Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Saturday Blahs

It's freaking snowing.  I hoped and wished and prayed for a white Christmas.  I mean our state slogan is "The Greatest Snow on Earth".  With the greatest snow on earth, and some of the country's best skiing - you'd think that Mother Nature should feel obligated to provide us a white Christmas, right?

Nope.  Not her.  She ripped us off for the 2nd year in a row.  Now she decides to dump on us.  Here's my philosophy on snow:  It is fabulous the weeks leading up to Christmas (there's nothing quite so magical), but once the New Year has been rung in - well it's great to have in the mountains, for the skiers, and in order to have an adequate water supply through the summer - but after the holidays, snow in the valley is just a road hazard.  And I'm not a fan of hazards.

So it's snowy.  And it's Saturday - but my husband is working all day and night.  So I'm blah.  Besides the dreary weather, I also had to get up at 7:00 a.m. on a SATURDAY!!  Bookworm had a merit badge powow at 8 a.m.  Gah!  But by the end of the classes he'll have earned 3 Eagle Scout required merit-badges.  He wants to earn his Eagle by the time he is 14.  For me, it's more important that the experiences he has in meeting the requirements are meaningful, and not just rushed through in a race to get his Eagle by age 14.

My son has been more productive today than I have for sure.  But at least I FINALLY got my Christmas decor taken down yesterday.  I adore decorating for Christmas.  And I equally loathe un-decorating for Christmas.  So I usually put it off until I just can't stand it any longer.  Yesterday was that day.

The only slightly productive thing I have done today was create more in my MyMemories Suite digital scrapbooking software.  I am seriously loving playing with it.  And I wanted to try out the new FREE Valentine-themed "quick pages" I received from their weekly "Friday Freebie" feature they do on FB.  So you don't even have to spend any money to add to your collection of elements to use in the program!  These quick pages are already beautiful and ready to go, all you do is add your photos and it looks like you've spent tons of time creating!  I know I sound like a commercial, but I'm seriously excited about all the possibilities I see unfolding for putting together collections of my family's memories!

Tell me what you think: These 2 pages are in the album side by side to create a 2 page spread.  These are some of our engagement pictures.

These are pictures I took of pictures, so I think they are a little skewed, I may have to break down and scan the photos to have them look a little better.  But baby-steps, right?  And the only thing that I added besides the photos was the little word art that says "Love Each Other".  I decided to put that in the little journaling spot because I wanted something simple.  Easy-peasy.

It's not too late to enter to win your own free download of the program.  Just click here.  Even if you don't win I think it's totally worth it to purchase this program.  Because it comes with so many elements (papers, and textures, and embellishments, etc.), it would take forever to get through them all.  When you add in all the freebies you can get, it seems to me like you would never have to invest another penny, if you didn't want to.  Of course there is tons of cute stuff for sale that is very tempting!!

Okay, now I've done 2 productive things today.  Made the pages, and promoted my giveaway.

How's your Saturday going?  Are you blah too?


Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Yep, I'm feeling blah here :( We've had downpouring of rain for days, nowhere to go . . . gettin' kinda antsy.

And I'm with you on the snow. I'm ready for Spring!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Oh! And I LOVE your pages!!! What a gorgeous couple :)

Macey said...

I agree with you; same exact feelings about snow. For some stinky reason it usually snows late Jan or Feb here. Boo.
And I got those pages too! :)

Emmy said...

I watched a video on YouTube of a street in Bountiful where one person after the next crashed because of the snow. And yea, snow should come on Christmas.

Karen M. Peterson said...

When I'm running things, snow will only stick to the mountains and the grass and will instantly melt on the roads. And cars.