Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Ravings...

So I've had a few days of writer's block.  I feel like the only thing I'm really focused on right now is trying to get ready for Baby Girl - since we are down to crunch time!  I know that not everybody is into reading endlessly about motherhood and baby prep.  But without that - I got nothin'.   So sorry!

Is there anybody else who still has their Christmas decor up?  Because I just always seem to have way more urgent things to do than un-decorate.  And once I get a more urgent task completed, I'm so freaking tired that I just don't have it in me to dive into the project of decor-switching!  I'm seriously sick of looking at it though!

I ordered my car seat today.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  I sure hope it get's here before Baby Girl does!  Here's what we picked:

I'm sorry if this is not incredibly fascinating to everyone else, but I haven't done this for almost 7 years!  It's like I'm a first time mom all over again!

I only used an infant car seat/carrier with Bookworm.  And by "used" I mean paid for and then never used it as a carrier because he just screamed his guts out the entire time he was buckled in.  Never fell asleep in it, and never was content in it when used with the stroller.  So basically we would end up carrying the carrier in one hand, and bookworm in the other.  NOT the convenience I thought I was paying for!  Add that to the fact that he was too tall for it by 4 months, and it seemed like an unnecessary added expense.  We skipped the infant seat with the other 3 and just went straight to a convertible seat that went from 5-35 lbs.

We're giving the carrier version another try, in the hopes that this baby won't be as naughty as Bookworm was as a baby!  Also because they seem to have come a long way, and accommodate baby for a much longer period of time with broader height and weight limits.

Something else that's evolved quite a bit since my last time around?  Bottles made for nursing babies!  I used Avent with my other babies, because they were supposedly the best for babies switching back and forth from breast to bottle.  But I wasn't necessarily in love with them.  I've been doing some research to prepare for this baby, and the bottles are really, REALLY shaped like boobs!  Here's what I think we're gonna go with:

I've read lots of great reviews about them.  I welcome other suggestions and feedback though!

Okay, something to talk about that isn't baby-related....

Anybody watching The Bachelor?  I never watch it, but from the coverage I saw of last season, I really liked Shawn.  So when I found out he was the Bachelor this season, I decided to give it a try.  I think it's 3 episodes in?  I'm not sure I can keep it up....I can't handle how pathetic all the women act!  I guess I'll just take my cop shows over drama-filled reality TV.

So, as you can now tell, I have a pretty boring life as of late!  But I just didn't want to fall back into the habit of letting more and more time pass between blog posts, until it gets to the point that I'm not blogging at all!  Thanks for hanging in with me if you made it this far!

And if you know of any great link parties that happen on a regular basis - please let me know so I have something to fall back on when I'm drawing a blank!

If you haven't already, you can still enter my baby-guessing contest here!


Myya said...

You need to switch my button on your sidebar to my new one... well not new, but way newer then that one over there ----->

My girls wouldn't take a bottle, AT ALL! They were little punks, ok I hardly ever offered so that was my fault but whatev... Aziza had to be forced into taking one though because she was a bitter & I had to wean her at 10 1/2 months. I started trying at just shy of 9 months to get her to take one... I tried 7 different ones ranging from First Years to Advent to Dr Browns to Even Flo to the basic cheap ones... I ended up finding MaM... the nipples are more like a mama and the bottom has a suction action thing going on that simulates the suction they get from trying to nurse. They totally worked & saved my boob from being bloody & sore all the time. Seriously, check them out yo, they are fairly inexpensive. Here is a link to Walmart. I think I got mine off Amazon.

Outcast said...

As weird as it sounds I absolutely adore reading about your pregnancy and how you're preparing for the birth of your child, it's made all the more interesting by the fact you haven't done it in so long. I get a little nervous since it's so close to you going into labour but it's all going to be fine, can't wait to read about how amazing it's been becoming a mother again and it's coming up soon which is awesome.

Limefreckle said...

don't apologize for talking about the's a BIG deal!! And aren't our blogs supposed to be about our lives? What else would you talk about at this time of your pregnancy!

As far as "undecorating" I don't think you are alone.....the other night on a walk with the dog I noticed 2 houses in close proximity to mine with trees still up in their front long as you don't turn into that house with the lights still up in April....your all good!!

Emmy said...

Ten things to Smile about this month will be on Tuesday-- pretty much always he last Tuesday of the month :) And you can always brag about your kids with Proud Mommy Moments every Thursday :) hehe enough about me

Love Graco car seats- good choice. I just always read Connie's recaps of the Bachelor-- but yea can't stand to watch it.

Macey said...

I have lots to say about this but I can't right now...ask me why.

Valerie said...

I like reading about baby stuff! Almost makes me want to have another one...NOT! ;)
I just got my Christmas stuff put away last week.
My youngest would not take a bottle. And he was a terrible nurser...terrible!!! I tried every bottle & nipple available at the time...finally when he was a year old, I got him to take the Playtex Nurser. WHEW! I was so glad to be done nursing that kiddo! :)
Well...that was a novel.
Have a great week!!!

Amy said...

I love all things baby. Seeing you get ready to welcome your little girl just has me all warm and tingly for you! I just took my Christmas down last week, so I completely know what you are talking about there. And blogging. Such a great way to preserve memories, but taking time out to actually blog? Not always convenient, is it? :D