Thursday, January 13, 2011

Muffin top to skinny jeans - motivation

Yes, I am far too lazy and beat to come up with an original title, so I just copied Shortmama's pretty much word for word

Today she asks us what motivates us. I've already mentioned that I am motivated by vanity. Particularly my desire to wear cute clothes, and have them actually STILL look cute on me!
I have shown in the past some fun sets I put together on Polyvore. Here's my favorite one. I would LOVE to wear something like this this summer:

The other thing that motivates me...and I know this is really weird, and I know they say not to do this. But I weigh my self every day. I'm sort of obsessive about it. I weigh myself at the same time every day. If the scale has gone up at all, it motivates me to do better that day than I did the day before. If it goes down, I am super encouraged and motivated to keep the momentum going. So either way I feel motivated.

On the other hand, when I wait for a week before weighing myself, I feel super discouraged if the number is up at all, or only down a little. I think all WEEK and this is my result? So the daily weigh-in really works much better for me. I told you it was weird. And this was a really boring post. I mean more boring than my usual boring-ness. Sorry.

So what motivates you? I'm headed over to Shortmama's to link up, and see what motivates others!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Ca-ute outfit. I loooove those shoes!!! Super super cute, X! :)

IndyGo Wylde said...

That outfit is COMPLETELY you. I can see you in it now, sitting at my bouts!
As for my motivation, more speed baby! I am obsessed (as if you hadn't noticed) with Derby and getting better at Derby and being a faster skater, stronger skater...etc, etc, etc.

Rachelle said...

I've been told it's better to weigh yourself everyday instead of waiting a week. That way, like you said, you can track your progress and set backs easier.

Macey said...

YOU'RE too lazy? You saw what me and shortmama did. lol

FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh my gracious! I'm totally in love with those jeans!!! Gotta lose my muffin top/love handles/big gross fat rolls. Summer is a coming!

Emmy said...

Hey whatever works for you.. I have never heard of daily weigh-ins working for anyone but if it works for you then totally go for it!

shortmama said...

Im totally drooling over that outfit! I would love to wear something so cute! Thats it...Im kicking these blues to the curb and exercise starts right away!