Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have you got Swag?

I'm talking about Swag Bucks.  Have you heard of it?  You probably have.  I'm always late to the game.  If you haven't though - you're missing out on getting free stuff.

I actually signed up for Swag Bucks a few years back - but didn't really see the value, and didn't do much with my account.

If you aren't familiar with Swag Bucks, it's basically a way to earn free stuff online.  Here's how it works:  You download the Swag Bucks toolbar, and then enjoy the different ways to earn swagbucks while you're online each day.  Swagbucks can be redeemed for all sorts of free crap!  Only it's not all crap!

There are several different ways to earn the bucks.  The easiest way is simply by doing what you do online each day anyway.  Search for stuff!  Instead of using google, or whatever other search engine you use, you use the Swag Bucks search engine (which is powered by google, and is a pretty decent search engine), and they randomly award swagbucks throughout the day. This is how I earn the majority of my swagbucks.  Other ways to earn are to take surveys, perform tasks, complete special offers - there's a whole list.  It all depends on how much time you want to invest into earning swagbucks.

I'm not willing to put in too terribly much time, so I'll share what I do, and tell you how it has benefited me.  You can decide how much or little you want to do with the site.  Besides using the SB search engine, I do a few other things each day to build up my balance.  On the SB toolbar, there is a heading that says "earn" with a drop-down menu.  It lists the different things you can do to earn swagbucks.  I take the daily poll every day.  You earn 1 SB just for taking the poll - it takes like 3 seconds!  Next I go to "NOSO" which is No Obligation Special Offers.  I never sign up for any of the offers, I just hit "skip" or "see next offer" until I get to the end - this takes under a minute.  You earn 2 SB for doing this each day.  I frequently watch (or listen to) SBTV to earn SB.  You just watch little clips that have to do with anything from homemaking, budgeting, gardening etc. to celebrity and entertainment news.  Whatever interests you.  You have to watch about 10 clips to earn 3 SB.  What I usually do is put the player on, then open up another tab and do whatever else I need to do online so I can feel like I'm not just sitting watching TV.  I've actually got SBTV playing right now while I type this post!  The last thing I try to do regularly is find a SB code.  They are posted a couple of times a day, either on the blog, or their FB page, or sometimes there's a hunt (more time consuming, but can be really fun!).  The codes are worth different amounts of SB's.  The ones I have entered have been worth between 4-10.  I posted the "swidget" at the bottom of my blog so I can check it throughout the day to see if there's a code posted.  I just do this when I happen to get online for something else.

Those are the things I do on a regular basis.  Occasionally I will try a survey, but I have only been able to complete a few and earn the SB's.  I usually find that I get disqualified about 5-10 minutes in, and then have to start all over with a new survey.  I don't like to waste my time, but if you do complete one you can earn between 25-200 SB's.  So if you like to take surveys, it can be worth your while.  I also do the games sometimes.  They are a fun way to pass the time if I just have 10 minutes until I have to go pick up the kids or something like that.  But, I try to spend my time on the computer productively - so I don't do the games too often.

Now, do I have anything to show for my efforts?  Well friends, I'm glad you asked!  There are all sorts of prizes in the SB Store that you can redeem your SB's for.  But I only ever purchase 1 prize:  $5.00 Amazon gift cards.  Each time I earn enough for a gift card (450 SB) I head to the "redeem" heading on the SB toolbar and go to the store.  I purchase the gift card and as soon as it's posted to my account (takes between 5-7 days), I head over to amazon.com to redeem it.  And I just watch my Amazon account grow.  Now I haven't been at this for too long, so I haven't been able to fund an entire Christmas or anything like that!  But what I was able to do was get my son this for Christmas:

 Something that would not have been in the budget if I hadn't had a $40 credit on my Amazon account.

Previously I purchased Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, and it is changing our lives as I type!  There is so much on Amazon that I'd like to have - so in my opinion the Amazon gift card is the best value from the SB Store, it's like getting free money - but you can use your SB's to purchase any of the other prizes too.

Like I mentioned before, the amount of SB's you earn is entirely dependent on how much time you are willing to invest.  I know there are people who spend hours and hours getting all the codes, performing the tasks, taking the surveys - and they get lots of bucks.  But I don't want it to be my occupation.  Still, it's nice to invest a relatively small amount of time each day, and be able to earn some things for free.  If it sounds like something you're interested in you should sign up right away!  And I would LOVE if you would click the following button to sign up - I'll get rewarded SB's for referring you!

Search & Win

Hey guess what?  I just earned 3 SB's for the TV clips that were playing while I typed this post!

Now lets review the simple things you can do each day to earn:

Daily Poll
SB Codes

Make sure to follow them on FB and Twitter so you keep in the loop for when they post codes!

So if you DO use Swag Bucks - I'd love you to tell me about your experience - or share any tips you might have!  If you don't and want to know more, I'd love to answer any questions (although I'm no expert).


Macey said...

I don't but I should! My SIL got 60 bucks worth of Amazon.com g/c's...

Emmy said...

Oh thank you! I have heard of them but have never taken the time to look not them- think I will have to do it.

Impulsive Addict said...

I don't use them either. I've heard of them and I may even have an account. I should look into it again. How nice for you to use the gift cards on your son. Awww...so sweet.

Dave Ramsey is AMAZING!!

Stephanie said...

I too have heard of them but never really taken the time to look into it. hmm, maybe it is time!

Sami said...

You follow Dave Ramsey?!?! I DO TOO!!! We're only on baby step 2, but should be moving past that in the next 2 months.
Also, thanks for the tip! I have seen a few of my FB friends using SB, but I never really looked into it before. Guess I'll have to do it now...:)