Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A random blog post of stuff I've been up to.

So yesterday I went most of the day without a computer.  It. was. BRUTAL.  The cord for our laptop was toast, and I had planned on going without for a couple of days until we got paid.  Then I remembered that Cowgirl had her friend and science fair partner coming over to finish their project, and they would need a computer.  So I had to break down and buy a cord with money that I should have used for something else.  Does that ever happen to you?

Last week I made these to sell in my shop.  Then I loved them so much that I kept them for my girls:

Yep, that's why I'm raking in the dough with my Etsy shop.

Monday night our school had their second annual Family Skate Night at the Olympic Oval.  You know I heart that place.  Bookworm immediately took off with his friends and I didn't see him until the end of the night.  But I got some good shots of my girls, and Tanielle's girls.

 Cowgirl and Lexlee lacing up their skates

 Venturing onto the ice.  It was Lexlee and Jibbity's first time ice skating.

 Pixie, Jibbity, Cowgirl and Lexlee

It was an adventure helping Monkey stay upright!
Which is why I sat on my butt and let Cowgirl do it.

The oval has these awesome walker-type things for little ones who are just learning to stay up on their feet!

It was a great night, and good fun was had by all! Although for the rest of the night we had to hear about blisters and bruises and sore bums!  When you're little and skinny there's not much there to cushion the fall when you land on your bum on the hard, cold ice!!

What have you been up to?

p.s. I think I'll post a tutorial for my subway art using MyMemories tomorrow - make sure to come back for that!


Impulsive Addict said...

I love those adorable headbands. EK may need one! I have $20 to spend in Mimi's etsy. Have I used it yet? NO! I'm so bad.

Me and iceskating don't get along. I have never fallen on my azz more times than I did when I tried to ice skate.

Macey said...

IA is naughty! She does still have that credit. :)
Anyway...the headbands are adorable and I've never been ice skating. Pretty sure I'd break something...and not just my bones...probably the rink too.
Are the girls all wearing matching hoodies??

Emmy said...

Yea, I grew up with a skinny little butt that got hurt a lot trying to skate fancy on the pond near our house.

And how nice just sitting and watching your kids have fun. Ryder is in the midst of having to watch every second, so not much sitting right now.

Helene said...

Those flowers are super cute!!! There's a lady in my area who sells similar ones and Bella is in love with them!

How cool that your skating rink has that walker-type thingie for the newbies! Looks all the kids had a blast!

SupermomToki said...

Beautiful headbands. Luv the various colors. Simply adorable.

Myya said...

LOOOVE those headbands, those are Gorg!!!

I haven't been ice skating in forever. Wonder if I could still do it?