Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Want To Know Wednesday - 2012!

It's been a while since I've linked up to WWTK Wednesday - but I've read many of your posts over the weeks, even if I haven't always commented, and haven't linked up.

But I'm playin' today!!

So here are the questions from the fabulous Mamarazzi:

{1} What do you love about blogging?

I love the friends I've made.  I love the inspiration and ideas I get for various, projects, crafts, organization, etc. from other, more clever bloggers.  I love the journal aspect of it, because I believe in journaling - I've just always been really bad at it.  Writing a blog seems to make it a little bit easier.

{2} What is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener?

I have a hard time with perfumed things.  Perfume gives me a headache.  However I do like the Scentsy-style candle warmers.  The right fragrances are something that makes me happy when I walk in the door!  I'm too cheap to buy Scentsy however, so I use the knock-off stuff from Walmart.  Don't judge me.  My favorite scent for Christmas time was called Sparkling Berry Garland from Better Homes and Gardens.  It was THE perfect Christmas scent.  It smelled of pine mixed with berries - and not the really strong, overpowering pine, but just the perfect amount of pine.  My other favorites, also from BHand G are: Butterscotch Maple Cream, maple Candied Almond, and Vanilla Caramel Spice.  They're all kind of "toasty-warm" smelling - if that makes sense.

{3} How would you describe your style?

I don't know if I really have a style.  Is ghetto a style?  Just kidding.  I guess eclectic.  I love some really trendy stuff, and a LOATHE some of the really trendy stuff.  Some more classic things I like, but some "classic" stuff just looks outdated to me.  I'm sorta picky, but I guess I like and dislike different things from all sorts of styles.  I think that paragraph maybe makes no sense?  Oh well - I tried.

{4} What are 3 things your dream home would have that your current home doesn't have?

This is easy.  I don't need a pool or a tennis court.  I'm a simple girl.  My 3 dream home features would be: First, a main-floor laundry.  No more hauling loads of laundry up and down stairs to and from the bedrooms! Second, I would have a whole game/theatre/entertainment room in my basement.  I'm talking theatre system, wet bar (with fountain drinks - not alcohol!), mini-fridge and little kitchenette, pool table, pinball, arcade games, and game consoles.  If this all sounds a little juvenile, well - it is!  My dream home would be the "it" house for my kids and all their friends to come hang out at!  I love my kids friends - and I trust my kids - but having your house be the "hang-out" is sort of a comforting thing, knowing where your kids are, what they're doing and who they're with - you know?  Last, my dream home would have a deluxe food-storage area.  One that would store my food storage,at just the right temperature, and be convenient with helping me keep it all organized.

{5} Do you look at your keyboard when you type?

No.  I am an excellent typist.  Before my SAHM days, I was an executive secretary for one of the lead engineers at Boeing.

Now you know my answers - what about yours?  Click the button if you'd like to play along!



Unknown said...

I think the laundry room needs to on the same floor that the beds and the clothes are on... in the bedroom closet! Take them out and put them away, right there! all that haulin' sheets and clothes thru the house and up and down steps is for the birds!! I'll bet a man designed it that way to keep his wife in shape and now we all have to haul laundry all over the house!

Anonymous said...

My sister loves all those warm food scents; they just make me hungry!

VandyJ said...

Having an entertainment area would be awesome.

Jolene said...

Oh... I like your dream house. I would love to hang out there too. LOL

Myya said...

I am with you on the journal thing. This is the only way it's getting recorded around my house LOL.

The knock-off ones from WalMart work pretty darn great no judgement here! Although, I think I've just found what I can bring you when I come visit :)

TOTALLY have NO IDEA what your style is... I think that is what you were going for right?

I want your dream house stuff too!!! I still want mine also, but I'm adding your stuff in also.

OOOhhh excuse me, look at you tooting your own horn Ms. Executive Secretary. Bawwhaaahaaa

Becca said...

I hate hauling laundry too. Our laundry is on the first floor and our bedrooms on the second. So I enlist the hubs to haul it up and day I would love to have a master bedroom on the first floor!

Macey said...

It's HOOKER style. Duh. HAHAHAH! You have CUTE style!! Some trendy and some classic...awesome. :)
Um. Boeing secretary?? La di da! :)

Jacquie said...

We used to have a balcony style overhang on the second floor when I was younger I would just throw all my dirty clothes and sheets down to the first floor, but it never occurred to me how they got back upstairs!

Mamarazzi said...

ooooh your basement idea sounds awesome!!

i am cracking up over Angel's comment about the laundry. i don't think it occurs to most of us until we are the ones doing the heavy lifting!


thanks for linking up, love your answers!

Adie said...

You know, I don't have kids but I think having a home that would be the "it" place would be amazing. It really would give a comfort feeling!

Have a wonderful weekend!

(stopping by from Mamarazzi)