Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Someone and more!

Dear Hacking Cough,

Could you please go away already? I am so sick of you interrupting everything I do. I can't carry on a decent conversation. I can't get a good night's sleep. I can't even go running with the dog without having to stop and try not to pee my pants while you are wracking my body in the middle of the sidewalk. Just go away. NOBODY wants you around. Nobody.


The one who is tired of coughing her guts out.

Dear Ty (our dog),

You are fat. And lazy. The only reason I agreed to let hubby get you was because I thought you'd be a nice running companion. It's kind of embarrassing how whenever I take you out, you're so eager to go that you're practically pulling me down the road, but by the time we make it to the skywalk (like 1/8 mile away) you're already dragging tail. How do you think that makes us look? Do you think that people look at you slinking lazily behind me and think that you could protect me if they decide to do something horrible to this lone female jogger? Yeah, your whole point is to look like you are my protector so I can exercise without fear of being attacked. You better get your act together if you'd like to keep this cushy lifestyle you're living. I'm not afraid to replace you with my handy tube of pepper spray.

Yours Truly,
The owner who is embarrassed by your slothfulness.

Dear Dick Clark Productions,

You guys are still jerks. I barely posted my video of Mollee and Nathan to share with all my friends and you've already yanked it. If you're not careful I'm going to find out where you live and come put some of my lazy dog's crap on your porch.


A ticked off SYTYCD fan (one of MANY - I promise!)

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And now to quit complaining and be thankful! Go check out Amanda's 27 Days of Thankful!

Today (Day #5) I am thankful for my rewards check from my Costco Premier Membership...I was REALLY wanting to get a Chi for my hair, but they're kinda pricey, and we needed groceries. My check came in the mail yesterday and it was enough to get a Chi that is currently available at Costco, and get the groceries I need...I didn't even have to pay ANYTHING from my own pocket! Yay Costco!

And last, but oh so ABSOLUTELY not's time for my daily dose of SYTYCD! I'm actually going to share a video from Tuesday's episode. I have told you about Legacy, and posted a video of him before, but this is just too good not to share. Legacy is a B-boy (he's a street dancer without any technical training). He is just KILLING everything they give him. He's kinda my favorite so far, and he and his partner are my favorite couple. I LOVE this contemporary piece from this week. It's about her conquering her fears. Legacy plays the role of "fear". It's awesome. Also, before you enjoy that, I cannot BELIEVE I told you that Dave Scott choreographed the "Transformers" number from the other day. It actually was Shane Sparks. Love him too! Now enjoy Legacy and Kathryn! (cue video to 2:20)


Macey said...

Okay, so I must be a tard because I have no idea what a Chi is??
Hahaha, your dog must be hilarious! Maybe it's me disguised as your dog, because I walk 30 feet to get to my sidewalk and I am already dragging tail too...weird!
Now, quit coughing, go change your undies and have a good day!

shortmama said...

Yeah Im with Macey, no idea what a Chi is either?! All I kept thinking was a Chia pet and Im pretty sure you dont want that on your head.

My dogs are like yours. One is a basset, too busy smelling stuff to be of any company...besides her legs are too short and she cant walk very far. The other is a mutt that cant stand to be on a leash, she just sits her butt down and wont move.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

you need my corgi to run with. That dog can run like the wind for miles and still want to go. I do not know that because we run. I know that from when she runs FROM us.

The only way to stop her is to yell *wanna ride in the car gingerbean?* Then run and jump in the car and leave the door open. The only thing she loves more than running is riding.

I am more like your dog. I am totally good for just 1/8 of a mile.

kimert said...

I'm thinking a Chi might be the answer to all my hair problems. Maybe. Hmm.

You cracked me up with your dog and then the Dick Clark productions thing.. ha ha

kado! said...

I know what a CHI is!!! ...and yes they are a little pricy...but quality is not cheap! Costco rewards you for shopping? i might have to reconsider getting a membership....

Emmy said...

Hope you get better soon! Those type of coughs like to hang around forever :(

jennykate77 said...

That's so cool that you got a Chi absolutely FREE!!! YAY for Costco! I love my Chi! It's the only thing that will straighten all this naturally curly hair. Wish we had a Costco. Then I could get some of those burritos you were telling me about. :)

I have a fat dog too...and she's lazy. She won't even go outside and play fetch. She'll just sit there and look at you like "you go get it".

Hope your cough is better!

LOVE the videos! 2 days! :)

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

I want a Chi too. I loved the dance by Kathryn and Legacy. It was my favorite of the night.

Lynn said...

I can sympathize with Ty!
Thanks for the videos! Keep putting them up. I'll watch fast!

Liz Mays said...

I just love that dance. It's unbelievable!

Yay for the free Chi! That's a great reward!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

My husband tried to take our Pom running once when we first got her about 7 years ago. He stopped when he looked back and saw her dragging behind him. He said it was so embarrassing to have to walk and CARRY his dog while everyone else jogged past with their labs. ;)

Yay for the Costco! I need to renew my membership soon. Love that place! :)

I really enjoyed Legacy and Kathryn's piece. That Staci Tooci (sp?) is awesome!

Thanks for linking up. :)

Jenny said...

LOL about the dog! And coughing gets old fast! My sister has asthma and once she starts coughing, she can't stop. She's always afraid someone's going to think she has TB or something!

Jen @ said...

Yay for Costco rewards! I will probably get nothing back this year because I have tried to stay away from that place. I swear I spend $400 every time I go in there! But I did get a Chi for my birthday from Costco from my husband and you will love it!


Nicole said...

I've got the cough too, going on three weeks now...

Shawn said...

You're gonna leave Ty's poop n their porch. PLease remind me to never get on your bad side!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I'm sorry you're coughing and that you can't keep your videos up.
What's a chi?

Really? Poop on a porch? Really?

prashant said...

The only way to stop her is to yell *wanna ride in the car gingerbean?* Then run and jump in the car and leave the door open. The only thing she loves more than running is riding.
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