Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Confessional

Good for the soul, eh? We'll see.

I confess that I COMPLETELY spaced Mod Podge Mania on Monday. Um, but since no one mentioned it, I'm guessing nobody really missed it.

I confess that I made a gift for JennyKate weeks and weeks ago, and I still haven't sent it to her. Why is she even still my friend?

I confess that if I was hot, I would spend obscene amounts of money on clothes. And shoes.

I confess that I am mother of the year - I totally forgot to go to the morning crew meeting at Pixie's school this morning where she was awarded Student of the Month.

I confess that sometimes I get bored listening to my husband's stories about work - and halfway through I find myself thinking about something else, and realize I totally missed what he was saying.

I confess that I still love playing with Barbies. Also - Polly Pockets are freakin' awesome.

I confess that I am terrified of flying - and I will be doing it for the first time in less than 2 weeks. It is for a very good cause though. So I am pulling up my big girl panties and taking the plunge.

I confess that I bored myself while writing this post, and I'm surprised you're still reading.

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Emmy said...

I love seeing the things you make but it has been so long since I have taken time to craft.
And not a boring post at all :)

jennykate77 said...

JennyKate is still your friend because she loves you...and not because you make her things...although I'm sure she'll love that too, because you're so crafty and awesome like that.

Apparently, she also likes talking about herself in third person.

You still get Mother of the Year in my book. Anyone who can manage 4 kiddos like you do is amazing.

I didn't believe Isaiah this week when he told me it was crazy hair day (for Dr. Seuss's birthday). He was so mad at me after school. I thought he was just trying to fake me into letting him have red hair gel.

Love your're SO NOT boring!


P.S. After you fly wherever you're going, book a ticket for Oklahoma, mmkay?!

Macey said...

Happy dance, I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait.
What? Oh. SHHHHH. hehehehe
If I was hot I'd spend obscene amounts of $ on clothes and shoes too.

Impulsive Addict said...

JennyKate is EVERYONE's friend because she's awesome! Don't you know that by now?

You're hot. Go buy some new clothes and shoes. Tell hubs I said so.

We ALL our going for Mother of the Year. Tonight at dinner, when I turned my back for 1 mintute, another guy had to tell my baby "NO NO" when she tried to play with a plug. Niiiice.

I'm not sure what a polly pocket is. It sounds interesting.

And where are you FLYING to? Nosey Nelly here needs to know!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I have flown all over the world. At first I was terrified as well, and I have to admit there are times when we hit bad weather that I still get a little nervous, but mostly I just watch the cabin stewards. I figure if they look nervous and scared then I should be as well, but if they don't, then I won't. So far I have never seen a nervous steward. So just keep your eye on them--and relax. I am sure you will have a great trip to wherever you are going.

Oh, and about getting bored sometimes with your husband's stories . . . I can totally relate . . . I am sorry to say. :-)

Koko said...

You mean you're a real person? haha I was really scared of flying too, by the way, but there's a homeopathic called "Resuce Remedy" you can get at health food stores and it helps calm you...also lavender (one time I took a sachet of lavender and just held it by my nose -- am I weird?! haha). Also, you must be a wonderful mother to those girls since you still love playing with those things!! And you'll make an even better grandma. Don't put so much pressure on yourself girlie! SAfe travels.

Alicia said...

Wow, flying for the first time - that's exciting. I think you should prepare a blog post all about your experience. I hate flying, too. It doesn't scare me it just causes anxiety because I hate it. I would rather drive for days than fly... but go figure my parents and siblings live in Hawaii... can't drive for days to get there!

Anyway, GOOD LUCK! I am curious to know what this good cause is... :)

shortmama said...

I space out all the time listening to Levis stories about work...I mean how much can I pay attention to stories about dumb workers on his jobsite or pranks that someone played. I go to another place and just nod and give comments when they seem like the right spot

Myya said...

I space all the time listening to Sammer too... I think it is a girl thing, we have A LOT of other important stuff to think about :)

I am going to have to get a full review from Macey on what you are like in REAL life... soooo exciting!!!

Rachelle said...

I confess I've been wanting to participate in your Mod Podge Mania for awhile now and keep procrastinating.

Sami said...

You're flying for the FIRST TIME?! Where are you going???
You already know the story of my first (actually 2nd) time flying. Don't do what I did, or choose the company you fly with more carefully please!

Shawn said...

I for one loved your confessions.

I missed Peanuts Principles Honor roll breakfast last year....I felt like a complete loser so I understand hoe you feel, sorry!