Friday, July 9, 2010

Diary of a single mother with no vehicle Days 3 and 4

Day 3

Dear Diary,

10 a.m.-ish: I think today is going to be better. My hint of a sore throat last night never developed into anything, and woke up feeling fine. Had a little bit of a rocky start trying to get Monkey to take her medicine, but we finally got it down. And she quit her wailing about 10 minutes after that, when she realized none of us were paying attention to her.

Going to fix some eggs for the girls and then get busy, busy, busy. I have a lot of work to do to make up for the lack of accomplishment the past 2 days. PLUS, Mom invited us over for dinner and to watch SYTYCD (of course, she'll have to come pick us up for us to do that), so I need to get lots accomplished before then!

1 p.m. : Not sure what happened to my motivation, but so far I have managed to do the breakfast dishes. And to chat online with a fellow soccer fan about the World Cup.

5 p.m. : Getting the girls ready to head out to moms. I really don't know where my day or my energy went. I did get a lot of laundry done and sorted through the crap that was cluttering up my kitchen counter - still, I should have accomplished much more.

9:30 p.m.: Just got back from mom's. The girls are fighting over who gets to sleep where tonight. I've been letting them choose their room, their brother's loft bed, or in my room with me. Of course none of those places is big enough for ALL of us - so there is much contention over who goes where. Whose idea was it to let them chose anyway?

I really should visit the bloggy friends I meant to visit on Tuesday, but am just. so. tired.

I think I'll go to bed. Even though I didn't do anything today. I'm a loser.

Day 4

1 p.m. Man we're on a roll today! So far we have done the dishes, cleaned off the kitchen table (lots of random junk built up from us just piling it there), carried the food storage we bought at Costco the other day down to the storage room, washed and folded several loads of laundry (I know it sounds like a lot of laundry, but I am WAY behind), organized all the crap in my bathroom (lotions, hair stuff, bath stuff, etc.), and organized the movie cabinet. Now we're taking a break for lunch.

Tanielle called and offered to bring a sweet DP for me, since I'm stranded at home.

3 p.m. Tanielle ended up staying a little longer than planned. The girls were having fun running around in the front yard while us moms sat in the porch swing (which isn't actually ON the porch) visiting. They just left. Looks like I'm a little behind my time now.

10:15 p.m. Whew! We have worked our tails off! After Tanielle and her gang left we washed walls, cabinets, and mopped the kitchen floor. Then we came outside and the girls rode bikes while I weeded the 3 flower beds that run along the side of our property. They were seriously needing some TLC - I have literally not been out in the flower beds once this year. Pathetic, I know.

Now the yard looks great - and although I stink, and need a shower BADLY - I FEEL great! I apologize for my previous grumbling. I'm going to take a shower and relax.

10:17 p.m. Pixie just fell off the couch. Backwards. Onto her head. She crunched her neck pretty bad. Seriously worried here. She is crying a lot. I saw it happen. It looked bad - I actually got lightheaded and felt faint because I made myself a little sick worrying. No car. No husband. Feeling on the verge of a breakdown.

10:45 p.m. Hubby just called. He can always calm me down. He advised me to keep an eye on Pixie, but that if she could turn her head back and forth, and nod up and down, and had quit crying, that I didn't need to call my mom and have her come take us in to have her examined. He wants me to see how she does in the morning. Now I'm sitting snuggling with her while she falls asleep.

12:15 (technically day 5) Pixie finally fell asleep. I'm going to go take my shower now.

12:16 No sooner had I stripped down, when I hear wailing coming from my bedroom, where Monkey is sleeping on the bed. Sigh. Slipped my robe on and went in to see what the problem was. Yep. She peed the bed. Got her and the bed good as new, but she won't quit the waterworks. Guess I'll lay down with her until she falls back asleep. Then I am going to stand under a hot shower until every drop of hot water is gone from the tank. Then I'll relax with a fresh bowl of white cheddar popcorn. I've been craving it all day.

2 a.m. I couldn't find the white cheddar seasoning. I used Nacho instead. It's gross. I'm not eating it.

Here I sit once again making a blog post, wishing I wasn't too tired to stay up and go visit my friends. But I did do the hot shower thing. At least I'm clean. First shower I've had since....wait. Have I even showered this week? Nice.



Love the diary format. Hope all are on the road to healing. It is tough to be home with no car...and a sick child.

Shawn said...

You poor thing! You need a seriuous day or four off, just you and maybe a girlfrined. We Moms need to take the time to recharge or we're no good to anyone. I hope you have a better Friday!

Sami said...

SO glad you didn't end up with strep too! Don't worry about your bloggy friends...we love you, and will welcome you back with open arms when you aren't trying to juggle 3 million things! I wish I lived closer so I could bring you a big DP,and chat with you on your porch swing!
Remember...that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I agree with SM--I like the Diary format. :) I might try that sometime! I am SO glad you didn't spoil SYTYCD b/c I missed it last night and have to watch while the girls are napping.

Tanielle must be like the best gf ever. I need a girl who'll bring me an ice cold Coke. ;)

Hope Miss Monkey is feeling better!

Myya said...

Awe I wish I lived closer. I'd come bug you all the time! My 3 girls could play with yours & we could sit & chat. I'd even help ya clean... because cleaning someone elses house is always much more fun then your own! I feel like a single mom all the time. It is tough when your hubby is away, BUT I couldn't imagine not having a car to be able to escape once in a while. SERIOUSLY, I feel for you on that one for sure!!! Hang in there, hubby will make it up to you when he comes home... maybe you could sneak away for a massage or pedicure or something??? : )

shortmama said...

Suddenly my morning with 5 crazy kids sounds like a day at the park!

Macey said...

Take what Myya said and ditto that for me. :)

Koko said...

You DID get a lot done, though! I hope your kids are feeling better and that the neck is okay. Those accidents are scarey because you just don't know!