. That rude customer that made fun of pinstripe suits to the the salesman who was wearing a pinstripe suit.

The thing is I swear that a checked his suit before I said it, just in case. I swear he had a solid suit on when I brought up the Mafia!

Anyway. We got a nice suit, and my husband enjoyed laughing at me all the way home.

Top That.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Diary of a single mother with no vehicle Days 3 and 4

Day 3

Dear Diary,

10 a.m.-ish: I think today is going to be better. My hint of a sore throat last night never developed into anything, and woke up feeling fine. Had a little bit of a rocky start trying to get Monkey to take her medicine, but we finally got it down. And she quit her wailing about 10 minutes after that, when she realized none of us were paying attention to her.

Going to fix some eggs for the girls and then get busy, busy, busy. I have a lot of work to do to make up for the lack of accomplishment the past 2 days. PLUS, Mom invited us over for dinner and to watch SYTYCD (of course, she'll have to come pick us up for us to do that), so I need to get lots accomplished before then!

1 p.m. : Not sure what happened to my motivation, but so far I have managed to do the breakfast dishes. And to chat online with a fellow soccer fan about the World Cup.

5 p.m. : Getting the girls ready to head out to moms. I really don't know where my day or my energy went. I did get a lot of laundry done and sorted through the crap that was cluttering up my kitchen counter - still, I should have accomplished much more.

9:30 p.m.: Just got back from mom's. The girls are fighting over who gets to sleep where tonight. I've been letting them choose their room, their brother's loft bed, or in my room with me. Of course none of those places is big enough for ALL of us - so there is much contention over who goes where. Whose idea was it to let them chose anyway?

I really should visit the bloggy friends I meant to visit on Tuesday, but am just. so. tired.

I think I'll go to bed. Even though I didn't do anything today. I'm a loser.

Day 4

1 p.m. Man we're on a roll today! So far we have done the dishes, cleaned off the kitchen table (lots of random junk built up from us just piling it there), carried the food storage we bought at Costco the other day down to the storage room, washed and folded several loads of laundry (I know it sounds like a lot of laundry, but I am WAY behind), organized all the crap in my bathroom (lotions, hair stuff, bath stuff, etc.), and organized the movie cabinet. Now we're taking a break for lunch.

Tanielle called and offered to bring a sweet DP for me, since I'm stranded at home.

3 p.m. Tanielle ended up staying a little longer than planned. The girls were having fun running around in the front yard while us moms sat in the porch swing (which isn't actually ON the porch) visiting. They just left. Looks like I'm a little behind my time now.

10:15 p.m. Whew! We have worked our tails off! After Tanielle and her gang left we washed walls, cabinets, and mopped the kitchen floor. Then we came outside and the girls rode bikes while I weeded the 3 flower beds that run along the side of our property. They were seriously needing some TLC - I have literally not been out in the flower beds once this year. Pathetic, I know.

Now the yard looks great - and although I stink, and need a shower BADLY - I FEEL great! I apologize for my previous grumbling. I'm going to take a shower and relax.

10:17 p.m. Pixie just fell off the couch. Backwards. Onto her head. She crunched her neck pretty bad. Seriously worried here. She is crying a lot. I saw it happen. It looked bad - I actually got lightheaded and felt faint because I made myself a little sick worrying. No car. No husband. Feeling on the verge of a breakdown.

10:45 p.m. Hubby just called. He can always calm me down. He advised me to keep an eye on Pixie, but that if she could turn her head back and forth, and nod up and down, and had quit crying, that I didn't need to call my mom and have her come take us in to have her examined. He wants me to see how she does in the morning. Now I'm sitting snuggling with her while she falls asleep.

12:15 (technically day 5) Pixie finally fell asleep. I'm going to go take my shower now.

12:16 No sooner had I stripped down, when I hear wailing coming from my bedroom, where Monkey is sleeping on the bed. Sigh. Slipped my robe on and went in to see what the problem was. Yep. She peed the bed. Got her and the bed good as new, but she won't quit the waterworks. Guess I'll lay down with her until she falls back asleep. Then I am going to stand under a hot shower until every drop of hot water is gone from the tank. Then I'll relax with a fresh bowl of white cheddar popcorn. I've been craving it all day.

2 a.m. I couldn't find the white cheddar seasoning. I used Nacho instead. It's gross. I'm not eating it.

Here I sit once again making a blog post, wishing I wasn't too tired to stay up and go visit my friends. But I did do the hot shower thing. At least I'm clean. First shower I've had since....wait. Have I even showered this week? Nice.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Diary of a single mother without a vehicle Days 1 & 2

The night before:

Dear Diary,

I am so glad to have this week over! It has been insane - I wasn't sure I would make it through. But it's over and the stress is gone. Tomorrow my guys leave for scout camp and it will be just the girls and I. We won't have a car, but that's okay. Cowgirl is mostly over her strep throat and we have lots of cleaning and organizing projects and yard work to get done. Daddy will be so surprised with what good shape the place is in after being gone for 5 1/2 days! Feeling really motivated!

Day 1:

Dear Diary,

Got up at 6 a.m. to get Hubby and Bookworm out the door. Went back to bed because I was too tired from staying up all night packing to start on the projects for the day. As well as being up dealing with 2 sick little girls. Looks like Cowgirl has passed her strep on to her sisters.

11 a.m. Finally got in gear doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Girls are complaining of sore throats but otherwise in good spirits. They are helping with laundry and cleaning up the living room. Going to call Dr to see if he'll call in a perscription without me having to take them in. Cowgirl's office visit and throat culture was $275. Don't wan't to do that 2 more times - being self-employed (uninsured) and all.

Crap. Dr.'s office is closed due to the holiday. Girls seem to be feeling pretty well except for sore throats. Guess I'll just keep an eye on them until tomorrow. Mom's coming over to visit for awhile, then promised the girls we could ride bikes and take dog for a walk. Maybe I'll get some yardwork done while they ride.

8 p.m. Girls were riding bikes when Cowgirl went in to get something. Stupid dog was sick of waiting for her walk and darted out the door. I followed her until she left the neighborhood and tore across the skywalk and into the shopping district. Ran back to the house to hop in the car and cut her off. Realized upon rounding the corner that I have no car. Was determined that I didn't really care and it was her own fault for running away. Then saw the sobbing girls standing in the doorway. With large sigh called mom (who had left less than 20 minutes earlier) and asked her to come back and drive us around looking for stupid dog. Drove around until it was too dark to see anything.

Mom decided to stay the night and she slept in the girls room. I stayed out on the couch with Monkey who was really acting sick and feverish by now. Didn't get a wink of sleep due to my restless couch partner, and my anxiety over lost dog, and listening all night in case she came home.

Day 1 of stress-free, yet productive week - a total bust.

Day 2:

Dear Diary,

Mom left this morning about 8:30. I think I managed to get maybe 2 hours of sleep. Told her goodbye and thank you, and that I would call her when I found out about the perscriptions. She will have to come back and drive me to pick them up. Lame.

Laid back down on the couch by Monkey and had just dozed off when someone knocked on the door. I hopped up, tried to smooth my hair down and look like I hadn't just woken up and opened the door. HUGE sigh of relief as it was a man who had stupid runaway dog in his car. He found her running down the highway (nice) and she spent the night at his house with his 2 dogs. The girls were very pleased to see her. I'm still holding a grudge at her misbehavior. She has never had to sleep outside before and she seems pretty traumatized. She slept most of the day.

I guess the missing dog fiasco was more emotionally draining on me than I thought because I am exhausted. Still - I'm going to force myself to do some yardwork.

4:00 p.m. - Still haven't heard back from the Dr.'s office. Have called 3 times. Both girls are really complaining of sore throats and mouths. Monkey has fever again. I have not accomplished even close to what I wanted to have done today. Now monkey is crying and asking me to go lay down with her. I think I will. I'll set the alarm for 6:30 so I can get up and fix dinner and try to get more yardwork done.

4:30 Just dozed off and Tanielle called to check on us.

4:45 Just dozed off again and mom called to see if we've heard from the Dr.

5:03 Just dozed off again and Dr's office finally called. Needed info on girls' weights to call in perscription. Got out of bed to go weigh Pixie. Monkey is still sleeping.

5:45 Just dozed off again and Kimberlee (BFF cousin) called to ask about lost dog. Decided to just get up.

6:30 Head to Walmart to pick up perscriptions. Stand in line for 10 minutes to be told that perscription isn't in system and they are checking the perscription call-ins and it will be at least 10 more minutes before they know anything. Wander the store and pick up a few things that we need. Head back to counter to be told that they have the perscriptions, but for some reason don't have all the info in the computer that they need. Sent to another window to give them our info. Then I'm told that they will be ready at 7:50. Head to McDonalds to buy healthy, well-balanced meal of chicken nuggets for my family.

7:53 Back in pharmacy line. Wait for 15 minutes to be told that they have to mix the medicine now and it will be just a few minutes. Then am told to go to the next window to pick it up. Wait at window for 7 minutes to get my medicine, then listen to tech explain to me 7 times (I am not even kidding) that tonight it is 1 tsp, but then for the rest of the days it is 1/2 teaspoon, and don't mix it with vitamins or iron supplements.

Sometime way later - so much that I didn't even bother to check - finally on the way home and saying goodbye and thanks again mom.

Once inside give girls their medicine. Monkey is very, VERY medicine-anxious. I have to really fight her to get her to take it. So I make a big deal to Pixie that it tastes GOOD and Monkey WANTS to take it. Pixie initially cooperates, but pulls a face that is telling a different story. As she swallows hers and I squirt Monkey's into her mouth 2 things happen. I can tell Monkey is NOT pleased with the taste and is about to spit it out. I hold her chin up so she has to swallow, and Pixie starts making gagging noises. I tell her "knock it off now!" Too late. Monkey pukes up EVERYTHING she has eaten today. Dose one - down the drain.

Put Monkey in the bath and clean up puke off the kitchen floor.

9:28 Sitting here exhausted making a blog post and wondering if I can muster up the energy to at least do a couple of loads of laundry before collapsing in bed. Plus I want to visit some blogs.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

p.s. My throat is starting to hurt.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let Freedom Ring...

Words can truly not express what this holiday means to me.

I feel blessed beyond anything to have been born into this great land.

I cannot see a flag procession, or sing the Star Spangled Banner without choking up.

Those who serve in the armed forces are my heroes.

I hold the Founding Fathers of this nation in the highest esteem.

I believe God's hand was in the establishment of this greatest country on earth, and feel a solemn responsibility to do my part to make sure the principles this nation was founded upon are upheld by those who are elected to office.

I want my children to also recognize what a blessing it is to live here. I'm trying to teach them.

I love that we have this weekend to play and celebrate and bask in the joy of being American.

God Bless the U.S.A.