Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mod Podge Mania is Here!!

Well, summer is winding down. Are you sad? Or are you excited like me? I love summer, but now is about the time I'm ready for the season to change. I LOVE fall, I love the smell, and the colors, and the cooler temperatures. Most of all I love the anticipation of the upcoming Holiday Season.

I'm itchin' to start decorating for 'bout you? I'm especially excited to "Halloween-ify" my home!

So for this month's Mod Podge Project, I decided to do a Halloween version of the Mod Podge blocks you may have seen in our very first edition of Mod Podge Mania.

I found this adorable Halloween paper at Michaels, and I'm so pleased with how they turned out!

I love how the little skeletons seem to be peeking out between the letters!
All I did was spray paint some 2x4 scraps, then Mod Podge my paper on. Using Mod Podge on the wood to adhere the paper, then another couple of coats over the top.

When the Mod Podge dried, I distressed the edges on the sander. I also took a tip from my way more talented than me friend Tanielle, and rubbed some brown paint on the roughed up edges.

I spray painted and slightly distressed the wooden letters, then glued them on! Finish off with a couple of coats of clear acrylic spray and tie on some coordinating tulle.

This is such a simple, fool-proof project and they turn out so cute every time!

Now let's see what you've got! Please remember to link back to my blog in your post so that everyone will know where to come see everyone's projects! You may link up an old post or a new one. But if you link up an old one, it would be helpful if you just put a little blurb as a new entry on your blog linking back to your older post so your regular readers will know where to come check out more ideas! Does that make sense?

I can't wait to see what you've all come up with this month!

Mod Podge Mania Tomorrow!

Friday, August 28, 2009

All About A Monkey

My baby is growing up! I really can't stand it! This past couple of weeks she just seems so...BIG!

I have learned a few new Monkey-isms this week:

For example when she was eating her apple the other day, she was dinking around as usual and dropped her apple. Miraculously, Cowgirl swooped in and caught it right before it hit the floor.

Monkey's respons? "Oh. My. Almost. GOSH!

I guess it's almost gosh because it didn't actually hit the floor.

Later that day she was using the bathroom. She had a little bit of diarrhea. She looks down into the toilet while she's still sitting on it and says "Now my butt is a disaster." We couldn't stop laughing!

She also taught me how to count in Spanish a couple of weeks ago:

You always thought 4 was "cuatro" and 6 was "seis", right? Nope, it's "nacho" and "space-o". Duh.

Yesterday the kids were watching a movie...I had my back to them because I was blogging working on the computer. All of a sudden I hear Cowgirl exclaim "Oh my gosh...look at Monkey!"
I turned around to this:

Yes, she is laying on the floor, hugging the giant Costco size peanut butter jar...

and eating it with a spatula! ...In her underwear!
Remember I told you she refuses to put her pants back on after using the bathroom?

She was laying on the floor when I went outside to check on my husband one night while he was working on the car. I came back in to this sight...I guess she's comfy! My brother told me to draw a chalk outline around her.

One of her favorite Movies is The Aristocats...if you haven't seen it, it's pretty cute. Anyway please see the clip below for her favorite part, then check out her rendition after that! On the movie clip, you can skip to about 0:33, and you can stop at 1:27...that's the part she does - she really gets into it at the end!!

She definitely keeps us entertained. Oh, and please disregard the bangs that are still growing in after this adventure.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I've been a bad friend...

I keep getting lovely awards from fabulous bloggy friends, and I am SOOOOO bad at posting them and passing them on. So to begin, I am offering a heartfelt apology to anyone whom I may have offended by not posting about an award you gave me!

It's not because I don't love you and I'm not flattered! 'Cause I really am! I can't believe all the amazing ladies I have met and made friends with through this world of blogging! It's because I'm lazy. That's all. I'm not promising to be better, because I know I'll probably still be just as flaky about doing this, but today I do have 2 awards to blog about.

First my hilarious and adorable fellow Blockhead JennyKate gave me the Honest Scrap award. I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself! So, here goes, please don't leave me!

1 - I often feel like I'm not as good of an example as I should be, to my family, or to my friends.
2 - Although I am very involved in Education now, I didn't take school seriously at all when I was young. I spent the majority of my time skipping class, and barely graduated by the skin of my teeth.
3 - I'm a control freak, and very bossy.
4 - I love to cook, but am the messiest cook on the planet, and sometimes my husband tells me I'm grounded from cooking because of the mess I make.
5- My closest friends (IRL and bloggy) are all organized clean freaks, and I couldn't be more unorganized, or a worse house-keeper!
6-Even though I put on a good front, I was so upset about having to sell my Vegas NKOTB tickets that I couldn't listen to my CD afterward. I barely started listening again this week. I still feel left out about missing the show.
7-It really bothers me how much something so silly has really bothered me!
8-I just read over this list and realized that it makes me sound like a real loser.
9-I don't believe in man-made Global Warming. So sorry I didn't send out Earth Day cards to y'all.
10-I think socialized healthcare is a really bad idea.

Wow. Hope I still have some followers left in the morning!

Next up, another kindred spirit, the wonderful, thrifty, SYTYCD-lovin' Amanda gave me the Fancy Pants Award. For "dedicated bloggers who love to blog, and encourage friendships through blogging."

I'm supposed to tell you all why I love Blogging. It's all of you. I didn't have a lot of close girlfriends growing up. I didn't like the catty, competative insincerity that accompanied most girls. Boys were much simpler and easier to be friends with for me. Not that I didn't have girlfriends, but I didn't feel like I needed that association as much. Silly me.

Through my blog I've met and grown to love some amazing ladies! I value the comraderie I have found and truly enjoy the connections I've developed with women who are so similar to, and at the same time very different from me. I cherish the friendships I've made and love taking a peek into your lives, and learning from you and relating to your struggles with you, and I love the encouragement I receive when I'm having a tough time. It's truly remarkable

Wow, I'm getting super mushy. I better stop now. As for passing on the awards...I know I'm supposed to, but aside from being too lazy to choose and link up to a specified amount of bloggers, I really just hate choosing.

I hate trying to single out specific people, when there are so many blogs that I read and enjoy. And that's the truth. And the lazy thing too. So if you know me, if we follow each other, if I comment on your blog, these awards are for you!

Also...just a reminder ...Mod Podge Mania is nearly upon us again! Please come back on the 31st to link up your projects, and get some great inspiration from others!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reality Check

So fess up. How many of you watch reality T.V.? You can be honest...there's no judgement here!

I honestly haven't watched The Bachelor or Survivor for years. I do, however have a weakness for reality talent competitions. There's nothing like watching talented people to make you feel inadequate!

Until last year, I watched American Idol faithfully to the end. I even went to American Idols Live twice! Once the year Carrie Underwood won, and again the year David Cook won (had to see David Archuleta...he's our hometown hero!). I missed this past season.

I'm also a HUGE fan of So You Think You Can Dance. It amazes me what these dancers are able to accomplish. I have tickets to go see them on tour in November! I'm so excited!

I've never really gotten hooked on Dancing With The Stars. I know it's a huge sensation, and I've watched a few episodes here and there and followed for awhile when my boy Joey was in the first season, but it never really sucked me in.

Until this year, that is! Wanna know why I'm gonna watch? Promise you won't laugh? It's because THIS guy is part of this season's cast:

I love Donny Osmond! I can't help myself...I just do! I think he's adorable. He's just a good, moral, kind family guy, who is fun to listen to and has a fantastic smile! I just love him!

So I'll be watching this season, and rootin' for him. I think he'll do well! Doesn't he look cute in this picture?

So I will NOT admit that I have watched The Hills. I won't. You can't make me. But has anyone seen this? I'm not trying to be mean and hateful like most people are about Heidi Montag Pratt. I actually feel sad for her. I think she's probably a good person that got caught up in celebrity, and a bad relationship, and she honestly does not realize that the public does NOT take her seriously. But this just makes me really sad. Honestly, if you loved someone, would you let them do this? And what do you think the backup dancers, who can ACTUALLY dance are thinking?

I'm seriously not trying to be mean. I don't understand why the people around her, who supposedly care about her would let her make a public fool of herself like this. So sad.

Anyway...what reality TV do you enjoy?

And, to leave you with something more pleasant to remember, here's another favorite SYTYCD video! This is Jeanette and Brandon (he took 2nd place, but was my personal favorite!) This is the burglar routine choreographed by the dancing phenomenon Wade Robson. If you don't know about my obsession with Wade, go here. Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Guess what I'm watching?

Well, my absolutely adorable friend Amanda was thinking of me last week. She came across a treasure at the Salvation Army, and plucked it up for me!

I got it in the mail today....isn't it so cute all wrapped up?

Can you guess what's inside? ... Tada!!!

Hubby and I popped it in. We are dying. These guys really can sing, but oh the HAIR and the CLOTHES! We are having a blast (from the past!).
So I told Amanda maybe I'll learn a routine from the video and record it for her!
How much will y'all pay me if I record myself dancin' to NKOTB and post it on my blog?
Just wonderin'.
Thanks totally made me smile today!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girls' Day Out!

Well...I think I'm back. Sorta. My husband rigged up 2 computers and so far, so good with being able to post pictures, and view videos, and open attachments and stuff. I'll use it this way for as long as I have to, as long as I can get my blogging fix!

Last Friday I enjoyed a funtastic girls' day out! It was me, my girls, my mom, my sister-in-law, and my sweet cousin who's staying with my parents while she goes to school here.

We went mall-hopping, and started out downtown at the Gateway, a fabulous outdoor mall that has all the best stores, and great landscaping and outdoor attractions as well.

Here's Monkey showin' off the bling she immediately found on walking into the first store.

Here's the girls modeling the latest in headwear fashion.

I turned my back for 2 seconds, and Monkey had herself decked out in these jewels. Should I be worried?

Now time to model the fabulous eye-wear. First up...Monkey.

She needed more than 1 take.

Doesn't Cowgirl just look like a smarty-pants?

Cousin "J". She likes how she looks in glasses so much, she purposely tried to fail her vision test. Seriously.

Okay now this REALLY scares me. Does anyone else see Paris Hilton in this picture? I already have nightmars of Pixie as a teenager. Oy.

Next we headed over to South Towne. I convinced everyone that YES we COULD fit all 7 of us into the little photo booth they have at the entrance. Only my dear SIL had any faith, but we convinced them...and VOILA!
This picture is the mom is just this little pair of spectacles peeking out between Monkey, Cowgirl, and cousin J.

I love this video, the cute guy at Aeropastale started playing with Monkey...
I saved the best for last. My mom is gonna kill me, but I couldn't resist. So my cousin is learning anatomy in Massage school (get your minds out of the gutter, it's legit!) and they have to work on each other (under sheets) anyways, they're supposed to wear thongs, so they can work on the glutes. J is mortified, because she's a good little Mormon girl, and is super modest, and is just from small town Idaho, and wears sensible, good girl panties!

Anyway, we totally put her on the spot at the mall, and started helping her pick out some thongs that were somewhat innocent looking (as innocent as a thong can look anyway!) when she showed my mom what she picked out, my mom decided to model one...on her head!
Sorry mom, but you should have known when you let me take a picture it would end up on the internet!

I'm so glad to be able to make a post again, and will be by to visit you all! Love ya!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here's how it went down...

I was so prepared this morning! I hauled my lazy butt outta bed super early so I could make sure the morning of the first day of school went off without a hitch! Got up, fixed the kids one of their favorite breakfasts, toasted english muffins with peanut butter, honey and cinnamon. They like bananas on them too, but we were out! Anyway... had it all laid out for them, little glasses of milk, and went to wake my sleepy-head darlings. Amazingly, there was no complaining or whining of "I'm tired", "Why does school have to start so early?", and other such nonsense.

I started packing lunches for the kids, and realized I could not find a sandwich baggie anywhere! Last they had been seen was when we were packing for the reunion. Eeek. Called hubby who had a 5 a.m. job, but was planning on making it back to take the kids to school with me. He said, no prloblem, he'd pick up some baggies. Finished the sandwiches, left them on a plate, and went to work combing hair. Everyone was ready, except me (Pixie's first day of "all day school", so she wanted me to take her to her class.) and I said, "Hurry kids, lets go out and take a picture on the porch while we wait for daddy."

Aren't they cute?
Snapped a couple of pictures, and thought I'd better hurry to get ready ...grabbed the doorknob, and - nothin'. Yes my friends, I locked us out of the house!

We hunkered down on the porch waiting for Daddy. We waved at all the neighborhood kids walking by to the neighborhood school, the 3 oldest in their uniforms, I in my slobby housework clothes, and Monkey in her t-shirt and panties (she refuses to put her pants back on after using the potty). Yeah, it was great.

Daddy pulled up, we rushed in, a crammed all the sandwiches in baggies, tried to make myself halfway presentable and piled into the car.

School starts at 8:30, we pulled into the school at 8:32, and I still made my kids pause for another picture outside the school.

And THAT is how we were late for the first day of school. Me, a founding member, a Board Trustee, one of the whiny parents who has complained at meeting after meeting about the lack of respect many parents seem to have for school policy and rules - I set a shining example this morning...the first day of the new school year. Yay me.

Oh, p.s. - to anyone out there still reading my posts...I promise I haven't forgotten you! I broke my computer, and am awaiting the technician's report on what can be done. I snuck out to my mom's today to make this post, and I have to go get the kids from school now...but I promise I will be by as soon as I get my computer back!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here's What I know

Do you ever have one of those Sundays? You know, the Sundays where you spend so much time telling your kids to "be quiet and listen" that you don't have time to listen to the speaker yourself?

That was my day today. This was the worst week I can remember in a loooong time for my kids (not ALL of them) misbehaving so badly! It started out when we were getting in the car this morning. Out of nowhere Monkey starts wailing "I don't wanna go to noiswee (nursery)!" with big old crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks. She has never cried about nursery. Not once and she has been going for nearly a year and a half. Weird.

In Sacrament Meeting, Pixie and Bookworm decided to act like 2 year olds and fight (tug o' war style) over the Hymn books! What the heck? It was very exasperating.

But something I've learned through the years is that Satan works hardest to distract us when there is something important we are supposed to be learning, or doing. He didn't win today. Despite his best efforts, I was able to listen to, and enjoy the talk of a dear friend of mine.

Sister W., who also happens to be the bishop's wife shared with us her story of conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It started in a place very dear to my heart...Young Women's. She was befriended by a girl who always went out of her way to invite her to activities during the week. She went and enjoyed herself often. Her friend also invited her out to church on Sundays, but Sister W. declined, since she already attended church each sunday with her family. As the years went by, her group of LDS friends started talking about where they would go to college. They encouraged her to join them at BYU. She thought that sounded like a great idea, and her first Sunday attended a fast and testimony meeting, where she was deeply touched by the testimonies of young people her age, who were able to stand and bear witness of the truths that they knew. It made a strong impression on her that at this age, they knew. She began to take the missionary discussions, and 2 months later was baptised a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints.

I love her story. It got me thinking about the things I know. And do I share them as often as I ought? I haven't done a Sunday post for quite some time, and today decided to share what I know. I know because I have asked my Heavenly Father if these things are true, and he has witnessed to me, through the Holy Ghost that indeed they are.

I know that Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of all mankind. I know that through him all may be saved if they are willing to live in accordance to his words.

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth in the latter days, and organized it as it was organized by Jesus Christ himself when he lived on the earth.

I know that through the plan of salvation, and restored gospel ordinances, families can be sealed together forever, and our relationships can continue beyond this life. I am so grateful for this gospel truth.

I know Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us - his dear children. And that he wants to bless us with every happiness He is capable of and He has a plan for each of us.

I know He hears and answers prayers.

I know I have a long ways to go before I am the woman He wants me to be, but I know He is with me every step of the way, and he guides me through the teachings of modern day prophets, as well as ancient prophets as recorded in the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

I know my greatest joy comes through obedience to gospel principles and that when I teach my children, I am giving them the gift of learning these truths for themselves, and continuing the cycle of joy.

I hope everyone has had a beautiful Sunday, and I hope you felt joy today!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm such a loser...I forgot to post about Sare's giveaway! It ends today at noon...hurry, before it's too late! Go HERE!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Life According To New Kids On The Block

So I got tagged by Alisa, she's an old, dear friend I recently got back in touch with. In fact she was instrumental in my meeting my husband! Anyway, she tagged me on Facebook, but I'm more of a friend to Blogger, so I thought I would share it here.

It's supposed to be kind of hard, but I just wanted to try it out. I picked New Kids because, know. Anyway, I wasy DYING at how easily I was able to find songs that fit these questions! If you have followed me for awhile...I think you'll agree. It was really fun...thanks Alisa!

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions . Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)".

Psst... You may not want your boss to catch you doing this......

Pick your Artist: New Kids on the Block

Are you a man or a woman: Big Girl Now (haha! This cracks me up...I couldn’t resist)

Describe yourself: Twisted

How do you feel: Hangin’ Tough

Describe where you currently live: Close to You

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Where Do I Go From Here?

Your favorite form of transportation: Step by Step (I don't seem to have a choice!)

Your best friend? Cover Girl

You and your best friends are: Lookin’ Like Danger

What's the weather like: Summertime

Favorite time of day: 2 in the Morning

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

What is life to you? One Song

Your fear: If You Go Away (talkin' to my followers here!)

What is the best advice you have to give: Hold On

Thought for the Day: Baby I Believe In You (for my husband)

How I would like to die: I’ll Be Loving You Forever (to my family)

My soul's present condition: Angel (I'm trying to be good!)

My motto: Let’s Try It Again
Wow, do these guys know me, or what?
I tag everyone who thinks this looks really is! Thanks for listening to my whining! Hubby finished working on the car...keep your fingers crossed that he fixed it right!!

Bad Mood Post

If you're in a good mood, you probably shouldn't read this, because I'm not. Here's how I feel today.

Our new (to us) car broke down. My husband is having a hard time working on with his arm in a cast. Last night our carpet cleaning equipment broke down. Our prayers for an abundance of work have been answered, but now we have no machine, and our friend who has been working for us until Hubby's arm heals is having his new baby arrive on Monday, so he's not available next week! So basically we have all this work that needs to get done, and aren't really sure how we're going to do it! GRRR!

Also I know some of you lovely ladies LOVE Glenn Beck, so just to share the misery, THIS should make you really mad.

Okay. I'm done.

Be back with a smile later today, or tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's time to PAR-TAY!

Hello my wonderful friends! I'm late to a party! But first I need to say a heartfelt thank you! Remember for my birthday I had some wonderful bloggy friends make me feel so special? I talked about each of those ladies here. But to my surprise...I wasn't finished feeling special! Look what came in the mail last week just before I headed out of town!

The fabulous (and I DO mean fabulous) Shawn at Seriously made me this personalized message board! It's a glossy tile that I can write on! Perfect for my grocery lists! Thank you so much Shawn...I love it!

I also received an EXTRA something from Sare who had already sent me two PERFECT cards. She made me an "X" pendant! Only I forgot to take a picture, but I will post that soon...because I have more to share about her coming up!

Now on to the PAR-TAY! The most awesome Amanda at Serenity Now is hosting a Decorating Dilemmas party! You should totally party with us! Grab the button from her sidebar, share your dilemma and go link up over at Amanda's! I hope she does this every month!

Here's my dilemma. I'm bored with my front door and want help accessorizing my porch. Well my whole house needs lots of work...I haven't really done ANYTHING with it since we bought it, and I need all your fabulous ideas. But we'll just stick with the door and porch for now. Please don't click and enlarge it...I don't want you to see how dirty the door is!

So you can see that our house is brown brick. The door and eves and garage door are ivory. Then the trim is dark brown. I'd love to paint the door a different color. But I don't know which color will be best.

You can see I have a long front porch. What would you do with this porch?

Also, if I paint the door, should I paint it on both sides? If so I need a color that will go well inside as well. I'm using browns, blacks, and neutrals in my living room decor, but the one big thing that is a handicap for me in my decorating is this horrid pink carpet. I just don't have it in the budget to replace it right whatever I do musn't clash with the gaggy pink.
Okay, something is wrong with Blogger, because it's not allowing me to put my pink carpet picture up! It's just a really blechy dark mauve color, I seriously don't know what the previous owners were thinking. Whatever...I'm ready for you to lay it on me!
What color should I paint my door? Should I paint it inside too? How would you decorate my porch?
Let the ideas start pourin' in! PLEASE!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Okay, okay. I know Halloween is still more than 2 months away. But is anybody else so over summer? I mean...the kids are going back to school...but it's still so freakin' HOT! Doesn't the thought of the beautiful changing colors, cool Autumn nights and all the fun "togetherness" the fall and winter holidays bring just make you excited for the changing season?

No? Well how about this...the thought of all the last minute cramming to get Halloween costumes made again this year just puts you in a BAD mood, and you're planning ahead to avoid repeating this scenario AGAIN this year!?

I really am excited for the seasons changing, and once again I am vowing to plan ahead so I can be more prepared, and REALLY enjoy the holidays. I bet Vivienne NEVER stresses during the holidays because she's so ridiculously organized and prepared! I wan to be Vivienne this year!

So I've been trying to decide what to do for the kids' costumes this year. Heres what we had goin' on last year: You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Bookworm's was the only costume I didn't make. We knew we wanted to do a skeleton zombie, and I had it all planned out in my head. But we found this costume on for 5 bucks and I knew I couldn't make it for that little, and the hours of work it would save me was worth 5 dollars alone! So I only take credit for the face painting. It came with a mask, but we don't really like masks, so I decided I could paint a skeleton face if I really put my mind to it!

Cowgirl...of course was a cowgirl! She already had the boots and cowgirl shirt and jeans..and the hat was from her cowgirl birthday party, so all I had to make was the chaps and vest...I so cheated and used hot glue instead of a needle and thread! She still loved it though! We also found some adorable silver spurs at our local CAL Ranch store, and the stick horse was borrowed from Tanielle's Lexlee!

This brings me to my youngest girls. They both wore Ribbon Blossoms creations. Here's our Baby Devil, I added the embellished turtle neck, leggins, and the wrist cuffs. The costume also comes with a little devil's just can't see it in the pic. She got tons of compliments!

Pixie was a pumkin, or as she called it a Pumkin Princess. This costume was definitely the most elaborate and time consuming...I would only make this one for a special order...but it absolutely got the most attention, and she just loved it!

Here's the view from the back. What you can't see is the tons of gold glitter that made her sparkle from head to toe! Did you guys know I love glitter? Just wonderin'.

So I need some inspiration. Any great ideas for making a Medusa costume? That's what Pixie wants to be this year. Bookworm is still deciding if he wants to dress up or not, Cowgirl wants to be a clown, and Monkey is wearing the scarecrow costume I made for Bookworm when he was about her was also worn by Cowgirl at this age! It's been put to good use!

Ribbon Blossoms is now taking orders for tutu halloween costumes! We currently have our tutu witch, tutu devil, and tutu kitty listed, but if you have something else in mind...let us know and we'll be glad to design something for you!

Here a few pictures of our girls modeling the kitty and witch costumes...both the infant/toddler size and the girls size.


Keep checking back, because we're gearing up for a fabulous Ribbon Blossoms giveaway!
Happy Halloween! Oh, wait. It's still August.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Misadventures in Idaho

I'm back! And I've got some tales to tell! But first things first. I'm thrilled to announce the winner of my Mod Podge Mania's Shortmama! Congratulations!

Well, our last hurrah for the summer is the family reunion for my mom's side of the family. We went to a little place in Idaho called Downata Hot Springs. We use the term "camping" loosely. We have my dad, and 2 uncles whose physical health does not allow for the more "rough" type of camping. So we "cabin" it. We reserved some small cabins, a ranch house, and several tent spots to fit our family. Downata isn't really in the mountains...but there are some trees! What they boast is a hot springs-heated pool, and some fun water slides.

The kids were anxious to get on the road Thursday afternoon, but I made them pose for a picture anyway! They were so excited!
This is the Ranch House we shared with my 2 brothers and 1 sis in law, my cousin and her hubby, and my parents and my cousin who is staying with my parents for the next 10 months while she goes to massage school.

We also had other families staying in smaller cabins, and tents on the lawn.

When we arrived, we helped get tents set up - my aunt M and her son were borrowing our tent. Our family was in charge of dinner. My mom made Chile Verde, I made a mexican casserole, and we had fresh-cut fruit. After hauling a HUGE crock pot of chile verde, 2 casseroles, tortillas, chips, salsa, sour cream fruit, cheese and all the paper products out to the tables located about 75 feet away from the Ranch House, we called everyone for supper.

About half of us had dished up and started eating, and the rest were working on it when the wind picked up...out of control! Paper products were flying everywhere, and we tried to make the best of it...but when ash and dirt start blowing in your eyes and food, and the little ones start's time to move the party inside! We all picked up and crammed into the ranch house. The adults scrambled to haul all the food and paper products back inside.

We had an enjoyable meal and great conversation as we listened to the wind howling outside. Of course that was until we saw the tents go flying past the windows. (cue music from the Wizard of Oz - da doo da doo da doo doo, da doo da doo da doo doo) I expected to see a crochety old neighbor lady blowing past the window on her bycicle, with a little dog in the basket! Every single tent came down in the wind. Ours happened to actually have the poles snap. Oh joy.

We quickly reassessed our sleeping arrangements, and all the tent dwellers found themselves sleeping in cars or on cabin floors. Technically you're not supposed to have extra people in your cabin...but seriously did they expect them to sleep out in the near-tornado?

The wind eventually ceased, but the tempuratures never really got super warm! Notice in all the pictures how everyone is wearing sweatshirts or a blanket! And all day long the next day, you could see employees throughout the grounds raking up the aweful mess the wind had made - branches and debris EVERYWHERE!

That didn't stop us from having fun though! Then next morning the kids were all counting down the minutes until the pool opened at 11. Even with the cold temps...a hot springs-heated pool is a fun time! And waterslides...Hello!
Pixie and Monkey, warming up in the water toys while they wait for the big kids to get done sliding.

Bookworm does his slidin' on his back,

While Cowgirl prefers sitting up!

Monkey climbing out to go on the little yellow slide that's just her size!

Here's bookworm with cousin J. They hardly ever get to see each other because of distance, that's why reunions rock!

All our swimming stuff hanging out to dry. Notice the sweatshirts! After swimming was REALLY COLD!!!!

Ladder golf (or a thousand other names I've heard people call it) was the game of the day for Pixie and Monkey

Bookworm's in the front, and from left to right...Monkey, Uncle J (my bro.), Aunt C (his wife), Pixie, Moi and Cowgirl. Ever take a family photo in the pool?

Notice how everyone's around the campfire, during the DAY, wearing sweatshirts, and/or blankets? Yeah, it was cold!

A good time was still had by all, and it was great to catch up with everyone and spend some time away from the regular goings on of daily life! Thanks mom, for making it such a success this year. Of course, it's always good to come home! Especially to fabulous bloggy friends whom you've missed! I'll be swinging by to catch up with everyone!