Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Progress Report and Tagged!

It's been a while since I've given an overall progress report on my 3 main goals for this year.

If you came by yesterday you'll know that I've hit a little slump in the "fit" department. But I'm back on...full steam ahead! I'm still working hard at making healthy food choices and staying committed to regualar exercise.

Organization....hmmm. Well I haven't done anything fantastic since I posted about my spice cupboard, BUT I have managed to keep the spice cupboard, and pantry in the tip top shape you saw them in last! Ask my family...I've been like Hitler with them putting stuff back EXACTLY as they found it! I also did help my girls get their toys purged and organized.

Food Storage... this one I'm cruisin' along! A couple of weeks ago our grocery store had their semi-annual case lot sale. I got me some food baby! I'm going to try to remember off the top of my head...don't have the receipt in front of me, so I'm sure I'll miss some stuff.

All the canned foods I name, I purchased at least a case of 24, but a lot of the stuff I purchased 1.5 or 2 cases. For less than $300 I bought beans: red beans, refried beans, black beans. I bought: peaches, pears, diced tomatoes, diced green chiles, applesauce. I bought 100 lbs of flour, 50lbs of sugar, 45 lbs of wheat, 20 lbs of rice, and 10 cases of bottled water! Also got a bunch of meat for my freezer...pork rosts, pot roasts, steaks and a pork loin! Not everything is pictured, but here's a little peek of what I have to make space for in my food storage room!

It is recommended to have a 2 weeks supply of drinking water in case of emergency. That's 14 gallons of water per person. That's just for drinking. It's also good to have an additional 14 gallons per person for washing and cleaning. I haven't added up how much I have so far, but I know I have a ways to go!

I also owe a lot to my mom for helping me get my food storage stocked. A few weeks ago I went and helped her organize her food storage room. Because it's just her and my dad now (my brother sometimes), she ended up having a lot more of some things than she and my dad could possibly rotate through before they start to expire. So I came home with a bunch of stuff that she's had for awhile that is still good, but that they probably won't use before it isn't still good! She ALSO blessed us with several bottles of her to die for hot salsa! Can you say score?

For Christmas my parents gave us a bunch of food storage pasta. We got a huge box full of all different kinds of pastas. They also gave us this big box of these:

These are spaghetti ends. I don't know exactly what that means, but I'm guessing it's the not straight parts on the ends of spaghetti that they cut off to make those nice straight noodles for packaging. Whatever, straight or curly...cooks up the same! I think these are cheaper or something.

Now ladies, these are not two big A bags of pot! I know you were hopin' to come by my place and party...but this my friends is dehydrated celery! You throw it in your soups and cooked dishes, and it plumps up and is celery! I got these for a fantastic deal from our ward food storage specialist. I haven't tried it yet...but when I do I'll let you know how I like it! This lady also hooked me up with great deals on 25 lbs of dried potato flakes, and 45 lbs of dried potato cubes. I LOVE the potato flakes...haven't tried the cubes yet.

Why am I doing this some of you may ask? Well, a big one is obedience. This counsel has been given to members of the LDS church by our leaders for generations. I've always struggled with knowing how to get started on building my food storage - I'm slowly getting there though! And it feels so good knowing I am doing my best to obey the counsel given by men whom I consider to be prophets of God. Also, I take great comfort in knowing my family will be prepared for circumstances that may be beyond our control. I'm not just talking about some great natural disaster, or terrorist attack (although there's comfort in knowing that if I were trapped in my home, my family would have food and water), I'm referring to the kinds of things we've seen happening all around, the economy, job loss, other financial burdens. It's comforting to know that if we were to find ourselves in a situation where Hubby is out of work, or we had slow business, or just some other great financial burden that we would be able to feed our family from what we have stored without having to go to the grocery store and spend money we didn't have.

Wow! I gues this post is getting to be a lot longer than I thought it would on to the TAG!

I was tagged by both Tanielle and Vivienne for this fun 8 tag:

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:

1. No more snow!
2. Vegas!
3. Being out of debt to the government (taxes for small business owners BITE!)
4. Being thin
5. family reunion this summer
6. my brother's birthday (I got him a really cool present back at Christmas time!)
7. The day I can look back at my blog and say I have accomplished my 3 goals for the year.
8. The last day of school.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. doctored my little girl
2. took my son to cub scouts
3. made bean and cheese burritos in the microwave for my kids because:
a) I was too lazy to cook a real dinner, and
b) I needed to use the rest of the can of refried beans my brother came over and ate at lunchtime.
4. Helped said brother upload pictures I took of our other brother's wedding onto his facebook page.
5. Did the dishes...twice.
6. yelled at my kids.
7. apologized to my kids for yelling at them.
8. kissed my husband goodbye and goodnight before he left for work, because I knew he probably wouldn't be back before I went to bed.

8 Things I Wish I Could do:
1. keep house and be organized as well as my 2 best friends do.
2. bottle my children's energy and use it for myself (or sell it...I'd be rich!)
3. sing
4. magically take away my dad's pain and medical problems.
5. Be healthy without it being so hard!
6. Find good jobs for everyone I know of who is unemployed.
7. Afford a personal trainer and dietician/chef.
8. fly.

8 Shows I Watch:
1. One Tree Hill
3. The Mentalist
4. Dollhouse
5. The Hills
6. The Unit
7. Everybody Loves Raymond (reruns)
8. Arthur (yes I do!)

8 people I tag:

I'm going to tag my 8 most recent followers (at the time I composed this post) who have blogs and haven't already done this tag!:

Christy - Morton Family
I can't wait to see your answers and get to know you better!


Amber Filkins said...

Hey! I was just reading this post when you emailed me! I was *just* about to promise that I'd do this tomorrow, but I know myself, so I'd better do it RIGHT now!! Plus, tomorrow is crazy busy.

Thanks for the tag!

kado! said...

#2 on Things I wish I could do is Illegal in most of the 50 States...hehehe!

Way to go with the food storage...and I ♥ potato flakes too...those are the first to run out!

...and you probably know this but just in case...I save my old laundry detergent bottles and fill them with water...the little bit of soap that is left makes them a Perfect use for water to clean off with and wash up with....just take a permanent marker and cross off the label and mark "soapy water" that way you use containers and tap water you already have...and with the amount of laundry I do...I have a stock-pile in no time!...also perfect to use incase you need to "flush" the toilet in an you don't use you bottled water!

Heather said...

Your stock pile is incredible! Especially with the current just never know.

As a Mom don't you have to cut the kids spaghetti up any how? I'm going to be on the look-out for spaghetti ends from now on.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You have been BUSY!!! I say "yes!" to the food storage...I don't have a room, but I need to start stocking up. We just had to throw out a bunch of water we didn't use though--apparently it "expires"??!! Your hard work is inspiring, girl! :)

My blog has it's 100th post giveaway today! I hope you can stop by to sign up! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Good for you on your stockpiling!!

kado! said... are about to be tagged on my blog!

Small House said...

Your storage is incredible!! Wait to go. I've been working on this at our house. Where did you get the dehydrated celery? Seriously... That's neat stuff.

Have a great day.

Tanielle said...

Yep you're amazing!!!:-) I know where to come when my family runs out of food!

Amy said...

I got tagged by Tanielle and did it today. Have a great day.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Way to go on the food storage - you rock! :)

Love the memes!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Unknown said...

Loved your answers on the meme! That is alot of food -- Sound good!
Thanks for sahring.

Sassafras said...

thanks for the tag!

i want a personal chef!

Cynthia said...

uhg. Food storage feels so HUGE!!

I keep thinking about how easy it will be when there are not 8 of us.

But will I feel freaked out for my kids...and their spouses...and their children and feel like I need enough food for everybody??


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Wow! Amazing stockpile ya' got there! I have to get better about saving water.

(Storage space is an issue for things we need/use everyday... I am not sure where to keep bulk ER supplies.)

I like your lists. :-)

Mammatalk said...

I am just starting to get into the Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs. I just didn't get it before kids.

shortmama said...

Ok can you say holy crap?! If only I had a place to put that much food! I am really good about stocking my pantry and I have an extra fridge and freezer so I buy only meat that is on sale and just keep it all stocked up. I keep hoping that one day I can move my washer and dryer outside and turn my laundry room into a walk in pantry, that would just float my boat.

Anonymous said...

True Story: After being trapped in new orleans during hurricane katrina I started stock piling canned goods, water and meat. Hubby thought it was unhealthy. Thought I was having a nervous breakdown. :)

Melissa said...

Look at you go! Impressive, are you going to put some of that bulk into #10 cans or will it store in bags?

Sara said...

You have a good stockpile of food there. I want to be able to store more food, but our apartment is filling up fast, were running out of space, but I do have a little pile going:) I know where to go when I run out!
Have a great day

Grammy Suzzy said...

Hey, do you have your mom's salsa recipe? It looks just wonderful. And those pasta ends...I never knew! What a great, great thing!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I know about the Life cereal, huh? It's his favorite!! That's why that book many of the foods and cereals on the "Not That" list are billed as "healthy" and it's misleading!!

Thank you so much for stopping by the giveaway, your comment, AND for signing up to be a Follower!! :)

Shawn said...

You're too much!

During hurricane season I'm lucky if each one of had a can of soup to open. You my friend excel at being prepared!

Love your "8 Things" list but I knew I would.

Have a great THursday!

shaka said...

Holy Cow!
I would love a stock pile like that!

Jen @ said...

Wow - what a great food storage situation you have going on! I need to get on that ASAP.

I loved your lists too! Great idea about bottling your kids energy. I wish I could have some of it! I love The Mentalist too. It's a fun new show. I think that main guys is pretty hot!

Have a super night!


Matt & Andrea said...

I love spaghetti ends! $5.50 for 20 lbs! I'm so impressed with your recent additions. I've been trying to stockpile also. Congrats!

jennykate77 said...

I think it's very good that you're storing food for your family. I've been trying to buy extra when I go to the store (mostly canned goods) and put in our closet under the stairs. During the time and hour we live in, it is wise for everyone to have things put back, especially food and water. You've totally inspired me to get my stuff together!

I love your list!! Flying...that's a great one!! Yes, flying would make it easier to do a lot of things. I think that would be my superpower if I could have one.

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday!!

Suzy said...

Xazmin! I am so jealous of your stockpile!

And I love your "8" Lists! Such fun!