Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Someone

Dear Dick Clark Productions,

You guys are jerks. Really.

I think it's really jerky of you to continually complain to YouTube about people posting favorite dance numbers from SYTYCD. Then YouTube yanks the videos, and suspends the users' accounts.

Why? The poeple who post the videos are not making money. You are not losing money. We all just love the show so much we want to keep revisiting our favorite moments.

I think I have proven time and again what a loyal fan I am of the show. I really don't appreciate logging in to watch a favorite dance I have bookmarked and getting the message "This video is no longer available due to terms of use violation". I just wanna watch the dances!

Know what else is really jerky? When I have posted a video to share with all my bloggy friends, and it's there for a couple days, then BAM! Nothin' but a big blank square on my blog because you guys have yanked the video. Why? What is so wrong with us wanting to watch our favorites over and over again? What harm is it causing YOU?

Just thought you should know what I think.

The loyal fan whom you continually disappoint,

Dear Monkey (yes...again!),

You know those little pink bags that mama has with her hairbow stuff? THEY ARE NOT WATER NETS FOR THE TOILET!

I purchased those bags for customers to carry their purchases in when Ribbon Blossoms does a boutique. I did NOT appreciate that you decided to use one in the bathroom to scoop water out of the toilet, and I certainly did not appreciate that you then flushed the bag down the toilet!

I also did not appreciate that you took the scissors and cut the ribbon streamers from the hairbow holders that Tanielle made for you and your sisters! Why would you do that?

I though we agreed last week that you and I were going to try harder to bring an end to my grey hairs and my yelling. Well guess far - not so good!

The still greying, and yelling mama

Dear Tanielle,

It's okay that my husband did not appreciate it that you "glittered" the dog just for fun when we were working on costumes the other day. I thought it was hilarious.

Thanks for the laughs,
Your way less organized friend and business partner.

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Desert Rose said...

Now I'm sure that would've been a picture worth seeing...a glittered! And oh the things that kids can do and get into..what are they thinking! Obviously they aren't!! Don't worry, I'm still greying and hollering right along with you.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I heart Monkey!!!!!
(And Dick Clark has that moniker for a reason....)

Anonymous said...

LOL@it all!!

kado! said...

glitter-dog...where is our pic of that???!!!

....did your husband yank it because "violation of the terms of use?"

'cause that would be funny!

Emmy said...

Yes, I think if anything videos on youtube make people go watch the show more. I for example, had not watched Dancing with The Stars this year until you posted a video, and now I do.
So tell that to all the stupid people at Dick Clark Productions.

shortmama said...

I think your Monkey sounds a lot like how my little Miss Layla is going to be!!

Jenny said...

Oh no about the ribbons and bags!

I also can't stand when videos are taken off of youtube. Some of them for no real reason.

Katie Lane said...

My husband and I totally agree with you on the youtube thing. Totally.

Amy said...

That is crazy about the youtube stuff. I love the dog story...

Macey said...

Now how are we supposed to watch the videos if they yank em?? I don't watch the show, so I have to rely on Youtube and your blog! Dangit!
Glitter dog. Hahaha! : )

Unknown said...

I didn't know that about the videos on YouTUbe- that stinks!!!

And that Tanielle- getting you & the dog in trouble!!!

Happy Friday!


jennykate77 said...

I'm LOLing at Tanielle glittering the dog. Do we have picture proof of this incident? Monkey is so funny. Seems that your little pink bags have multiple purposes. :) Oh, and I totally agree on the YouTube thing. I never really understood why it mattered if videos from TV shows were broadcasted on there. It's crazy!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

OMW! Monkey on the loose! ;) Can't believe the stuff that child gets into. :)

I missed you!!!!

(And totally agree about the SYTYCD videos)