Friday, February 17, 2012

They're Rock Stars to Me.

Recently 2 of my kiddos have had the opportunity to get some good experience performing in front of an audience.

For Discovery at our school, this session the classes are all about the performing arts.  Pixie signed up for the class "Showtime".  They learned proper singing techniques, acting skills, and basic choreography.  They had the opportunity to audition for parts and were taught about stage presentation, vocal projection, and facial expression, and what it takes to make a great performance.  They work for 2 hrs once a week for 5 weeks, then they put on a recital where each of the different classes presents a performance.  Classes included drumming, ballroom dancing, accents and dialect, playwriting, etc.

The "Showtime" class presented "the Lonely Goatherd" from "The Sound of Music".  They did a wonderful job.    I wish I could post the video, however because there are many students in the group, and I'm unsure of the media release status of each of the students, so I can't post their video - boo!

But I do have some great video of the talent show that was yesterday.  Mostly you can only see the backs of heads of other students, so I think I'm okay!

Pixie just started piano lessons last month, after waiting an agonizing 8 years!!  She and her piano teacher (who also happens to be the Discovery coordinator at our school) performed a duet.  I'm so proud of how motivated she is to learn and practice, and how well she's doing.

"On Top of Spaghetti"

Bookworm performed "Millionare's Hoedown", and brought down the house.  Seriously got choked up at the end when everybody started cheering and screaming.  Looked over at hubby and saw him trying to rapidly blink away tears. I warned Bookworm beforehand that people were going to start clapping along and they would NOT be on the beat, and he would have to be able to tune it out if he wanted to be able to keep the time.  I was right, but it was actually quite hilarious how QUICKLY the audience lost the beat, and how BAD their rhythm was.  I think my thumb was over the speaker for the first few seconds - sorry for the tunnel sound at the beginning!

I am always both extremely excited and nervous whenever my kids are performing - but ultimately I think it is always worthwhile for kids to perform in front of their peers - whether they perform flawlessly or not.  It helps them grow, and I'm always thankful for that.


Macey said...

They are both awesome!!! So talented. I can't play an instrument!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Pixie did a great job. I wish I could play the piano. Bookworm....I have no words. Seriously impressive! I would've cried before, during and after both performances! So sweet! You should be a proud mama!

Stephanie said...

Such proud Mama moments!! There is nothing better then watching your babies succeed!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

AWESOME!!! I always love watching my girls perform. But I get nervous too :)

What is with people not being able to keep time, for pete's sakes?

Mamarazzi said...

i think they are both awesome. i love that you provide them with opportunities to grow their talents in the community. you are right just the experience is important, the fat they did well is icing.

Emmy said...

So so awesome!! Both did a good job-- your son rocked it!! Wow, amazing. I would totally tear up too for sure.

Too bad people don't speed up the tempo in church like that-- everyone always seems to drag and sing slower than what is being played.