Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Tidbits

First I thought I'd share a couple of Sunday funnies. At church today, during the administration of the Sacrament, I was holding Monkey on my lap. She's 2. The priest said the prayer on the bread, and he made an error. When the payer was complete, the bishop asked him to say the prayer again. In our ward it is very rare that a sacrament prayer needs to be repeated - so my daughter was very confused that the prayer had been said, but no bread was passed to us and now another prayer was being said. During the entire time the prayer was being offered for the second time, she kept saying (not in a whisper either), "we forgot the bread mom, we forgot the bread!" She was afraid they were saying the prayer on the water now, and we wouldn't get the bread!

A couple of Sundays ago, also during the administration of the sacrament, a little girl a couple of rows ahead of us was looking at a book. She's just shy of being 2 years old. I'm not sure what was happening in the book she was looking at, but she suddenly started saying "uh-oh! uh-oh!" the more her mom tried to shush her, the louder she said it. Soon the little boy to the right of us joined in, "uh-oh!, uh-oh!" Then from the back of the chapel I hear another young voice, "uh-oh! uh-oh!" My daughter decided she also needed to join in the fun. So here we are in the chapel which is completely silent while the Sacrament is being passed, but there is a chorus of "uh-oh"s ringing through the room! I could see our bishop sitting up on the stand, trying valiantly to keep a straight face. He was definitely struggling not to laugh. So much for reverence!

I love little children!

We had a wonderful Sacrament Meeting today. 2 excellent talks. I wanted to share one thought from each. First we heard from Sister H. She spoke on the addition of the value "virtue" to the Young Womens Values. She had some wonderful things to say. One thing that particularly stood out to me was the analogy of lifting a heavy piece fo equipment into the back of a pickup truck. It took both her and her husband to carry the equipment to the truck. Then when she tried, with her much taller husband to lift it up, it was too dificult for her to have the strength to achieve the proper leverage to get the equipment loaded. She found that if she stood on a box, and raised her height that it was much easier to maneuver the equipment and lift it up to the back of the truck. She likened this to the way we live our lives. If we want to lift others, we must be on higher ground ourselves. Living lives of virtue will help us to always be in a place where we can uplift others.

Then we heard from Brother P. He told about his recent documentary watching during shark week. The divers prepared for diving with the sharks by meticulously inspecting their armor to make sure it was all in good repair, and posessed the proper strength to protect the divers from harm while diving with the sharks. They did this every day in preparation for the dive. He compared this to the Armor of God. Do we all inspect our armor every day, every hour, constantly in our lives to make sure we have armed ourselves sufficiently for the daily battle of life? I loved this analogy. In trying to live lives of virtue, we truly do "swim with sharks" on a daily basis. We must arm ourselves with the Armor of God if we want to emerge triumphant.

Today I am grateful for good neighbors, who are good friends, and good examples for myself and my family in our journey through this life. Thanks Sister H and Brother P for your uplifting words today.


Bonnie said...

Love the Sacrament stories. You have such a great attitude - it's apparent from the way you find humor in the little things. And I love the virtue example - thanks for sharing that!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Great thoughts, thanks for sharing some things we all need to remember and put into practice.

jenjen said...

Good thoughts today. Thanks for the inspiration!



I love the sacrament stories...I have a few of those myself from my daughter....we do intinction...and the person before her....dropped their bread in the cup....Kathryn politely asked the pastor to remove was nasty. I thought I would die....glad you liked my Granny McCain is funny now...not so funny then.

Tanielle said...

Awesome thoughts, I needed those today, since I wasn't able to go to church. Sounds like a great meeting!

Anonymous said...

The uh oh story is cute!

And I really like that shark-diving analogy.

Karies place said...

Hi, I just had to comment on kids in Sacrament. Sometimes they can just plain be silly.

marty39 said...

What beautiful sacrament stories and such great virtues to try to achieve every day. The children always add a little humor to every situation if we just stop and listen with an open heart and understand how sweet they are. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your gracious comments on my BR makeover. I do so appreciate it. You asked how I hang my plates, I just buy the little wire plate hanger that you can get at Walmart or Target or anywhere , they're usually in the hardware section and then clip the plates on and hang with a picture hanger hook. If you do a closeup of the pictures you will see the little wire hooks holding the plates. They have springs and adjust to different size plates. Thanks again for stopping by. Hugs, Marty

BusyBeadLady said...

Thank you for the inspiration.