Sunday, March 15, 2009

So... Remember that time

I said I should be named Mother of the Year? If you don't remember, go here. far since then, my little Monkey has:

colored on the carpet with black Sharpie,

taken and RUN off with my still wet mod podged eggs, while I was letting them dry, (she stole my paintbrush too!)

poured shampoo over her head 5 minutes before we had to leave to go set up a booth for a craft fair,

and painted the bathroom with 1/4 bottle of my brand new conditioner. She used the stolen mod podge paintbrush for that one.

Where or where is my award?

Speaking of...I have been given a couple of awards, and I am so, so flattered. I promise to get those passed along very soon. But also, I swear I saw a comment from someone who said they had tagged me - I can't find the comment now and I don't remember who it was! If it was you please, please let me know - because I would hate you to think I was just ignoring you - I love everyone who reads, and takes the time to leave me a comment - it really makes my day!


Unknown said...

You'll get that award/reward some day! Quite an active "monkey" you've got! :)

kel said...

Aw honey... you are the Mother of the year, for having the patience to deal with all that! ha! I remember those days!

Amy said...

I love what she did. I know I will have some of those things going on. Right now I have book flying off of the shelf. I also smell something pretty yucy. Got to run.

Unknown said...

when she puts "her" baby in your arms and says "mom meet your grandbabie" it makes every thing they ever do so worth it!! that is all the reward you will ever need.

Melissa Miller said...

Oh my! :)
You have had your hands full.

Kris said...

Hey, I've got black Sharpie marks on my carpet too! ...on my baseboard. Um ya. Don't ask about where the mother was. ;)

Sturgmom said...

Sounds like you've got your hands full!!

Marrdy said...

Anyone who can deal with children truly is Mother of the Year. And boy could I tell you stories about my now 17 year old daughter! Horrors!

kado! said...

I love your blog...I'm glad you came and entered my Spring Give-away!

my son who is now 10...took a sharpie when he was 3 and "decorated" the center of every lower wood cabinet in our kitchen ...I didn't know what I should grab first,the camera or the scrub-brush...luckily the cabinets were laminated with some type of gloss wiped right off....=)