Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mod Podge Mania!

FINALLY! Here's a picture of my fabulously creative friend Heidi's "1,000 cubes"

Heidi homeschools her daughter who has struggled in the regular public school system. She amazes me and inspires me. She is always building and creating new tools to help her daughter learn the concepst she needs to know.

She made the 1,000 blocks by mod podging "beaded" paper onto 4x4 cubes. The cubes represent 10 layers of 100 beads. Each cube represents 1,000 beads.

The cubes are used to teach place value, and eventually multiplication.

Thanks Heidi for allowing me to share your project with my blog friends!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What would a party be without us BOTH?

Y'all didn't really think we were gonna party seperately did you? Not when we have so much fun TOGETHER! And it's better this way, because it means you have TWO chances to win an awesome Blogiversary giveaway!

One year ago today, Tanielle and I both started blogging. For me, I thought it might be a good way to promote our hairbow busines. But I quickly learned that the true value of my blog was in the wonderful women I've met and the wonderful friends I've made - some who have even become close friends outside of Bloggerville.

I've laughed, cried, been inspired, and received the best comments from some of the smartest, funniest, kindest ladies I've ever known. Thank you all for all of it!

And thank you Tanielle for partying with me, and for being one of the people I've had the most fun with in my life. Ever.

10 things I love about Tanielle
1. I love that she shares a maturity level equivalent to mine (in it's near non-existence!)

2. I love that she always paints my girls fingernails and toenails whenever they come over to visit.

3. I love how she's afraid of makes it especially entertaining for me when we watch vampire shows together!

4. I love her beautiful smile!

5. I love how organized she is. I wish I could be more like her that way!

6. I love her cute handwriting.

7. I love how she takes time for her kids when they need her attention. I've mentioned this before, but I've often seen her stop what she is doing to take time to listen to what they have to say. I am so bad at a that!

8. I love that she shares my passion for NKOTB.

9. I love how she doesn't judge me and my poor housekeeping skills...when she is the domestic goddess of organization and cleanliness!

10. I love that she shares my beliefs and that just as much as we can be silly and immature together, we can have long, serious talks about spiritual things, and she gets me...because it's how she feels too.

I'm so glad we met that first day of Kindergarten for our little boys, who are now going into jr. high next year! Gah! We are not that old, right?

So to celebrate my 1 year blogiversary, and also my wonderful friend Tanielle who shares this blogiversary with me...I have to have a giveaway, right?

How would you like to win a package filled with some of Tanielle's favorite things? The contents will be a surprise. But Tanielle loves things that smell good, things that taste good, and things that are I can promise you won't be disappointed! Giveaway ends Feb 1 at 11:59 p.m. MST.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment. That's it! And if you'd like a chance to win a package of MY favorite things...well head on over to Tanielle's and party a little with her!
Here's to another fabulous year! Mwah!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You're goin' DOWN sista!

Okay Tanielle, I know I said I'd never tell people who your secret love is. But all bets are off now.

Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Caine

Whatever, Tanielle...

Tomorrow is MY blogiversary so back off! Tanielle's not pregnant any more, so I am totally not afraid to throw down with her! Come back tomorrow and party with ME!

Tomorrow is my Blogiversary!!!

ACK! I have had some craziness going on this weekend that I may share at a later date. So sorry for the lack of posts and the lack of visiting...but I'll be back tomorrow!

Stop by to celebrate with me okay?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Wanna hear what a freakin' idiot I am? MiMi says I should share with you then link up to her! I think she's exploiting her friend's (my) misfortune for her own amusement...what do ya think?

So, I'm going to a Luau tonight. It's a girls' night with some of our neighborhood/ward friends. We get together every so often and just have fun and relax. Have I ever mentioned how much I love our ward and my friends here? pretty much rocks.

ANYWAY.... My assignment for the party was to bring tropical slush. My mom has this fabulous recipe (for real, it is SO GOOD), but it makes a HUGE batch. Like a 5 gallon bucket-full. I've never made it before. When I called to get the recipe she invited me to come over since she had the 5 gallon mxing bucket, and the smaller containers to freeze it in. So I armed myself with my ingredients and headed over.

The process includes disolving 12 cups of sugar in water, and boiling it before transferring it to the bucket for mixing in the other ingredients. The other ingredients include frozen orange juice, lemonade, almond extract and pineapple juice. It was quite the process mixing it all and making sure all the frozen juice clumps were broken up, and evenly mixed. Stirring stuff in a 5 gallon bucket is a little trickier than one might think.

THEN you have to transfer the mixture into other, smaller containers for freezing. I think we filled about 6 other containers. Then we made multiple trips to schlep them outside to stick in the outside freezer.

As I grabbed the last container to head out, my mom made a comment about how expensive the pineapple juice is. PINEAPPLE JUICE! I forgot to add the pineapple juice! IDIOT!

We had to make multiple trips to bring all the containers back in, transfer them back into the 5 gallon bucket and add the pineapple juice! Then divide it amongst the containers and carry them out all over again! By the time we were finished, with the sloshing and splashing involved, we had quite the sticky mess left.

The girls BETTER enjoy the slush...they don't know the pain I went through to provide it!!!

Head over to my pal MiMi's to entertain yourself more at the expense of others!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

T.V. Junkie?

There are 2 things that draw my little monkey's attention like no other: candy and television.

Case in point: The other day I instructed Monkey to take her jammies off, and I put her shirt on, then handed her some jeans and asked her to put them on. I made the mistake of doing this in the living room, while the T.V. was on.

When I came back in I found that she had become distracted by what was on T.V. before she was able to finish putting her jeans on!

I seriously could not stop laughing! That girl seriously keeps us in stitches all the time!

Hope everyone has had a great week so far!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Due West in Concert!

Okay...remember I told you about Due West back here? I told ya I'd keep you posted....just saw on FB that they are performing at the Sundance Film Festival...and although I'm not a fan of Redford or the festival (go ahead, I know some of you wanna boo me), I AM a fan of Due West and really, really wanna go!

Anybody live in the area that wants to go with me? It's on the 30th and tickets are $20. I think it's in a lodge or something, but ticket includes dessert bar. Doesn't that sound yummy? And the dessert sounds good too!

If you missed my post the first time around and are curious about these guys, check this out:

So who's in?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Joyous News

Well, in reviewing my past few blog posts, I realized that they have all been pretty much me whining! Why did't y'all slap me and tell me to knock it off?

Today I'm going to blog about something joyous! Meet my 2 friends Matt and Andrea.

Matt and Andrea are seriously two of the best people to ever walk the face of the planet. For real. I've mentioned them before here. Andrea is the Young Women's President in our ward, and I serve as the Young Women's I've gotten to know her even better.

Matt and Andrea have been longing for parenthood for many years. They have been trying to conceive as well as go the adoption route. I know it has been a long, frustrating journey.

Friday they found out that they would be blessed with a little girl who had just been born. She was waiting for them in Florida! They headed out Saturday morning for sunny Orlando!

We (friends and family) have been receiving updates in the form of texts and FB with pictures of the new happy little family! Their new little one is absolutely beautiful! I won't post pictures of her...sorry, I know you'd all love to see her, but I don't feel that it's appropriate, or my place.

I guess I have lot's of hairbows to make for the little sweetie before they get back! I am just so thrilled for them. I am constantly trying to understand why it is that good, deserving, loving people can have such a struggle becoming parents, when it's what they want most. Yet young, promiscuous junkies can get pregnant in a snap, and they don't even have the desire to be mothers! I just don't get it.

So I am overjoyed for my 2 wonderful friends...and my heart goes out to those who are still struggling to find a way to become parents.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday, and has a wonderful week!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuss Words!

That's what my Aunt used to always say when she got mad "Oh, Cuss Words!"

Today I'm linking up my cuss word moment with my hysterical, adorable, fabulous friend MiMi. She. Is. A. Riot. So if ya wanna laugh really hard...start reading her blog!

Here's the lowdown: Recently my husband received a new calling in church. Kind of a heavy one. The day he was to be sustained, and set apart was the first Sunday after New Year's. My girls had all received beautiful new church dresses for Christmas. They were going to get to wear them for the first time on this Sunday. It was going to be a really special day for our family.

That is why I was DETERMINED to have a peaceful, lovely Sunday morning. With the start of the new year, our ward's meeting time switched from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. I would be getting everyone ready by myself since my husband always has meetings before church. We could NOT be late on this Sunday. No. matter. what.

I refused to go to bed until all the clothes were ironed and ready, all the kids were bathed and clean, all the tights, ties, and church shoes were gathered up so we wouldn't be searching for ANYTHING the next morning. We would have a nice Sabbath morning, be ready and to church early, and enjoy the spirit of this special day. I even stayed up all night making new fabulous hairbows to match each of my girls' new dresses.

Sunday morning everything was going well. Everyone was dressed except Monkey. I like to put her dress on just a little bit before it's time to go, so she doesn't mess it up. My hair was combed, Cowgirl's and Bookworm's hair was combed...I was working on Pixie's hair about 20 minutes before it was time to leave. Cowgirl had woken Monkey up and fixed her some breakfast for me. I then asked her to please put her dress, tights and shoes on while I was finishing Pixies hair, and then I would comb Monkey's hair and we would be out the door.

After a few minutes Cowgirl calls to me, "Mom, there's a plastic tag thingy stuck in her dress."

"Just put the dress on, I'll cut it off when I do her hair." I called back.

I finish Pixie's hair and Monkey walks into the bathroom, "Look!" she says, holding up the skirt of her dress.

WHAT THE.... the stupid checker left the freaking eletronic anti-theft tag attached! You know the ones they need that special remover thingy to unclamp it with? Yeah, suddenly I'm not feeling so fabulous about my morning.

I pull the dress over Monkey's's now 10 minutes to leaving time. There is NO time to go have it removed. Believe me...I don't go to stores on Sunday...but I'm not that valiant! If there were time, I would have marched my daughter in there and made them remove it while she was wearing it! I had to get that tag off. I pulled, and twisted, and even tried to break it with a hammer. I got a screw-driver and tried to pry the dirty buggar apart.

And what did I get for my effort? If you guessed "nothing", you'd be...WRONG! No, I ended up shoving the screwdriver through the dress! Yes, now my youngest daughter's beautiful dress not only had a security device attached to it, but a HOLE to accompany said device.

Instead of lovely Sabbath thoughts filling my head, instead my mind filled up with...that's right ...cuss words! I was SO MAD!

I furiously went to the closet, retrieved another dress that was NOT new...much to my little girl's dismay. She was devastated not to get to wear her new fancy dress, while her sisters got to wear theirs. AND the new bows I made did NOT match the dress she ended up wearing, so that was crappy on top of crap.

Anyway...we got to church JUST in the knick of time, and I had to spend the first 10 minutes of the meeting telling myself that all was well. That dresses, and bows and pretty things aren't what's really important in the grand scheme of things. I know this...but it still took me a few moments at the time to convince myself.

That was the most ticked-off and frustrated I have been for quite awhile, and retelling makes me annoyed all over again. Thanks a lot MiMi!

All turned out well...after calming myself down, my entire family had a beautiful, spirit-filled Sunday, and we took the dress back the next day and they exchanged it for a new one, removed the security tag, and refunded us the $5.00 difference, since the dress was now on sale. Also, the next Sunday Monkey got to be the only sister in a new fancy dress!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Fox,

I loathe you. I cannot BELIEVE you pulled a stunt like this. Seriously? No SYTYCD Season 6 tour?

I want you to know what a crappy, low-blow I think you have handed out. Not just to the fans who watched faithfully all season and phoned in their votes to make sure their favorite dancers would make it on the tour, but most especially you have screwed the dancers over. The whole season they work their hearts out trying to move ahead. Their first short term goal after making the show, is to make it through all the cuts into the top 10. Because this means they will be part of the tour. They will be doing what they love, night after night, gaining more exposure and experience to help them further their career in dance. Do you need any help pulling the knives out of their backs?

It would be one thing if you had announced from the beginning that the Fall season would not be followed by a top ten tour as the summer seasons have been. But to wait until the season is over then just say to the dancers "oh, by the tour."? Especially since the judges have been acting all along like there would be a tour...even Nigel made a comment to the effect of "wow, the top 12 are so good, as far as I'm concerned this season's tour needs to be a top 12 tour!"

Yeah. Well as far as I'm pretty much suck. I'm not sure if I can even continue watching your programming at this point.

A really ticked off viewer, and disappointed dance fan

Dear Legacy,

Words cannot express my devastation at the news that I will not be able to drool over watch you dance live. I still cannot believe you didn't make the so deserved it. But I consoled myself with the fact that as soon as the finale aired, the tour would be announced and with 3 dancers with Utah roots, there would be SURE to be a tour stop in SLC. I was giddy with anticipation at seeing you dance again...and LIVE!

Your dancing takes my breath away. And it doesn't hurt that you are really hot. Now I will have to console myself by watching videos like the following over and over and over again. At least until the jackwads at Dick Clark Productions yank the videos and leave me with nothing.

Sincerely - from my broken heart to yours,

For more letters, or to link up your own letter(s), head on over to the fabulous Shortmama's!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Decorating Dilemmas Time!

I'm so glad to be once again partying with my lovely friend Amanda. Each month she hosts a Decorating Dilemmas party. It's a chance to ask advice on some decor delimmas you may be facing, as well as give some ideas to help others with their dilemmas! So head on over and party with us!

What I am currently needing help with is the accessorizing of my fireplace. And I'm sorry I'm too lazy to take new pictures, so you get recycled pics from some past posts, but I hope you'll get the general idea of what I'm working with.

Here is my fireplace in it's entirety all decked out for Christmas:

Now that the holidays are over, I'm left trying to decide what to do with it. Here's a partial picture of what it looks like without all the Christmas trimmings (yes that is a stray blanket lying on the hearth):

Here is what I had done with my mantel before the fall and winter holidays. I know it needs more, I'm just not sure exactly what to add.

But I am particularly wanting ideas on how best to accessorize the hearth. I don't have a fireplace screen that I like, so I finally just removed it completely. And I want to make sure what I do with the hearth doesn't look like a mirror image of what's on the mantel. Ideas? Thanks!

Monday, January 11, 2010

FMM - Hairstyles!

Hello friends! Welcome! It's time for Friend Makin' Monday hosted by the fabulous Amber. FMM is a wonderful way to learn more about your bloggy friends, and meet some new ones! So head over and link up!

This week Amber asks us, if we were to cut our hair tomorrow...what would we want it to look like?

I actually got my hair cut not too long ago. I had grown my hair REALLY long to donate to Locks of Love, but since it had been highlighted, they wouldn't accept it. I got it cut above my shoulders. It's grown out a little, but I miss my long hair. I recently found a new stylist that I LOVE...I went to her to get it shaped a bit, and especially my bangs. I LOVE how it turned out, but still, I'm working on getting my long locks back.

My absolute favorite celebrity hair belongs to this lady:

Nancy O'Dell
For years I have coveted how her hair falls loosely, yet perfectly around her face, and I LOVE her bangs! So I am aiming for this style. I have a shorter version of it currently, but this is my goal! Of course, mine will be the brunette version!!

What about you? What is your dream hairstyle?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is the year....AGAIN!

Hello my long lost bloggy peeps. I haven't forgotten you. Truly I haven't. I have just been overwhelmed with life as of late! But I'm missing my bloggy BFF's to share it all with!

Are you ready for one giant blog-share? asked for it!

First - it's coming up on my 1 year blogiversary! Unbelieveable! I feel like I've known y'all forever! In my first blog post, I spoke of my goals for the year. I talked about my desire to become more organized, more fit, and more prepared (food storage specifically). At this point my food storage is much more substantial than at this time last year. I have slacked off the past few months due to finances...but still feeling good about the progress I've made!
I have lost just over 40 lbs (yes, you all now know that I was super fat!). I'm still not where I'd like to be, and am attacking it again with a vengeance! Organization still eludes me. Although the pantry and bathroom cupboards I organized have stayed that way! Yay me! Now to attack the rest of my house...and my LIFE! So, I am going to continue working on those 3 areas in my life.

A big change that happened to our family over the holidays is the new church calling my husband received. He has been called as 2nd counselor in our Bishopric. If you're LDS, you're familiar with what this will mean for our family. If you're not, basically, meetings, meetings, meetings! But it is important work, looking after the welfare of the families in our ward. Hubby feels very inadequate, and overwhelmed, but I know he will be blessed with what he needs in order to accomplish what is asked of him.

I continue to serve in the Young Women's organization, which means BOTH of us have to go to Mutual on Tuesday nights, which means we have to drag all our kids along, and they get to play in the nursery while we are with the Young Men and Young Women in the ward...kind of an adventure, to say the least!

We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing and supportive friends. Coming up I'll share our New Years Eve experience, as well as our current involvement in a neighborhood WAR! (We are winning).

Part of the reason I have been so missing, is I have felt so blah and unmotivated. I hear this is common for January...but I'm really starting to get on my own nerves with this attitude! So as of NOW, I'm BACK! And I'm on accomplish all the things I desire...especially getting back to all my blogging chicas!

I hope you all are having a fabulous New Year, and I'm excited to share all our adventures for 2010!