Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten Things to Smile About

Because I seem to have issues lately with being bitter - I'm glad to have Emmy to help me remember that I  still have lots to make me smile.  Here are my 10 things to smile about in January:

1 - Back to blogging!  I'm blogging more regularly than I have in a LONG time, and it feels good to be back.

2 - Pixie's 4th grade Pioneer Musical.  The students write the script themselves and work really hard in preparing to perform it for parents and other students.  Pixie did a wonderful job, and played the mother in one of the main families.  She tends to talk really fast, and really quiet, so we were a bit nervous about how she would perform.  She was awesome.  She projected her voice, and spoke at a speed that everyone could understand!  We were really proud.

3 -  I can FINALLY see sunshine, blue sky and my beautiful mountains!  The inversion has been so horrible, and we finally have a series of storms moving through that are clearing the air!  Halleluja!

4 - Wonderful friends and members of my ward family who threw me a baby shower, and showered me with love, and adorable baby girl stuff!

5 - Church basketball has started.  Bookworm and Cowgirl are both playing and have played 2 games each, with 2 victories each!

 Not sure if Bookworm is scratching his head or fixing his hair?

 Horrible blurry action shot taken with my phone.

 Cowgirl's number 4.  This is her first time playing basketball.

6 - Baby Girl's car seat arrived yesterday!  So now, whenever she gets here, they won't hold her hostage at the hospital - because I WILL have a safe way to bring her home!

7 - My boy Chris Wingert re-signed with RSL!  3 of my favorites were traded, so I was getting nervous.  But then CW's contract was renewed and all was right in the world again.

8 - Bookworm brought home his 2nd report card of all A's.  At our school we grade differently and grades K-8 do not receive letter grades.  But since 9th grade goes toward your high school transcript, they are graded more traditionally so it will transition correctly when they move on to high school (which is 10-12 here).  Really proud of how well he's doing.

9 - This month all 3 of my oldest performed together in a music recital for the first time.  Cowgirl has switched over to the same piano teacher that Pixie takes from, and she has been working REALLY hard on a piece that is way advanced for her.  It is the accompaniment for the Millionaire's Hoe Down that Bookworm performed for the school talent show.  I shared that here.  So Bookworm came and performed with her at the recital.  And Pixie has just been taking lessons for a year and is the most diligent practicer I know!  She was the only student in the entire group of performers that played each of her pieces without a single mistake.

10 - I saved the best for last.  This is better than sunshine, bragging on my kids, even better than CW staying in Salt Lake.  I do not have 9 o'clock church anymore!!!  For the entire year I get to enjoy heavenly 11 o'clock church.  I have been waiting for this day since the first Sunday in 2012 when I had to switch to 9 a.m. church.  Then the countdown began for when I would once again be able to SLEEP until 9 instead of have my whole family up and ready and in their seats by 9!  

What made you smile this month?

I'm partying here today:


VandyJ said...

I smiled when I was done with my talk in Dallas. I smiled when Bruiser got up this morning and said Happy Birthday to me, even though it's his birthday.

Emmy said...

We have 11 oclock church too and I love/hate it. Throws lunch time off, but I do like it better than 1:00 that is for sure!

What a great list-- sounds likes 2013 is starting off good for you.

Glad your favorite player is going to be around.

Your kids are all so amazing! Says a lot about their mama.

Thanks so much for linking up!!

Outcast said...

This is so cool that you have so many various reasons to smile Xazmin, the car seat sounds awesome, it must be great all these reminders that it's almost time for birthday which is awesome. It's also cool that you're a soccer fan and a Real Salt Lake fan at that, do you go to games often? When it comes to the MLS I'm a Galaxy man but that's just mainly down to all the big signings like Beckham and Keane.

Karen M. Peterson said...

It sounds like there are some great things going on right now.

We just switched to 9am church. Personally, I prefer 11. But since I am in Primary, I feel like the kids are less crabby when church is earlier. So even though they talk incessantly, they are a lot more fun.

Unknown said...

I smiled when I saw the phone guys moving my lines to around the perimeter of m house instead of in the dead center of my yard so I can finally build my pool!

Impulsive Addict said...

What? No letter grades? High school is only 10-12? What kind of program are you guys running up there?

Nice pics of the kids! Basketball is fun to watch live--as in NOT on tv. I got to see my amazingly talented nephew play recently and he blew me away!

I'm so happy that you can sleep in a little bit longer this year. That will be helpful for all the SLEEPLESS nights you have to look forward to!!! Hopefully, I'll be at the tail end of mine...HAHAHAHAHA!


Amy said...

Can I switch my prediction day for when your baby is due? :D
I love these lists. I love all the wonderful things that have happened to you this month. And I am jealous of what time you have church. We are currently at 9:00 as well. 11:00 is perfect! 1:00 is too late, and 9:00 is too early. Sigh. My countdown has begun.

Myya said...

1. YAY you! I'm blogging more too, let's keep eachother motivated mmmK. :)

2. I wish I was closer so I could come to some of these cool things!

3. Sunshine = HAPPY!

4. Baby shower whooo hooo!

5. LOOOOVE BBall!!! Holla!!!

6. Can't wait for Baby Girl... SOOOO CAN'T WAIT!!! :)

7. Boyfriend is a hottie


9. Again, wish I was closer so I could see some of these great things.

10. Ahhhh sleeping in is AWWWEEEESSSOOOMMMMEEE!!!