Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wonderful Day! (OR...longest post in Blogger history)

Whew! It's over! But what a wonderful day. I took lots of pictures, and want to get things written (typed!) down while it's all still fresh...even though I really just want to sleep! Warning: long post ahead with lots of pictures! This isn't one of those posts where I'm worried about going on and on forever and boring my readers...I want to record the events and feelings of today for me, and for my family, so I'm not going to worry about how long it ends up being. I'm just warnin' ya!

The day started bright and early as I had 5 people to get ready (and by 5 I really mean 6- 'cause we all know that husbands really can't get ready themselves either!). We had to be to the temple at 9:50 a.m., so I was up at 6! This is super early for me...I'm so not a morning person! If 9:50 seems like a weird time to you, I'll give a crash course in Mormon weddings as we go.

I wanted to do some fun, fancy hair on the girls, but needed to get my hair curled first. This took almost an hour! Got the girls up and dressed and primped and made them pose for some "hair shots"!

Don't want to leave Bookworm out, but seriously - this took like 2 seconds, so this picture is not to show off his hair...just his handsome face!

Mormon Weddings 101: For those of you who aren't LDS, I'd like to give a quick explanation of the craziness of a Mormon wedding day. It's an all day event! First is the marriage in the temple, which usually takes place in the morning. There are several sealing rooms in the temple and multiple weddings take place on any given day in the temple. So they are scheduled at intervals throughout the day. Ours was at 10:20 a.m., and we needed to be there 30 minutes early. Since we don't have a typical wedding ceremony with the whole "walking down the aisle", and bridesmaids and groomsmen with certain wedding ceremony responsibilities, there is no rehearsal dinner. Instead the marriage is followed by a wedding breakfast or luncheon for close family and friends. Then in the evening the wedding reception takes place. Of course all families do things differently, and I'm sure this isn't exactly the case for all LDS weddings.

We got to the temple on time (amazing!), and the ceremony was just really beautiful. And J (my bro.) and C (his bride!), were seriously radiant! It was just a joy to be a part of. We then went outside for pictures. I hope to get my hands on some of the professional ones so I can post them - but for now my seriously amateur shots will have to do. Also - it was windy and COLD! BUT - the storm stayed away until the end of the evening so YAY!

My baby brother and his adorable bride!

That's my dad in the wheelchair...not sure where mom's at!

Posin' with the nieces and nephews. At least trying...did I mention it was COLD? That's the actual photographer's elbow in the picture...I'm too tired to crop tonight!

This is the same temple my wonderful husband and I were married in over 13 years ago. I got a little carried away with took some shots of the temple, because I just love it so much. Besides what it means to me spiritually, I just really think it is an amazing piece of architecture.

I didn't actually take this picture...I just wanted you to have a full shot, and I was too lazy to walk a gazillion miles in my heels to get the whole temple in my shot! The rest of these are mine.

We left the temple a little after noon. The luncheon didn't start until 1:30, so we zipped home so Monkey could go to the bathroom, we could let the dog out, and I could touch up the girls' hair. Then we got a call from my mom! "We need your help!" She said. On the way home they realized something was stuck under their car. My mom thought she must have run over something that got stuck, and they exited the freeway (conveniently the exit that goes to our house), but couldn't dislodge it. My dad has a lot of health problems and severe chronic pain - no condition to crawl under the car and try to fix it. At this point it's almost time for us to be at the restaurant for the luncheon. So we rush the kids out to the car, Hubby throws his jack, disposable mechanic's jumpsuit (yes they actually make those!), and roller board (I don't really know what this is called, but mechanics lay on it to roll under cars) into the back of the minivan. We rush to where they're stranded and it's Hubby to the rescue! I HAD to take some pic's for posterity's sake!

My mom actually didn't run over anything, the cover for the undercarriage of their car actually FELL OFF! It was still partly connected, so Hubby had to finish detaching it. Then off to Mimi's Cafe! The luncheon was yummy - but tiny servings! At least that helped with my diet...portion control built in!

With a couple of hours to kill until the reception, we came back home to let the dog out again and change into our reception clothes. Monkey fell asleep on the way home, and I didn't want to bring her in and lay her down because of her hair. So we propped her up in the corner of our over stuffed chair, with a chair pillow to help keep her from falling over. It didn't work - this is how I found her after I helped Cowgirl and Pixie change and re-touch up their hair.

So I moved the pillow, and leaned her back more. This is how I found her the next time I came in! (so lady-like)

It was finally time to wake her so we could change her dress and fix her smooshed hair...this is how she reacted to that unpleasantness!

We then had a LONG, but lovely evening with pictures, new family, old friends good food and lots and lots of joy!

Uncle J and Bookworm

Aunt C and the girls

The kids also enjoyed helping Uncle "D" trash decorate Uncle J's car.

I don't know if the "Multiply and replenish the earth" joke for newlyweds is just popular with Mormons, or if it is for newlyweds in general...but we definitely play it up around here!

After all - we believe in abstinence before marriage, so these newlyweds are more eager than most for the honeymoon to start! We have to totally tease them...right? Of course the joke is completely above my kids' heads - but it's funny for us!

It was just a really wonderful day. Not just for the newlyweds, but both our families. We really, really love C, and we love her family so much also.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday - and if I haven't been by to visit you lately, please forgive me...I am determined to visit you all this weekend now that things are calmed down!

The rest of the pics are just more miscellaneous shots, as well as some better hair shots...Hubby took the first ones and didn't really know the angles I wanted so I can recreate the look if I need to!

I don't know why she felt like this had to be a mugshot!


Dawn said...

Hey there, Xazmin! Wow! What a busy day you all had! You have a beautiful family. I'm so glad you had such a great day!

By the way, I love the lime green that was used in the wedding! Is that traditional?


That Girl said...

I had to lol at the pic of Ashie (the youngest?) crying and you took a pic of her. Too funny! You have your girls trained well. Mine hate to even have their hair brushed.

beautiful wedding and I love that it lasts all day. I didnt know that.

Shawn said...

Beautiful pictures, adorable hair do's and a radiant newly-wed couple!

I'm glad you had such a good time!

Sare said...

Oh my sake...I almost cried!!! and i don't even know them!! AWE!! You can just see how happy they are and how much they love each other. and your kids...sigh...adorable!! Awe - i just love you!!!

kado! said...

Oh my goodness...the girls hair all looks so beautiful!!!! I have two boys and would have NO idea what to do with little girls hair...but you did a Beautiful job!

OK...1st off the brides green sash on her dress was such a wonderful, Springy idea...I LOVE look so pretty...beautiful couple!

...and 2nd...that cake is gorgeous!

look like everyone had a blast! Awesome!

Amy said...

I love all of the hair pictures. I could never do that. I would make a mess for sure. I loved the gerber daisies on the cake. Your brother and his wife look happy and in love and so young. What a fun day. Thanks for sharing.

Mama Nut said...

Well, I gotta say, I love the SL temple too 'cause that's where I was married to hubby over 10 years ago. I haven't been back to is since but would LOVE to someday (we live faraway). Also, LOVE the girls hairdo's...I have no idea how you did it but they look adorable. Lastly, no pics of you you? What's up with that? :)

Jen @ said...

Those pictures were so great!!! I love the girls' hair - so pretty! And the bride's dress was gorgeous! She is so cute!

I had to laugh at the getaway car. So funny! I'm glad it went well. It looks like the sun peeked out for a little while too!


Heidi Boos said...

Sounds like you had a blessed and fun time! You put a lot of time and effort into helping make this day super special. Love your girls' hair and son's handsome face! ;)

And the couple's wedding cake is gorgeous!

And, I second what "FINE"al thoughts said in her comment asking where are the pictures of YOU? Hmmmm?

Heather said...

beautiful hair, beautiful girls, beautiful bride and groom, beautiful church, beautiful dress...I love the bright orange and green!

shortmama said...

Beautiful hair do's! Your girls must all have straight and fine hair? Because let me tell ya the big girl would never sit still long enough for any of that to happen with her super thick and curly hair

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Beautiful everything!!! :) Your girls' hair is so pretty. I love the bride's sash. My sister is wearing a "latte" colored sash in her wedding in Sept. Loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing!! :)

Unknown said...

The girls' hair looks just beautiful, you did a great job! I am so glad you all had such a joyful day, and I hope you got the day of rest today that you've been dreaming of! Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

Sturgmom said...

It all looks so gorgeous! Your daughters' hairdos all look amazing!! What a great day- hope you can catch up on some rest this weekend!

Small House said...

I was reading your blog yesterday at work on my little break, then time was up, and I didn't get to post a comment. But...I was dyin over your kids cute hair! Well, they're cute period, but what cute hair. And that sleeping photo is adorable. It's a long day.

Love your blog. A new follower I am. And...I'm hoping to link up with your mod podge mania this month. It's got me a little excited. WOOT! WOOT! Have a great day!!!

Tanielle said...

Gorgeous photos!!! What a beautiful couple, and of course "my" kids are sooooo darling! Nice job on their hair! Glad you had a special day with family and get some rest will ya!?!:-)


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Family weddings are the best. Loved the colors, the girls hair, dresses, the temple shots, your superman husband and that awesome cake. Where was the reception held? I couldn't tell. Great memories for your children.

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a fun day! I love weddings. Your kids looked darling and the pictures of the SL temple were beautiful!

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

That was a fun post! I read the whole thing. My favorite pictures are the ones of your little one napping. So stinkin' cute!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

I really enjoyed reading all that! Thanks so much for sharing- looks like a really happy occasion.

Love the green sash on the bride's dress and the cake was beautiful.

Thanks again for sharing. Hope you have been able to rest this weekend!


Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

I don't know where to start. That was just a beautiful wedding. And the little girls hair is gorgeous and I LOVE that beautiful cake. The cake at my wedding (I always felt like) was the biggest bomb.

Have a great Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow! There's so much I love! The temple is amazing and the bride's dress is just beautiful! I love the colors they used, especially the bright orange! The girls (and boy) are so cute!!! And how she was sleeping?! hahahaha! Love it!

Jenny-Jenny said...

love all the awesome little girl hair. I would love to learn how to do that. My Fashionista really likes to have her hair done and I don't know how to do much. We usually just experiment.

Glad you had a happy day.

Yes, I live in Seattle and the weather has turned lovely, hope your brother and his little lady have a fun time in my world. Give him a call and tell him to check out the gum wall from my post today.

Jamie said...

I loved it!! It was so fun to be with you guys. You are such a wonderful family! When do I get to come babysit? :)