Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition...time to get serious again.

Okay my friends, let's try this again. I have not participated in EM:ME in quite some time. I have been at a stand still with my makeover. I don't mean like a plateau, where I'm working but not seeing results - no I mean I have not been working on this goal at all.

Remeber when Lacey did this awesome Fashion DeFunk for me? I was determined to wear the outfit she put together for my NKOTB concert in Vegas. Well, you all know what happened with that. If you're new and curious...go here. I think that disappointment, along with all the other craziness that happened in our family this summer kind of derailed me.

Remember these shoes?

Yeah, these were my reward shoes. I bought 2 pair of fabulous heels when my baby brother got married. The shoes were buy one get half off at my favorite store for shoes, Forever Young. One pair was for my brother's wedding. The other was this fab little pair. I have NOTHING to match these. These were my reward shoes. When I reached my goal weight I would be able to buy a fabulous new outfit to match them. They're still in the box.

So here's the new deal. On November 7, I will be going to see the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. I'm beyond excited. I will wear these shoes to the show. I mean it. That doesn't give me very long, so I have to work extra hard. If you have any great tips or tricks to help me stay motivated...please share!

This week, our fabulous host, the adorable Amber asks:

What are your successes this week?

Okay, seriously...none. I mean it. I have done nothing positive to help me reach my health goals. Just sayin' it like it is. is a new day!

And just because I like posting videos that you feel obligated to watch, whether you want to or not, I'm going to post a few of the numbers I'm hoping to see at the show!

Remember I told you Brandon was my favorite? He ended up placing 2nd (darn) to a very worthy opponent. These are some of my favorite Brandon moments:

First up...Brandon's first performance in the top 20. His partner is Jeanette who is also fabulous and went home WAY sooner than she should have! They drew a disco for their first performance, and the judges told them it was the fastes disco they'd ever seen in the history of the show, and possibly ever!

This next number is from the finale. The final 4 (2 girls, 2 guys) all have to pair up with each other, so everyone dances with everyone else. Brandon paired up with Evan, another dancer I loved who ended up placing 3rd, and this is the result:

Last we have a contemporary dance, which is actually Brandon's dance style. He is such a powerful dancer, and this number is amazing. He is paired with Kayly, who ended up placing 4th. Kayla wasn't one of my favorites...she seemed to lack personality, but she is a beautiful dancer, although she's not the one who commands your attention through most of this dance!

The first couple of seconds is jacked up for some reason, but then it clears up...this is the video with the best picture quality I could find, and you don't want to miss it - so sorry for the first part.

See why I'm so excited for the tour? The only thing that could make it better is if I get to wear my fabulous reward shoes! Let the encouragement begin...PLEASE! can still link up to Mod Podge Mania...we're seeing some awesome projects...please share yours HERE!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Good for you!!!! You can do it!!! :) Don't let yourself go into an 8 year slump like I did. ;)

I forgot about the Brandon and Kayla routine! So good! I'm going to post my favorite Brandon dance on Friday, probably. :)

Can't believe our show's startin' up again so soon! :)

Tanielle said...

You can do it!!! I will be back on track in a few months too!! I guess these means no more Cafe Trang?!?!:-)

Love ya, you will rock the E-Center in those shoes!!

Mama-Face said...

I will be at that very same concert; and now I have an excuse to buy new shoes. On top of the pair I bought yesterday. Can't wait for Nov 7th...I'm already hoping for no snow that day. :)


Emmy said...

He is good! That show always makes me want to go out and dance.. though it would look nothing like that :)

Amy said...

I know you will be able to rock the shoes for sure. Have a great day...

Connie said...

You can do it! Those shoes are fabulous!

What is your plan?

Macey said...

Go Xazmin!! You'll do it, I know you will! I love those shoes! However, if I was skinny, I still couldn't wear em, I'd break something very important, I'm sure... :)

Jenny said...

That's great! I wouldn't be able to walk in those shoes though! LOL!

Good luck!

Kenlie said...

You can totally do it! My only tip is something I remind myself of constantly...I envision myself reaching the goal, and that makes it so much easier to exercise and make healthy choices.

I can't wait to find out what you wore with the shoes!

Jen @ said...

You can do it! Those shoes are adorable. What a fun reward for yourself - that will be a great show!


Heidi Boos said...

JEALOUS!! I really wanted to go to SYTYCD tour. You'll just have to rock it out for me!! I wish I had some motivating tips and tricks to help you with your journey, but I'm not doing so hot myself, so I'll need YOU to send me the tips that others give you!

Small House said...

I LOVE those shoes. And I have to hand it to you for holding off on wearing them. Something fun to look forward to. I couldn't do it though. I'd fall over.

shortmama said...

I know you can do it girl! Fight to stay strong!

kado! said...

those shoes are STILL HOTT!! I know you can do it!!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Just keep looking at the shoes. Try them on once a week with the outfit you want to wear.