Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Concerning Friendship

Check it out...another party that I have been cordially invited to. Okay, it was a general invitation to anybody in the blog world. But still. My middle name is fun, so you know it just wouldn't be a party without me. Just nod your head in agreement, okay? Thanks.


It's a weekly Q&A - and this week's theme is friendship. So here are the 5 questions:

{1} Do you make friends easily?

{2} What 3 qualities are a MUST in a friend?

{3} What makes YOU a good friend?

{4} Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life? Yes? Tell us about the meet up. No? Who would you love to meet?

{5} Who is your best friend? Tell us about them.

Do You Make Friends Easily?

I think so. I am fairly outgoing, and generally like people. I am pretty actively involved in church and my children's school, so I have a lot of opportunity for meeting and working with new people. I have made some of my closest friends through my church callings, and my work with the school.

What 3 Qualities are a Must in a Friend?

First, you must be TRUSTWORTHY. I put a lot of weight on honesty. If you can't be honest with me, it is an insult to my intelligence. Just don't lie. If you do - you're out. I also need to know I can trust you with my confidences, and know that you will not betray them.

Second, LOYALTY. You have to have my back. I need to know you are there for me, and won't let me down when I need someone in my corner. Will you stand up for me if you hear someone say something unkind or untrue about me? Will you be there when I am struggling and need a friend to talk to? Do you care as much about what's going on with me as I do about you?

Third, LAUGHTER. You have to laugh with me. I am a huge dork, and love to have fun and laugh. The friendships that fulfill my life the most are filled with side-splitting, cross your legs so you don't pee your pants laughter. You know we're tight if we've laughed 'til we cried together.

What Makes You a Good Friend?

Well, I think the things that I look for in a friend, are also what make me a good friend. I can be trusted to keep your confidences, and I will NEVER lie to you. I HATE liars. Like HATE to the 10th power. Liars are probably my biggest pet peeve in the universe. Hence, I am not one.

I am fiercely loyal. Don't mess with my friends - because if you do, it won't be pretty.

I am also compassionate. I hurt for my friends when they hurt. I have lost many a night's sleep worrying about someone I love because of trials they were (are) facing in their lives. So my friends know they can count on my to listen to them, and cry with them, and love and support them.

Have You Ever Met A Bloggy Friend In Real Life?

Heck to the YES! I recently was able to spend the day with my girl MiMi. We have been bloggy buds for a couple of years, and have had many "outside of the blog" conversations about life, and family, and beliefs, and hot guys, and annoying politicians, and so much more. So meeting her was the icing on the cake of our friendship. I wrote all about it here if you missed it. But she is definitely more than just a bloggy friend to me.

Who is Your Best Friend? Tell Us About Them

My oldest bestie (not age-wise, length of friendship-wise!) is this hot chicka:

See how much she loves me?

I met Kimberlee when I was 8 years old, and my mom married her uncle (my adoptive dad). We have grown up together. Gotten in trouble together. Shared our secrets, our insecurities, and of course hours and hours of laughter. We have been there through each other's boyfriends, friends (break-ups and make-ups), weddings (only one for each of us! Just to clarify!), pregnancies, babies, life struggles and of course the joys as well!

Talk about loyalty. This girl has ALWAYS had my back. Once a group of her friends (as tight as we were, we always had different friends from each other) wanted to beat me up. Over a boy (silly I know, but it was HS, okay?). She completely had my back. I knew she would fight them with me. Of course it never came to that - we were all talk. But I know she could have kicked their trash -and totally would have if needed!

There are times when we go weeks or more without talking, because life is so busy. But it never changes how much a part of each other's lives we are. And when we're together - it's as if no time has passed. And it's fun that our husbands are besties as well - so I count my self fortunate to have such a solid friendship that I know will last for life.

Then there's this girl. She is probably familiar to most of you. I only talk about her constantly.

I met Tanielle 7 years ago when our boys, our first children, started Kindergarten. We were part of a group of 4 ladies that called ourselves the "Kindergarten Moms". Because we were all sending our oldest kiddos off to school for the first time, and were severely traumatized. So we would all be there standing at the wall of the K playground before school, and didn't leave until the kids went in. Then we made sure to be there early, waiting at the wall before school got out, so we could make sure and be there right when our kids exited the classroom. Tanielle and I formed a particularly tight bond as we were the same age, had the same number of children who were the same ages and genders, AND we had very similar personalities. We have been laughing and crying (and sometimes peeing our pants) together ever since. Some of the best memories I have are of nights when her husband was gone hunting, and my hubby would stay home with the kids, and I would go over to her house after all our kids were in bed, and we'd stay up all night watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and enjoying nachos and giant Dr. Peppers. It's been too long since we've had a Buffy night T!!!

I also have a wonderful group of girls that I have gotten close to through church. Three of them I spend a lot of time with, and consider them best friends as well. We work closely together in church, and play lots outside of church. I love these girls, love their support and friendship and encouragement, and could never have wished for a better group of neighbors and girlfriends! I love you Kimberly, Andrea and Heidi!

My best boyfriend of course makes ALL of these wonderful friendships possible. Hubby is so supportive and really makes an effort to make time to be with the kids and let me have a little girl time every so often. And he is great friends with all my married friends husbands, so it really works out so nicely. I'm a lucky girl. Love you babe - thanks for being the best boyfriend ever!

So, what are your thoughts on friendship? If you wanna share, or just read more of what others have to say, click on the button above!


Shawn said...

We expect the same things from our friends, it's basic isn't it?

How cool you were able to become friends with a family member, most blended families don't work out so well. You and Tanielle are so well matched, I love the friendship you share and so wish I had an IRL friend that blogged with me!

There's nothing better than a good friend! Thanks for linking up!

Unknown said...

Ahh, you are truly blessed! And those that can call you a friend are too. You sound like the PERFECT friend!

And it's so true, what I look for in a friend is what I give.

Tanielle said...

Love you my dear!!!! We have definitely had some "pee your pants" times, oh I miss them too!!!! You're a sweetie, thanks for always being here for me!!! Love you to the 100th power, and triple hearts!!!!

Vivian said...

What a fun post. You do sound like the friend everyone wants to have. I'm so excited that tomorrow I get to meet my first blogging friend. It's been a connection meant to is funny that way!

Anonymous said...

I look for the same qualities in friends. Loyal and trustworthy is a must!

Impulsive Addict said...

Your post wasn't long! But the font kept getting bigger then smaller! BWHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, I wouldn't make the cut because you can't really ever trust me...especially with a camera. I'm loyal and I can make you laugh. Does 2 out of 3 count for anything?

So, if I needed you to kick someone's booty that was being mean to me, you would right? I've got a situation to tell you about....

Yes, yes. You met Mimi. Just rub it in. Whatev.

Your bestie gave you a kissy-kiss! Aww.

How weird is it that you met a girl with so many similarities? Just reading about it gives me chills!

Thanks for linking up!! You're the best!

ashley said...

I loved your story about your best friends. You wonder how your friends would write about you, don't you? I'm sure they'd appreciate what you had to say about them all :) so sweeet!

jennykate77 said...

I think we're like 2 peas in a pod. I wish we were IRL friends. It's really not fair to meet such AMAZING people and be so many miles apart!

LOVE the pics of you and K and T! You girls are gorgesous!!! So so pretty! It was fun hearing your back stories too.

We're going to meet in person one day, right? Just say yes.

Macey said...

Awww, this is a great post!!
My favorite part was the part about me.


I would have been one of the Kindergarten Moms...cuz I was so traumatized sending Kolby to KG. When Kolton starts I will DIE.

MaricrisG said...

It's always a blessing to find a friend who you can really rely on anytime! Your blessed.

Mamarazzi said...

seriously i adore you.

great thoughts on friendship. i am so jealous that you have a great ward with fun friends.

my ward is...


even my Bishop thinks so, which is also weird.


Sandra said...

Loved reading this post, but the pics said it best!

Mrs. Match said...

I expect the same things from my friends too. I love that you are honest. I can't stand liars either, or awful fake nice people. "Hiiiii it's sooo good to see you" type people. Barf.

shortmama said...

Youre adorable and I love you...Thats all I got

FrouFrouBritches said...

What a cool post! That's why we get along so well - I'm a HUGE dork who loves to laugh. I, too, hate lying and insist on loyalty! Sounds like you have lots of wonderful friends in your life. You're quite the lucky girl!

Sami said...

I'm just going to ignore the part where you failed to mention that you want to meet me one day.
I'll work through it in therapy.
Did you know that I'M going to meet MiMi too?!?! Yup. Cause I'm awesome like that...
I wanna be in on one of those nachos and DP nights!
How did I not know you are part of a blended family? I guess you learn something new everyday!

Myya said...

First I just have to say WHATEVER to Sami who mentions getting to meet Mimi & doesn't add my name in because HEELLLOOO, I'll be there too!

Love this post, Like A LOT! Your qualifications for friends is right up my ally. Oh & I too hate HATE liars because really ther is just NO reason for it!

I wanna do a Large DP tv show night with ya!!!

Natalia said...

You and your besties look like you have a blast together!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I don't think I knew how you and Tanielle met. How is that possible that I didn't know that?! I totally am in sync with you on the trust thing. My dad raised me with the idea of "I'll suffer a fool before I'll suffer a liar."
(ps And I want to meet you IRL someday!)

Emmy said...

So awesome that you are such great friends with your sister. I love my sisters but don't see them nearly enough.