Sunday, August 9, 2009

Misadventures in Idaho

I'm back! And I've got some tales to tell! But first things first. I'm thrilled to announce the winner of my Mod Podge Mania's Shortmama! Congratulations!

Well, our last hurrah for the summer is the family reunion for my mom's side of the family. We went to a little place in Idaho called Downata Hot Springs. We use the term "camping" loosely. We have my dad, and 2 uncles whose physical health does not allow for the more "rough" type of camping. So we "cabin" it. We reserved some small cabins, a ranch house, and several tent spots to fit our family. Downata isn't really in the mountains...but there are some trees! What they boast is a hot springs-heated pool, and some fun water slides.

The kids were anxious to get on the road Thursday afternoon, but I made them pose for a picture anyway! They were so excited!
This is the Ranch House we shared with my 2 brothers and 1 sis in law, my cousin and her hubby, and my parents and my cousin who is staying with my parents for the next 10 months while she goes to massage school.

We also had other families staying in smaller cabins, and tents on the lawn.

When we arrived, we helped get tents set up - my aunt M and her son were borrowing our tent. Our family was in charge of dinner. My mom made Chile Verde, I made a mexican casserole, and we had fresh-cut fruit. After hauling a HUGE crock pot of chile verde, 2 casseroles, tortillas, chips, salsa, sour cream fruit, cheese and all the paper products out to the tables located about 75 feet away from the Ranch House, we called everyone for supper.

About half of us had dished up and started eating, and the rest were working on it when the wind picked up...out of control! Paper products were flying everywhere, and we tried to make the best of it...but when ash and dirt start blowing in your eyes and food, and the little ones start's time to move the party inside! We all picked up and crammed into the ranch house. The adults scrambled to haul all the food and paper products back inside.

We had an enjoyable meal and great conversation as we listened to the wind howling outside. Of course that was until we saw the tents go flying past the windows. (cue music from the Wizard of Oz - da doo da doo da doo doo, da doo da doo da doo doo) I expected to see a crochety old neighbor lady blowing past the window on her bycicle, with a little dog in the basket! Every single tent came down in the wind. Ours happened to actually have the poles snap. Oh joy.

We quickly reassessed our sleeping arrangements, and all the tent dwellers found themselves sleeping in cars or on cabin floors. Technically you're not supposed to have extra people in your cabin...but seriously did they expect them to sleep out in the near-tornado?

The wind eventually ceased, but the tempuratures never really got super warm! Notice in all the pictures how everyone is wearing sweatshirts or a blanket! And all day long the next day, you could see employees throughout the grounds raking up the aweful mess the wind had made - branches and debris EVERYWHERE!

That didn't stop us from having fun though! Then next morning the kids were all counting down the minutes until the pool opened at 11. Even with the cold temps...a hot springs-heated pool is a fun time! And waterslides...Hello!
Pixie and Monkey, warming up in the water toys while they wait for the big kids to get done sliding.

Bookworm does his slidin' on his back,

While Cowgirl prefers sitting up!

Monkey climbing out to go on the little yellow slide that's just her size!

Here's bookworm with cousin J. They hardly ever get to see each other because of distance, that's why reunions rock!

All our swimming stuff hanging out to dry. Notice the sweatshirts! After swimming was REALLY COLD!!!!

Ladder golf (or a thousand other names I've heard people call it) was the game of the day for Pixie and Monkey

Bookworm's in the front, and from left to right...Monkey, Uncle J (my bro.), Aunt C (his wife), Pixie, Moi and Cowgirl. Ever take a family photo in the pool?

Notice how everyone's around the campfire, during the DAY, wearing sweatshirts, and/or blankets? Yeah, it was cold!

A good time was still had by all, and it was great to catch up with everyone and spend some time away from the regular goings on of daily life! Thanks mom, for making it such a success this year. Of course, it's always good to come home! Especially to fabulous bloggy friends whom you've missed! I'll be swinging by to catch up with everyone!


Emmy said...

What a great trip! My grandparents used to live in Idaho and I have been to this pool, it really is awesome. I remember standing under the spot where cold water poured into the pool at times to help cool off :)

shortmama said...

So glad I won!!! I have just the spot in my living room for it too!

Looks like you guys had a great time, despite the chilly temps and Oz like wind!

Jen @ said...

Congratulations to shortmama!!! Sounds like a fun vacation. Sounds like my kind of camping. Sorry about the wind though.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You are so sweet to come by and catch up. :) I missed ya!!! Now those cabins look like my kind of camping...I don't know about the tents. Bummer about the wind and cooler weather. It has been HOT here in Virginia. I was actually hot just standing in the pool today with the girls. Ick!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Looks like fun! Hmmm, Cabin camping, you're definitely on to something. Though I can't complain, we use an RV ;) Our weather has been a little odd here too.

Kelli said...

Wow, that looks like a really fun time (except for the flying tents). The food sounds yummy too and of course I love the pool pictures. The pictures of the kiddies at the top is adorable.

Sare said...

looks like you had fun!!! YEAH!! cute family by the way!!

Koko said...

This post made me laugh out loud! haha You are a great writer and I could just see the tents and everything passing by your cabin! haha That happened to us, once or twice, camping too and it's not fun! I wrote about you and your family on our Oquirrh Mountain post. Thanks again for a fun visit and I'm so glad we finally met! It looks like your "ghost" brother didn't make this trip. ;) Glad to see Uncle J and Aunt C.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love family reunions. And staying up in a cabin to boot! Looks like you had a great time! My family just did this and I missed it! sigh.


Macey said...

Congratulations and crap to Shortmama or whatever. Just kidding!!! She's so nice, I'm glad she won! I'll have to go over and visit.
Anyway, it looks like you all had fun even if it was windy...
I've never done a family pic in the pool, I think it's against the law or something... ; )

Amy said...

What a fun time you had. I love all of the pictures. Thanks for coming by. I know it has been long. I have been here and there and away from my computer and then trying to catch up. All in all I am having a great Summer. Looks like you are also.

Shawn said...

So glad you had such a good time!

I was wondering what was up with the warm clothes. Does Idaho not know it's August?!!?

Macey said...

By the way, does your oldest girl look exactly like you or what????

Bonnie B. said...

Family reunions are the best. And I love, love, love Downata Hot Springs. I used to go to family reunions there every year when I was a kid...good times!