Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ten Things to Smile About

Being that I really don't enjoy Halloween, and October is one of my most stressful months of the year, and we've been having some health struggles with one of our children, and I've basically been feeling very overwhelmed and discouraged recently - I think it is the perfect time for me to link up with Emmy and her Ten Things to Smile About.  I need to take a good long look at the things that brought me joy this month!

1 - General Conference.  The opportunity to be instructed, uplifted and inspired by prophets of God, and those He has chosen to serve and to lead in His church.  I love, cherish and look forward to Conference Weekend every 6 months and heard so many things that my spirit needed to know or to remember.

2 - This sweet, spunky girl turned 9.  I cannot believe how my little family is growing up.  It makes me smile and makes me crazy at the same time!  I love this girl and love celebrating her and the blessing she is in our family. 

3 - Christmas music.  Yes, you heard me right.  It's what gets me through October.  It reminds me that I just need to soldier on, make it through Halloween, and then - the most wonderful time of the year will be waiting for me on the other side!  I listen to Pandora Christmas Radio while working around the house, and I recently acquired 3 new Christmas CDs for $1 each at the DI!  So those lift my spirits while I'm being personal chauffeur to my lovely offspring and their friends.

4 - Speaking of Friends...
These cuties always make me smile.  This was taken during our ice cream stop on our way home from the Crazy Corn Maze.  Watching my kids with their friends is always entertaining - and keeps me young!

5 - Speaking of friends AGAIN...
This beautiful lady also had a birthday this month.  And man I do NOT know where I would be if she hadn't been born!  I would certainly have had a LOT less of laughter and adventures in my life! 

6 - I smiled BIG TIME when I shipped my final Halloween costume order out last week.  It is always a huge relief to know that I've completed all orders, and that they are on their way to making someone's Halloween happy. 

7 - The kindness of strangers.  We had a wonderful experience with this that I'm going to blog about later in the week.  So I guess you could consider this a "teaser". ;)

8 - My crock pot.  It makes me smile to dump a bunch of crap in the pot in the morning, and then have a nice hot dinner ready in the evening after a day of running around and being crazy busy.  I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.  I only have 2 requirements:  EASY, DELICIOUS. 

9 - Kicking it old school.  Even though I hate Halloween - it was great fun turning this girl into a cute 80s chick for a couple of Halloween parties she was invited to.  

10 - This handsome boy right here.  He works hard and does good.  He works part time in the evenings and on weekends to earn money for his expenses (like dates and extracurriculars) , and save for a mission and college.  He serves his peers in church and in leadership positions in school, and despite his busy schedule, and taking AP and college courses - he's still pulling a 4.0 for his first quarter of Senior Year!  I'm so proud. :)  I am having mild panic attacks when I think that in less than a year, this boy will be graduated, and out in the world serving the Lord as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My poor mama heart is in denial!  But still so proud.

What made you smile this lovely October?