Sunday, April 5, 2009

Seriously? What an idiot!

Me. I'm talking about me. I am truly an idiot. Would you like to know why?

As many of you are aware, I have a slight obsession with New Kids on the Block. If you'd care to read more about that, go here.

Rewind 19 years. You know, blue eyeshadow (and mascara!), ratting your hair out into "wings" on the sides, big bangs (hair not science), huge gold hoop get the picture. I got New Kids concert tickets for my 13th b-day. Can you say best present ever? Anyway, my parents gave the ticket to me for my b-day, and had contacted my best friend's mom, and she purchased a ticket for her daughter so we could go together. This is kinda funny since my BF hated New Kids! hee hee!

Okay, back to the story, besides my BF and I going, my mom had asked if we would take the daughter of her friend from work. This little girl was much younger than us, like in elementary school, and was totally in love with NKOTB. We were glad to. So my mom and her work friend drove us to the concert, and the three of us had a blast!

Okay, back to present day. Thursday evening at my brother's wedding reception, I was mingling with everyone, and I ran into Jean, my mom's work friend. She had her little girl Brittany (all grown up now!) with her. We said hello, I gave a hug to Jean, then Brittany gave me a great big's our conversation:

Me: Hey! You look so are you?
B: Great! How 'bout you?
Me: Good! Hey did you go see New Kids when they were here last fall?
B: Um, no, maybe if it had been Backstreet Boys.
Me: (slightly confused), oh, come on...they can't compare to the orignals!
B: I guess (smiling)
Me: Well I have some awesome pictures and video from the concert on my camera if you want to check it out later.
B: Sure! I'll see you in a little while! (she is seriously sooo sweet - and adorable!)

Well, of course I didn't have a chance to talk to her again before she left.

So yesterday I'm visiting with my mom while my husband, dad and brother (not newlywed boy), go to the Priesthood Session of General Conference. I mention how cute Brittany is, and how we talked about New Kids.

My mom gives me a really puzzled look. Uh-oh...I start to get that feeling - you know that feeling?

Me: Mom, don't you remember, when Rachel and I went to New Kids, we took her, because she was so in love with them?

Mom: Um, I don't think that was her.

Me: Yes, yes it was! I don't know any other friends of yours that had little girls

Mom: No, that was my friend Cindy who I worked with back then. You took her daughter Missy.

Me: No...I remember it was Brittany.

Mom: I didn't even know Jean back then, she started working with me after.


I proceed to explain my conversation from the wedding. She laughed. her. head. off. Rude!

I feel like the biggest idiot. Who starts a conversation randomly with: "so did you go see the New Kids concert?"

I can barely even remember this Missy girl. Brittany is so adorable, and we've had a lot of contact off and on through the years because of my mom's friendship with her mom. All the years of my adult life, I have remembered my New Kids Night, thinking Brittany was who went with us!

So, how does it feel being friends with an idiot?


Sara said...

That is too funny, its okay I am very Blonde and have had so many blonde moments, you would be so embarrsed to be my friend:) I hope your brother's wedding went great!

When I went to Walmart on Friday, I picked up the mascera. I really liked the length it gave me eyelashes, but was hoping it would be thick, like the yellow tube. I wish they would come out with a thicker formula!!! I did like how this mascera washes off! It came off pretty easy!

Have a great Sunday

Amy said...

LOL that is so funny. I think I have done stuff like that before. I thought one time I knew this one person for sure. Turns out I was totally wrong.

Tanielle said...

Oh finally you have an "idiot" moment instead of the true idiot of this friendship! I am laughing my head off and read this to my family! HAHAHAHAHAHA I still love you, and am glad we can be idiots together!:-)

That Girl said...

hahahahaha. tooooo funny!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

No, no...NOT an idiot...I found that with pregnancy, my brain power leaks out just a little more...don't feel bad. ;)

shortmama said...

Blame it on "mom brain" thats what I do!

kado! said...

I'm sorry to be laughing at your expense...but that story was HILARIOUS...especially "who start a conversation with Did you see the New Kids on the Block concert!" I laughed right out loud...she must have thought you were just tiny but crazy...LOL! =) You should tell her the whole story she can laugh too!

Connie said...

Oh's easy to mix them up. I mean, come was a long time ago!

I totally won't think anything strange if someone started a convo with me about New Kids. LOL!

Heather said...

Too funny! I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it next time you see her and explain it. I think we have all done something like that!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Good one! So nice to share the idiot wagon

Anonymous said...

You are so NOT an idiot, but that is indeed funny.

Shawn said...

Is this your first Senior Moment? If so welcome to the club!

Jen @ said...

Oh no - that is seriously funny! I do stuff like that ALL THE TIME. She probably thinks you are like the biggest NKOTB fan ever!


Small House said...

AUGH! I thought I was the only one!! That was funny.
Have a good day.

jennykate77 said...

I don't think you're an idiot at all...I start all my conversations with "so, did you see the New Kids when they were here in concert?" I really don't see anything wrong with that. ☺ LOL. That is really funny. Funny thing is that I randomly show my NKOTB video and pictures to people without their permission...I'm just like "wanna see some HOTT video from the NKOTB concert", then without waiting for an answer I already have my camera cued and replaying. LOL.

You're totally cracking me up. I wonder what Brittany was thinking? You have to let us know if you run into her again. ☺

Marrdy said...

That really is too funny!! And you really know that Backstreet Boys are the best...