Friday, January 6, 2012

Parlez-vous Français?

Je parle un petit français.  Très petit.

I had my first French lesson as an adult today!  I took French in Middle School for one year.  I loved it - sort of.  I loved the language, but the class could be somewhat tedious.  I remember very little from that 8th grade French class.  But I was surprised today at some of the stuff that came back to me from all those years ago.

I have a sweet friend in my ward who speaks French.  She served a mission for our church in France, and has been a HS French teacher.  She recently retired, and it is perfect, because I would really like to learn to speak French again, and better, and she needs someone to teach!  Voila!

I have a love/hate relationship with all things French.  I think the language is absolutely beautiful.  That's why I chose French as my foreign language class all those years ago.  Living in Utah, and being half Mexican, Spanish would probably have been the more logical choice.  But when have I ever been logical?

Back to the love/hate relationship.  Beautiful language.  Delicious food.  There is definitely a romanticism about France.  But also I have a distaste for the arrogance, the condescending attitude it seems that the French as a whole have towards America, and Americans, and you know, their general disdain for anything moral.  But now I am the one judging and generalizing.  I really don't personally know any French people - so maybe I'm completely mistaken?  It just seems from the things I read in the news, and especially political news and entertainment news that these are the views the French have towards America.  But I could be completely wrong?  I mean I know many more conservative cultures judge America by the way people in Hollywood act, and they certainly aren't a fair representation of ME!  I welcome input from anyone more knowledgeable than me on this subject!

Boy do I know how to go off on a tangent, don't I?  But I'm excited for the French lessons.  And I love, love, LOVE my awesome friend who is teaching me.  Are you learning anything new this year?


Macey said...

I'm insulted.


Stephanie said...

Oh I admire you for tackling the language. Hubby and I took our very first trip to Paris this past Spring. I pulled out all my French skills....and was laughed at:)

New follower!

Vivian said...

Good for you!! Never too old to learn anything, even a new language. I speak three languages, German being one of them, but by living here I feel I am forgetting so much of it. My goal this year is to keep it up.

Mamarazzi said...

LOL @ MiMi...she kills me.

my aunt lived in France for a few years and save the village she lived in, people hated the Americans simply because they were American. most of the french people did appreciate the fact that she at least tried to speak in french with them.

Myya said...

Haaa haaa haaa @ Mimi.

YAY for French lessons, how exciting. Teach me when I come to visit K! I'll teach you some Arabic. :)

Emmy said...

Don't know any French people- but I have the same views. My dad served his mission in France- I will have to ask him what he thought

Susan said...

France is NOT America, and we should not expect it to be so!

Every country is unique-and being open minded means being ok with that.

My daughter is fluent in French-she is a dancer/choreographer and in ballet everything is in French, so it's handy to know.

We've been there as well-its the most beautiful place, and the people are only ticked off when you make NO effort to speak the language-just like how most Americans want people who come to the USA to speak English!

There are stereotypes in every country-don't buy into that. People are much more than their culture :)