Saturday, July 11, 2009

When it rains, it pours...

Thanks to everyone for all the support and sweet comments you've left me during my pity-fest this week. It really means a lot to me.

Of course it looks like I have one more piece of bad news to share with you...lets review:

Receiving the $500 bill from daughter's near-loss of finger at the hands of scissor-wielding other daughter...check.

Sidekick being too sick to accompany me on concert event of the decade...check.

Husband falling and breaking wrist, rendering him unable to work...check (we haven't seen this bill yet).

Mother who would have assisted husband during Las Vegas absence coming down with Pneumonia...check.

Selling the tickets I've cherished in my drawer for months to eager Seattle girl who will now get the chance to tackle Joey instead of me...check.

OUR ONLY FAMILY CAR BASICALLY BLOWING UP on the way home from son's violin lesson...check.

Yes my friends, I am currently without a vehicle. Hubby has his work van, which seats only himself and a passenger. Our motor is toast. We either need a completely new engine...which we've received ridiculous quotes for, or another car. Have I mentioned my husband is currently unable to work?

Unfortunately, although we've been trying hard to pay off our debts, we haven't built up a sufficient rainy day savings account to cover this. We SOOOO don't want to get a car loan, as we paid our car off a couple of years ago, and it felt fantastic! Also, we will have a hard time qualifying, since we own our own business, we don't have verifyable income...and they're being pretty strict these days on approving loans!

Please keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to find a car in our price range that will fit our family and be dependable! Because of the situation, and husband having no way go get anywhere with the kids without a car that fits them, it looks like I'm missing girl's camp. Or at least part of it. Hopefully we'll be able to figure something out!

Needless to say...a soccer game to take my mind of the concert I'm missing tonight is not happening. The stadium isn't in walking distance!

Okay...I'm done complaining. I know all these things are so minor compared to the trials many others are facing at this time. Like, my house hasn't been struck by lightning, and at least my husband's wrist doesn't look like this. You are in my thoughts and prayers Shawn! So many others are also facing heartbreaking loss, and devastating circumstances at this time, so I know I am very fortunate.

Speaking of that amazing lady, bright shining star for this week is that I won her fabulous giveaway! I'm so excited and my dog doesn't have to be repremanded anymore for sneaking onto the couches!

Perhaps this means the tides are turning? I hope so!

But really, I have so much to be thankful for. A healthy (relatively), happy family, a roof over our heads, enough food to eat, support from wonderful family and amazing friends, living in the greatest country on earth, and a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These things, and many others are why I consider myself truly rich.

I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday...I can truthfully say, I'm going to enjoy mine!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hugs to you today, Xazmin. :) I am so sorry!

Kelli said...

Big hugs Xazmin! You have been going through a lot lately, but things will turn around.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Yes, it does seem like when it rains it pours, however devastating these circumstances are, you are so right, we can always look around and find someone with far worse. Have a blessed day. The Lord is good and He will provide. Hugs, Marty

Amy said...

Wising you all happy thoughts on a car. I am so sorry so much has happened to you. Oh Hugs....

Jessica said...

Oh shoot! We just have one car too (besides my husband's company car). We would be so up a creek! I will be praying for your situation!!

shortmama said...

Wow I am so sorry! Sending big hugs and prayers your way!

Shawn said...

I am so sorry that your past weeks have been so down right nasty! I so know how you feel!

Things come in 3's right? ~ I'm done and you are done for a long time since this is #6!

No soccer game tonight? Maybe you can go have another girls night in, you and Tanielle could both use it!

Keep your chin up my freind!

Amber Filkins said...

Woo hoo!! It seems like your gloomy streak is coming to an end!! Just saw that you won the bedroom furniture giveaway over at Shawn's!! congrats!!


Macey said...

Am praying for you and I am so happy you won the giveaway!! Awesome! Your dog will be glad too!
Your luck will turn around now!
If you want, I'll send one of "our" cousins over. I'm sure I'll have some sort of pull over at least one of em...yeah right.
I'll be using the power of thought to direct them into your path...
Macey ; )

Macey said...

Am praying for you and I am so happy you won the giveaway!! Awesome! Your dog will be glad too!
Your luck will turn around now!
If you want, I'll send one of "our" cousins over. I'm sure I'll have some sort of pull over at least one of em...yeah right.
I'll be using the power of thought to direct them into your path...
Macey ; )

Macey said...

dangit. it went twice. again. note to self, quit double clicking on publish.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Big, big hugs to you!!! (You won the dog bed for Ty, right? That's a good thing!) :-)
My Hubs has his own business too and I know what a pain it is to have to jump through the extra financial screening hoops in order to buy anything big. Good luck! I'll keep you in my prayers.

Tanielle said...

Awww, Mimi, send one of the cousins my way too!!! I believe I am part of that family also!:-)

Xazmin, you are amazing, everything will be ok, and I love ya!!! You have definitely had your share!:-)

Jenny said...

That stinks that your car broke down, but you are right that it could be worse.

Life is always a surprise isn't it.

Jenny said...

I forgot to tell you that I have an award for you on my blog:

Unknown said...

Wow - you're right - when it rains it pours! {{hugs}} hope things start going better for you and your family!
Congrats on winning the giveaway

Jen @ said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of that! I hope you can find a car soon that will work out. I guess I missed the story of your daughter's finger - yikes! I am sure things will start getting better soon!


Sara said...

I hope you find an affordable and reliable car.
I did get my pantry shelf, I love it!!! and that is okay with the dollar challenge, I understand. It has been a busy summer for you!

I hope all gets better

Matt & Andrea said...

All I can say is, "You're AMAZING!"

Koko said...

I'm so sorry for this "rainfall"...but flowers and beauty comes from this and I know you will grow and be even better. You are optimistic and you help so many, I can tell, with this blog. Our prayers will go your way and I'll call the temple up here and put your name on the prayer roll. Keep the faith!

Unknown said...

sorry about everything..

i will have to go over your past posts and read everything that has been going on! i have been mia!

Les said...

Wow, you really have a lot on your plate!:( I wish I could offer some suggestion to make things a bit easier! I'll keep your family in my prayers though! :)

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Okay, I'm getting caught up on your and just sick to hear about your car in addition to everything else that has been going on -- yikes! You are amazing to keep going with your sense of humor and optimism -- I think I'd be pigging out on cheetos in a dark closet. Lots and lots of prayers coming your way from all of your friends.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Hang in there. Things will turn around and you will have what you need.

kado! said... starts that new program...turn in your clunker gas-guzzler for a new should look into it...I hear it is a pretty spectacular deal!

.....I wish I could turn mine in but I don't know if they consider a 2008 a clunker yet....if I'm sick of it already does that count? LOL!

....and that sucks on the medical bills.....but just in case you did not know...I'm sure you do though.....a few years back we had some huge bills from some surgeries with my boys...I called up the hospital billing department and was just honest and said i can only pay $(certain amount) and they were totally fine with working with me.....some months I could pay more....but when I couldn't the low payment came in handy....I'm a freak about on-time bill it really helped me be less stressed out at the time!