Friday, April 8, 2011

Confessions, confessions

I confess:

I stayed up last night watching Ion Television's late night movie. It was Superman.

Despite the very dated looking special effects - I still really loved it.

And I still really love Christopher Reeve.

I confess:

I am sitting here on the computer refreshing the Ticketmaster page every 5 minutes so I can be first in line when Taylor Swift tickets go on sale.

I think Taylor Swift is a mediocre singer. But I think she is a great songwriter, and a good role-model.

I don't have the money for concert tickets right now. But she is coming to town 2 days before Cowgirl's birthday.

I confess:

It snowed again last night, and I am marginally depressed. I have absolutely no motivation to get anything done around my house that needs doing.

I confess:

I have eaten like crap since returning from Portland. I just can't seem to get back with the program.

I confess:

I am not nearly as outraged as the rest of the country by last nights AI results.

Pia has a beautiful voice. But she bores me.

I confess:

I am furious that I still cannot change the font/size/color of the text in my posts.

When I do, it LOOKS like it is changed while I'm composing the post. But once I hit "publish" it reverts back to this same size and color. Can ANYONE help me figure out how to fix this?

I confess:

I haven't really done any great blog posts this week, but I'm still going to link up a post to Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Reading. Because I want to gain another entry into this giveaway.

Pretty selfish of me, eh?

That's all for today - but if you have some confessions of your own, click the button and go link up!



VandyJ said...

Hope you can get those tickets. Sorry about the snow--we have been threatened with snow for the last three days. Nothing yet, but I'm sure some will come soon enough, it always does.

Impulsive Addict said...

SNOW? Ew. Thank goodness we're over that business. I'm sooo ready for summer!

I like Taylor Swift and that's something coming from a non-country listener.

Someone else was having trouble with their font and colors. Just blame blogger.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend~

Unknown said...

I sooo don't miss Utah for that very reason. It's the land of the eternal winter. No wonder it's the capitol of anti-depression medication. LOL!
My home is in need of some cleaning, but I think I'll be outside enjoying the only warm sunny day we'll have for the next week. Rain, rain, go away! And stay away! LOL!

Vivian said...

I think we must be in the same part of the world because I too felt the pain of watching the snow go down...
On the other hand good luck with the's possible! I just bought Selena Gomez tickets for my daughter and I last Friday the minute they came on sale doing the same thing refreshing the Ticketmaster page...we got row 13 on the floor. Can't complain!! ;)

Macey said...

I didn't watch AI yet!!
Pia went home?! I can't believe it! I'm not outraged at all, she bored the crap outta me!
HAHAHA. I'm a jerk, but she'll do fine on her own.
What else...oh, Taylor Swift. Ugh. But I can see why you want the tix.
I added a giveaway on TnT to my post for entries cuz I wanna win movie tix. Does that mean I suck?
I don't know about the font/size/color thing...I mean if it looks changed when you do it I don't know why it doesn't stay that way.
I'm bored. Are you? I hate the weather. Although the sun is shining right now!

Anonymous said...

Snow...yuck! Its been crazy weather here lately. Sunny and warm one day, then snow, then rain and cold. I am so ready for all warm days.

Valerie said...

I kinda like Taylor Swift. My daughter went to her concert and said it was Awesome!

Snow here too. :( Bleh!

Totally agree about AI. The talent is great this year...I think this week's performance was fantastic!!!

Have a great weekend!

Myya said...

Snow... BOOO! Bring on the sunshine!

Taylor Swift... I kinda like her. I am not a country girl but I do like her... and Carrie Underwood.
You are gonna be a happy happy Cowgirl!

Pia was ok. Didn't love her didn't hate her. She will definitely do ok, she can SANG. Maybe JLo with take her under her wing. She seemed to LOOOVE her.

I have the same issues with my font sometimes. IT SUCKS! Not sure what to do to fix it though??? I am tyring to figure out how to download new fonts & add them into my HTML... not that I have any idea what they heck I would be doing but I am going to give it a shot.

FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh my gracious! More snow???? That stinks! Hang in there girl. Spring IS coming!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who wasn't completely torn up about Pia's dismissal from AI. I'm with ya. She has an amazing voice, but she's boring!

Shawn said...

I'm sorry that I laughed at you when you told me it was snowing again. Oh, you didn't know I was laughing did you?

Taylor Swift cannot sing, well she's 100% better than me but that's still not saying much, but she is a very talented young lady who I think is a fabulous entertainer and a great roll model. I hope you get your tickets!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Sorry about your snow. :(
Blogger is being a jerk lately. Perhaps it has its period.