Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 things at once

I promised my out of state brother I would blog again, and that was a few days ago, so I am a little behind!

Baby Girl keeps me pretty unproductive these days.  She nurses ALL. THE. TIME.  Which is actually nothing new for me, since all my kids were like that.  I think it has something to do with being big babies - they need more sustenance.  But I'm okay with that - because all my big babies also slept through the night by 8 weeks.  So it's a decent trade-off in my opinion.

She is growing so fast I can hardly stand it.  Even though we thought we were done having kids before we got pregnant with her, now that we have her I want to slow down time so we can enjoy all the little moments of her growing up.  It already seems to be flying by.

Here are a few pictures of her cuteness:

 Her first Valentine's Day.

 In the car on her way to her 2 week check up.  Which she passed with flying colors!

Since I spend the majority of my days sitting in my big puffy chair nursing her highness - I have had to learn to multi-task.  You know, do 2 things at once.

Here's a list of all the things I can do AT THE SAME TIME I am nursing.  I know you'll be super impressed:

Watch TV
Watch online videos
Surf the web one-handed
Text one-handed
Eat one-handed
Yell at my other kids
Did I mention watch TV?

I spend a lot of time watching TV these days.  Pretty productive, huh?

While you marvel at my ability to do all these things WHILE I am nursing my baby, I'll just leave you with one of my current favorite commercials (I don't have DVR, so I see a lot of commercials as well).  I like to call it, "2 things at once."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And baby makes 7!

Well...she's finally here!  Actually, she's been here for a week as of 8:14 tonight.  I'm sure you can guess that hopping on the blog wasn't the first thing on my to-do list!

I woke up last Tuesday morning feeling uncertain whether my contractions were feeling more like real contractions or not.  They were so inconsistent throughout the morning, and I just wasn't sure what to think.  They seemed to be getting more painful, but not closer together at all.  I was starting to feel paranoid because I hadn't been feeling Baby Girl move all day, so finally sometime after noon, I told Hubby we should probably go in, just so I could be reassured about how baby was doing.  At this point, my contractions were ranging from 7-12 minutes apart.  I've never gone in with them that far apart before.

To our surprise, when we arrived at the hospital, I was dilated to a 6 and 100% thinned.  Crazy!  My contractions still weren't very close together!  But they hurried the anesthesiologist in so I could have my epidural, because they were sure baby would be here shortly.

But she wasn't done being stubborn.  She kept clear up high, and was in no hurry to move down so she could be delivered.  This was during the 2 o'clock hour.  They started me on Pitocin in hopes that more regular contractions would help push her down.  We sat there waiting until she was finally ready.  She was born at 8:14 p.m., and weighed 8 lbs 11 oz.  She was 20 1/2 inches long.  She is beautiful and perfect and has filled our home with joy.

There's so much more I'd like to say, but it has already taken me many hours to get this post in....I could only work on it here and there in between my "summons" from Baby Girl.  I will just leave you with a few (or more) pictures.

 Just a few minutes old.

Monkey getting to be a big sister for the very first time.

 Cowgirl wanted to fight anyone who tried to take her away.

 Pixie was pretty young when Monkey was born, so it was new all over again to her.

 Bookworm finally getting to meet his baby sister, after all his eagerness and waiting.

Coming home.  1 day old. I really wish my dad could have been here to help welcome her.

5 days old and taking in everything around her.

I will probably not be blogging as regularly as I'd like, and will be visiting even less - but I promise not to totally disappear again! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.  And getting more sleep than I am!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday, and lack of a birth.

Well y'all - I'm still pregnant.  That's right - no Baby Girl yet.  I was REALLY hoping she would come over the weekend so that we wouldn't have to deal with the chaos of finding rides to school, and all the other weekday activities my other kids are involved in.

I have had a few contractions off and on, but I'm pretty sure they are still just Braxton Hicks.  They go away if I move around, and are not consistent AT ALL. very clever friend MiMi suggested that her name should be Patience, after putting us all through this!  I know I shouldn't complain, her due date was only 2 days ago...but we are all ready to meet her!

Since she still hasn't made an appearance, it's not too late to enter my Baby Girl Poll.  Even if you already entered, since everybody's guesses on date have already passed, you are welcome to take another shot at it!
I have my next doctor's appointment on Thursday if she hasn't come yet, and at that time he will schedule and induction - so take you best guess!

In other news, my sweet Pixie celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday.  I cannot believe she is 10!  It hurts my heart a little that she is growing up so fast.

The time has flown by way too quickly and I feel like it's all just passing me by!  I wish there was a way for me to slow it down so I could have more time to appreciate each moment and memory.

Pixie is growing into a lovely young woman, and I could not be more proud of who she is becoming.  She excels in school and loves learning.  She also loves being creative.  Her newest interest is making creations out of  "designer" duct tape.  She got a bunch of rolls for her birthday and has been happily creating away.  She has made suspenders, a really cute rose pen, Barbie clothes - just to name a few.

She loves playing the piano and is ALWAYS practicing.  I keep trying to remind myself that this is a good thing.  She literally cannot walk past the piano without pausing to play a few bars.  Again, I remind myself, this is NOT annoying.  Her dedication is a good thing, right?

Our life has never been the same since she joined our family 10 years ago, and I cannot even begin to imagine our family without her.  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me to be her Mom.  I'm not the best at it, by any stretch of the imagination, but I know there is no one that could love her more than I do.