Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here's What I know

Do you ever have one of those Sundays? You know, the Sundays where you spend so much time telling your kids to "be quiet and listen" that you don't have time to listen to the speaker yourself?

That was my day today. This was the worst week I can remember in a loooong time for my kids (not ALL of them) misbehaving so badly! It started out when we were getting in the car this morning. Out of nowhere Monkey starts wailing "I don't wanna go to noiswee (nursery)!" with big old crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks. She has never cried about nursery. Not once and she has been going for nearly a year and a half. Weird.

In Sacrament Meeting, Pixie and Bookworm decided to act like 2 year olds and fight (tug o' war style) over the Hymn books! What the heck? It was very exasperating.

But something I've learned through the years is that Satan works hardest to distract us when there is something important we are supposed to be learning, or doing. He didn't win today. Despite his best efforts, I was able to listen to, and enjoy the talk of a dear friend of mine.

Sister W., who also happens to be the bishop's wife shared with us her story of conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It started in a place very dear to my heart...Young Women's. She was befriended by a girl who always went out of her way to invite her to activities during the week. She went and enjoyed herself often. Her friend also invited her out to church on Sundays, but Sister W. declined, since she already attended church each sunday with her family. As the years went by, her group of LDS friends started talking about where they would go to college. They encouraged her to join them at BYU. She thought that sounded like a great idea, and her first Sunday attended a fast and testimony meeting, where she was deeply touched by the testimonies of young people her age, who were able to stand and bear witness of the truths that they knew. It made a strong impression on her that at this age, they knew. She began to take the missionary discussions, and 2 months later was baptised a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints.

I love her story. It got me thinking about the things I know. And do I share them as often as I ought? I haven't done a Sunday post for quite some time, and today decided to share what I know. I know because I have asked my Heavenly Father if these things are true, and he has witnessed to me, through the Holy Ghost that indeed they are.

I know that Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of all mankind. I know that through him all may be saved if they are willing to live in accordance to his words.

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth in the latter days, and organized it as it was organized by Jesus Christ himself when he lived on the earth.

I know that through the plan of salvation, and restored gospel ordinances, families can be sealed together forever, and our relationships can continue beyond this life. I am so grateful for this gospel truth.

I know Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us - his dear children. And that he wants to bless us with every happiness He is capable of and He has a plan for each of us.

I know He hears and answers prayers.

I know I have a long ways to go before I am the woman He wants me to be, but I know He is with me every step of the way, and he guides me through the teachings of modern day prophets, as well as ancient prophets as recorded in the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

I know my greatest joy comes through obedience to gospel principles and that when I teach my children, I am giving them the gift of learning these truths for themselves, and continuing the cycle of joy.

I hope everyone has had a beautiful Sunday, and I hope you felt joy today!


Anonymous said...

Even when your kids are driving you nuts just remember that you are blessed to have them in your life.

Emmy said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony. And yes Satan definitely works on us hardest when we need to listen the most.

Macey said...

Jesus is the savior and redeemer of all mankind!!! Beautiful.
It always amazes me to hear other people speak so firmly of their faith. My faith is there, it's growing, but it can be weak. Which bugs me. Great Sunday post, X!

Rachelle said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

What a great post! I don't post too often about "what I know", but maybe a Sunday post every so often is a good tradition to start. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

I loved your testimony Xazmin! This is a great tradition indeed. :)

Kerree said...

We all have those days and even though they are frustrating and exhausting, it just goes with the territory of being a mum. Besides, there misbehaviour makes them all the more cuter when they are asleep :)

Joy For Your Journey said...

That made me cry. Thanks for sharing your feelings as well as the story from your friend. I am currently teaching in seminary two girls who are not members of the church but have been invited by friends. I have another girl who just got baptized in the class as well. I hope their stories end the same as your Bishop's wife's story has.

Missy said...

It was so nice to read your testimony. Thanks for sharing. Very touching. I had a great Sunday. I especially loved our RS lesson. Our teacher did a wonderful job and I could definitely feel the Spirit. Thanks again.

Sare said...

thank you.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Lovely post. Encouraging. Thanks.