Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Post

Just wanted to do a quick post before I'm off for the morning. Sassytimes has posted a request for support at a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the family of a young boy who lost his mother and unborn baby sibling in a car accident.

I don't live in the Toledo area - but if you do and you want to help, you can read the details here. Let's keep this little boy in our prayers.


Sturgmom said...

How terribly sad.

Anonymous said...

That's so sad :(

Sara said...

That is very sad. I dont live in that area. But that boy will be in my thoughts and prayers!

Amy said...

I hope this family is going to be okay.

Jen @ said...

Oh, how sad. I will keep them in my prayers.


Marrdy said...

Oh how sad. I hope they will all be OK.