Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm a loser...I know

Here I've let a bunch of time go by AGAIN since I've posted and visited my friends. LahoooosER!

I do have quite a bit to share...let's see if I can remember it all.

Oh. I got older. Yeah, had my birthday last week. It was good to spend the day with my family. We went to breakfast and did some shopping. Sadly Hubby had to work that night, but I had a fun girls night with my girlfriend/cousin Kimberlee who also recently had a birthday. We treated ourselve's to a yummy dinner from Famous Dave's. I also got spoiled by my other friends and family as well, and just had a really great Birthday.

I've been crazy busy with school stuff this week. We had our summer work session/retreat this week. 2 evenings and then a full day today. Making some good progress, but hard to focus when I'm getting ready for GIRLS' CAMP!!!! We head up Tuesday morning. I'm so excited, but sad as well.

This will be my last activity with the girls. I've been released from my calling in Young Women's and been called as 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency. I LOVE the Primary President I will be serving with - she is one of my closest friends. But I am seriously heartbroken to be leaving my Young Women so soon. I feel like I've just begun. I'm so not ready to leave. So camp this year will be bitter-sweet. I hope my girls don't forget me too quickly. I've just loved working with them so much.

I have to stop talking about it now, or I'll start crying again. So - moving on. I'm trying to focus on "happy thoughts" how I'll be able to see my ReAL boys play tonight followed by fireworks after the game for Pioneer Day!!! YAY! Go RSL!

My boy Chris Wingert has some new banners...check out how yummy they are!

On his blog he said he'd be coming out to watch the fireworks after the game and signing the banners! Think I'll be brave enough to go find him? I'm still deciding.

Have I mentioned how yummy I think the new banners are? Yeah...they're good. Nice distraction from my blues.

I know there's more, but if I don't stop now I'll be too tired to visit any blogs, and I'm really missing you guys!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer...can't believe it's nearly over! My kids go back to school in 3 weeks! GAH!


Paula@SweetPea said...

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a very nice day.

Enjoy girls camp and good luck with your new position.

Myya said...

Happy Belated Birthday! The new banners could distract me for a long long very looonnng time :)

Macey said...

You better go out and get his autograph!!!
Also, I'm sads for you about the YW thing. :(
I'm glad that otherwise your birthday was good.
Also, do you know that picture is from American Pie?? LOL

Rindlisbach Family said...

Hey, I just got called to the Primary Presidency too. I am the second counselor. We will have to share ideas and you can help me figure out what the heck I am doing becuase I have no idea.


Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I missed it. I have been in Michigan for a week and totally out of touch. I did not even know until Friday that there was a tropical depression in the Gulf. Griefus!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Happy Birthday! I've been getting older too ;) I'm so sorry you will be leaving the YW group. I know how much you loved it. It sounds like God has opened another door to a wonderful opportunity. I've missed ya! :)

shortmama said...

Awww I bet you will be in the hearts and minds for the YW group for many years to come!

Sami said...

Have fun at Girl's Camp!!! I must admit tat Young Womens is one calling I covet. Wrong, I know. But I do. Well, either YW's or to get back into Activity Days. I miss my girls!