Sunday, October 26, 2014

Focusing on the Fun Stuff

I'm still working on my political post - I'm having a hard time finding time in my life to write.  I am going to be honest and let you know that right now I am completely overwhelmed.  I feel like I'm drowning.  Between Halloween costume orders, jewelry orders, my disaster that we call a house, Hubby's business, and the kids and all their activities - I have literally felt like crying most of the time lately.  But I'm sick of feeling crappy, so I decided to sit down and blog about some fun stuff that has been going on, and think about things for just a little while that really put a smile on my face.

Two of my beautiful daughters celebrated birthdays in the past few weeks.  I cannot believe how quickly they are growing up.  I need it to S-L-O-W down already!  But I look at them and nearly burst with joy at what wonderful girls they are and how each passing day they get more and more fabulous.  I'll post about them in 2 separate posts so I don't have a post that drags on for eternity.

First, my sweet Ambria turned 14 at the end of last month.  We don't do friend birthday parties every year, just at specific, significant ages.  14 isn't one of the years.  BUT, I did tell her that although I wasn't going to throw her a party, buy food and cake and put on a big shin dig for everyone, she could still invite a few friends and we would take them downtown to City Creek Center and let them do this fun scavenger hunt that we found online.  It's the same hunt that Kaden did with his group for Homecoming last month.  We did make a few changes based on age appropriateness, and also took out a few things that didn't seem like a great idea.  I told you here how much I love her group of friends.  Not everyone in the group was able to make it, but the ones that did sure made it a fun night.  They said it was okay if I posted a few pics of the evening.  They had to pose with certain things or in certain ways, and then they had to find certain items.

Posing with a bird that flies but never moves.  If you are a long-time reader, that cute Bat Girl on the right is Tanielle's daughter (my adopted daughter) Lexlie!  Can you believe how much time has flown??  She chose to be the photographer in many of the pictures, and so her pretty face is missing from too many of them!! :(

Posing as Tim Tebow on the stairs.

By the bathrooms looking panicked....

Riding the escalator with hands in the air

Posing with a mannequin

Wearing cool shades

A girl's best friend

Wearing hats.

Arms linked in front of a waterfall.  There is an ACTUAL waterfall there but they felt this met the requirement.  I'm not sure I concur - but whatever.

And these 3 boys - my adopted sons. I'm not really sure what requirement on the list this picture meets, but I love it!  I always wanted another son, and thanks to Ambria - I inherited 3! :)

I'm pretty sure they all had a good time, and if not, Ambria was at least good enough to let me believe they did. ;)  I'm so grateful to have such an amazing daughter who makes good decisions, chooses good friends, and just chooses to be a happy, kind person.