Sunday, June 14, 2009

Show and Tell...Oh, and Ask

Well, I have a little bit of a lengthy post today, as I have something to show you, something to tell you, and something to ask you! So let's get started, shall we?


I'm FINALLY linking up to Heidi's Craft Challenge of the Month. Her challenge was to show a craft using monograms. I racked my brain, and just couldn't come up with something for the longest time.

Then finally I had an idea. As some of you may know, I was recently called to serve as the secretary for the Young Women program in my ward. I went from carrying an average to small sized purse for church every week, to needing something to carry all this:

I was on the lookout for something cute, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I even considered bribing one of you crafty ladies to make me a cute tote.

But then I stumbled upon this at Walmart for only $10!

Pretty cute, eh? But it still needed a little something. Being named Xazmin has had it's various downsides for me throughout my life. One of them being that with all the adorable monogrammed jewelry, clothing, hats, bags, etc....unless I pay a fortune to order something CUSTOM, I can NEVER find anything with my initial!!!

I decided my new Young Women's bag needed a pink "X". I found the font I wanted, and as per instructions from Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick, I painstakingly cut it out with an exacto. Can I just say, "Sarah, I think you're INSANE for using this method to cut out entire phrases for stenciling onto your walls!"
Well, I first bought some spray fabric color. It SO did not work on the dark bag. So I wiped it off with a wet paper towel. I looked high and low for some fabric paint that wasn't that 3D gel stuff. Finally, the lady at Michael's told me I could buy a medium that was meant to be mixed with regular acrylic paints to make them fabric paint...SWELL!

So next, I tried the stencil thing again. Problem is, the paint ran UNDER the stencil because of the material, and shape of the bag, I couldn't get it to lay completely flat. DANG!

So out came the wet paper towel again. As I am extremely impatient, I didn't wait for it to dry naturally after I cleaned it off, I just dried it off with a dry paper towel.

I ended up free-handing the initial the best I could (which isn't saying much), and the dang paint bled because the fabric was still kinda wet.

I'm not too thrilled with the result, but whatevah...I still wouldn't miss out on Heidi's party for the here ya go!

Speaking of my new calling...can I just tell you how thrilled I am to be working with the Young Women? I can't tell you what this program did for me as a teenager. It's what kept me anchored to my values and beliefs, even through my difficult struggle with my very rocky relationship with my dad. (We're all good now). There are many things that I would have done just to spite my dad if it weren't for my strong conviction to my faith. This conviction was made stronger by my involvement in the Young Women program. I hope I can help offer this to the Young Women I am now working with.

I also have the privilege with working with the most amazing ladies in the presidency. I look up to them so much, and am just thrilled to be serving with them.

We are going to Girl's Camp in July! Girl's Camp is a "way to help young women develop leadership skills, apply gospel principles, strengthen testimonies, and learn self-reliance and outdoor skills. It also provides Young Women presidencies and advisors opportunities to develop caring relationships with young women." (church handbook: Young Women)

Our presidency and our camp director are ALL new to planning and carrying out camp on our own! This should be an adventure. But I couldn't be more excited and am looking forward to this time where we can really bond with the girls, away from the world and all it's distractions (cell phones, T.V., music, BOYS!), and help them come closer to their Savior. Wish us luck...or pray for us if you're so inclined!

And now on to ASK:

I need some advice. I fell in love with this project from Thrifty Decor Chick.
I went out and got my supplies. Here's my layout. Now here's my question. As you can see, these are mostly neutral colors that will blend with my decor (even the gaggy pink carpet).

The 2 papers in the bottom of the right column, and the middle paper in the left column are black and ivory. The rest are earth tones. I had planned on painting the sides of my wood squares dark brown. I have both dark brown and black in my decor.

My question is...will it look bad to have the dark brown sides on the squares that are sporting black papers? Please give me your advice...Thanks!

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and are having a beautiful Sunday!


Unknown said...

That came out great! Thanks for sharing!

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I think the brown will look fine! I love your papers!! I don't know why, but the Xacto method doesn't take that long for me. I kind of hold down the knife and then move the paper...does that make sense? I love your projects! :)

Koko said...

You are so creative! I love your bag with the "X"! Your name is great and original...just like you probably (that's a compliment!). As for being in YW and going to YW camp -- congratulations! Some day when you have extra time (ha!) go to my blog because I just posted pictures of YW camp from my years. It's so much fun and you will make such a great and positive impact on those YW! Keep enjoying life and thanks for sharing yours with all of us. (p.s. Jamie comes home Saturday! then to your home state on Sunday night)

Anonymous said...

I think the frame will be fine brown.

Love your walmart find! And the monogramming! Everything is better when it's monogrammed!

Macey said...

Ah! I'm SO gonna copy that art thingy you did like Sarah! I LOVE THAT! I think brown paint will look just fine, the whole thing looks great and I love your paper!
And the X on the bag looks great too!
PS It's great that you are doing the Young Women thing and I wish you luck at the camp! : )

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Well, I love the bag...the "X" factor, haha. ;) It looks great!!!

I think the brown sides will be fine, and I love your papers!!

Bonnie said...

The papers are beautiful. The brown will be pretty.

Tawnya Torres said...

Hey, I am the YW secretary in my ward and let me tell you, you will have so much fun as I am going through and have gone through what you have and do. I had hard teenage years with alot of peer pressure. I lived with my mom and it was tough. I loved being in YW as a teenager as it kept me anchored as well. I was so excited to get my calling as secretary in YW in my ward cause I loved being in YW myself. Good luck with your new calling and have fun!!!

Heather said...

I'm doing Sarah's art thingy too! I called my dad from Lowe's Friday to ask if he could cut the mdf on his table saw, and he said he had some pieces that came as packing materials lying around his shop. So i'm getting my art for just the $3 in spray paint!

I would probably go black, just because everything works with black, though I doubt it will matter that much in the end.

Heidi Boos said...

Trial and error...gotta love it, right!? The bag turned out nice (which, by the way...way to score on the $10 bag!). I think the pink X-addition to the bag looks great and really, who's going to take a look at it up close? Thanks for joining in the challenge despite the busy days! Obviously, I haven't been by in awhile. It's making me sad that I can't find the time to stop by to "visit" with my blogging buddies!

Great project with the scrapbook paper...I think it will look so pretty up on the wall. What a great way to spice up a room!

Hope you're having a great Sunday afternoon!

Crystal said...

Your bag turned out great! I love pink and brown together. Also your new project looks awesome. I have been wanting to do something like that too. I love the paper you chose and I think the brown will look really good.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

It think it's great and will be on the look-out for Xs for you. I am glad that you're getting so much out of the Young Women's group.
I think brown will be fine. Try them both. It's only paint.

I linked up with Heidi too.
Fun stuff, this blogging thing.

Emily said...

I think the X turned out great and kudos for you for sticking with it! I think the brown will be fine, but keep in mind that black is a very good "statement" color when decorating so that might make a difference too (or not!) =)
Have a great time on your camping great to get away from all the distractions, and for the young women too...
thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

Missy said...

Hi there! Thanks for adding yourself as a follower to my site. I hope you'll look often.

I love the monogrammed bag. The "x" is just what it needed.

I love the YW program as well. It is great to work with them. I actually, just got released and am now in RS. I miss the girls.

Have a great day.

Jennifer said...

You "X" bag rox!
Great job improvising.

Small House said...

Young Women's is my FAVORITE!!!! They must love you!

I love your craft project idea. I think brown would look great. It's such a great idea.
Have a good one!

Candy Graber said...

I think your bag looks great! I love the papers you picked out, they are great. I would use black paint because I love black, but I think the brown will look good too!

Melissa Miller said...

I love the bag! Too cute!

You did great with your wall treatment too. ~Beautiful. :)

june@craftyniche said...

Love how you did your initial! I think I would like the black square in the middle...not sure. Your project looks great!

Maridith said...

Nice work on the X. I am like you with no patience!! It is suppose to work the first time, right!?!? Glad it worked out and the finished project looks great.

I think brown would look good. That is going to look awesome in your room!! Love the paper you picked out!

jennykate77 said...

I love your monogramming project, even though it sounds like you had quite the experience w/ the paint and stenciling...those two can be very frustrating at times! It paid off though b/c the bag is cute! (even free-handed☺)

Sounds like you are really having fun w/ your new calling. I bet you are great with them!

I think the brown on the side of the wood blocks will be fine regardless of the color on the paper. The paper you picked out is REALLY cute! Can't wait to see the final project!

Hope you have a great Monday!!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

The X looks GREAT! No one is going to grab your bag and examine it up close anyway!!

Go with the brown- then let us know how it looks!!


Marrdy said...

I LOVE Girls Camp. I wish I could be the eternal camp director. I would be in Heaven.

I'm not crafty, so perhaps I shouldn't even comment, but I think the dark brown will look fine with all the colors!

Coley said...

I think your bag looks great!

Mama Nut said...

LOVE the bag and I LOVE your name though I can see how it would be hard to find X's handy. You are so clever! I, too, absolutely love the artwork idea and think brown would be great. Did you say it was a really dark brown?