Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A bunch of nothing

I'm feeling particularly UNinspired today. Not sure why, just feeling blah. You know when you get that way? Wait, it's only me? Crap.

Perhaps it's because after some very balmy days of sun and nearing spring-like temperatures - we got a freakin' snow storm. Very depressing for a girl who has had enough of the white stuff, and is ready to see some bright cheery colors.

I'm feeling sort of stressed with a bunch of stuff sneaking up on me...with my church calling, as well as Pixie's 8th birthday. 8 is a big deal birthday in our family. She will be having a friend birthday party next Thursday, and then be baptized on Saturday, followed by a family celebration. Lots of stuff to plan, and it just sort of snuck up on me! So I have to get the invitations finished tonight, in order for her to be able to hand them out tomorrow!

I also have to make invitations for a primary event that need to be handed out...and then I need to get the birthday party supplies, and get the party put together. Add that to zero motivation, and you get stressed out, blah-feeling me.

I'm just a bucket full of laughs today, aren't I? Maybe if I could just get a little bit of sunshine I could shake the blah's and get going!

All you folks living in sunny states...could you send a little my way? Pretty please?

And all my hysterical blog friends...how about some hilarity in my inbox to make me laugh? I know ya'll are freakin' funny...so how about it? Make me laugh...I challenge you!

Hope everybody is enjoying their week. Be back tomorrow with less blahs....promise!


Macey said...

Um...I got nothing funny really...? What's fer dinner. That's what is consuming my teeny brain right now. That and nuts.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Sun. Hmm. Funny. Hmm.

Well, it's about 75 degrees here today. I wore sandals with a sweater. I groomed the wrong things though. I shaved my pits, but my feet are a DISASTER. How embarrassing!!!!

Can you laugh at my screw-up? Hope so. I did.

FrouFrouBritches said...

Well, it was like 49 degrees here and so sunny that I had to get out my shades so I could avoid squinting and therefore avoid wrinkles because, after all, I am turning 40 this week. EEK!

So sorry you're blah. I'll try and send the wrinkle producing fireball your way. Maybe it'll cheer you up!

shortmama said...

bippity boppity boo!!

That was me sending some sun over the border to you...or up the border to you, something like that.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Would you laugh if I told you T met Kathy Ireland in Vegas yesterday and he told me he's leaving me for her?(he was joking) When I asked him today if they'd run off together yet, he said she left him for someone less bald. ;)

Myya said...

I got nothin. ok wait maybe I do... so Aziza, who is 3, has asked me almost every day for the last 8 or 9 days if she can call Santa. She needs to tell him that he didn't make it snow on Christmas. She is NOT happy with that! Funny right. Not quite sure where she got that Santa was in charge of the snow but she is determined to have me get his phone number at some point.

Sheila said...

you need to come join my "cheer up swap" because WE are sick of winter too!!! :)
NO MORE WINTER - I say we protest!!!

Shawn said...

Are we in the same funk together....day 2 for me!??!

Sami said...

We have sunshine here, but it's cold. Like, I keep my coat on for at least 15 minutes after I get home, because I'm still recovering from the frigid 50 degree temperatures.
Do you hate me? I'm pretty sure I'd die if I lived where you do now, but I would brave the winter storms for you, my friend!
However, I think we should arrange a meet up sometime in the summer months, just to be safe.

I got nothing funny. I'll share Roon's favorite joke though...
A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says "why the long face?".
Are you laughing yet???