Monday, September 21, 2009


Top 3 reasons I don't buy Ramen Noodles:

1. My kids love them.
2. My kids can fix them by themselves.
3. I'm lazy.

See how these 3 things could equal trouble? If I have Ramen in the House, that's all my kids will ever have, because it's so easy to just say "yes" when they say..."Can we just fix ourselves some Ramen for dinner?" Yeah, Ramen on hand equals the end of balanced meals in this house.

Top 3 reasons you should change your comment settings to remove "word verification", and enable your comments to appear in a pop-up window:

1. Word Verification takes too much time (lazy...remember?). I really like to make sure to visit all my favorite bloggers, and when I haven't been by in a while, I like to go back and get caught up a little. Having to type in the word verification every. single. time. really slows me down!

2. "spam" comments are not nearly as common as you'd think. I removed my word verification months ago and have never had one. If you get one, it's not like you can't just delete it.

3. The pop-up window feature RULES! Sometimes, when I'm reading a particularly detailed post, there are several things I'd like to comment on. But often, when I get to the end of the post, I can't remember them all. With the Pop Up Window, I can still see the post, and just move the window to go back and re-read different parts of the post. This is also very helpful if you forget the name of the person (not the blogger, but the person they told a story about), or which child you are wanting to leave a comment about.

Changing the settings for your comments is VERY simple. Just go to your Blogger Dashboard. Click on "settings". Then click on the "comments" tab. Scroll down through your options. On the option called "comment form placement" select the "pop up window" option. Then move on to the option called "show word verification for comments?" and select "no".

Tada! You've just made it MUCH more convenient for your loyal readers to comment away!

Top 3 reasons my house is a disaster:

1 - Blogging
2- Ribbon Blossoms Halloween Orders
3- Again...LAZY!

I hope you're all having a fabulous Monday! Remember these IMPORTANT upcoming events:

September 30 - MOD PODGE MANIA!
October 1 - Monthly Craft Challenge with Heidi, AND the reveal of my Hand Made For Fall GIVEAWAY!


shortmama said...

I sooooooo agree with you on the word verification and the pop up box! I wont stop reading a blog because of word verification but boy do I detest them!

Mammatalk said...

Word verification drives me crazy, too!

Shawn said...

I feel like I need to say YES MA'AM!

I do not have word verification, can you say pain in the booty, but I honestly never thought about the pop up window before. But I do love it for the same reasons you listed, mine has already been changed.

Emmy said...

Yes for a while Ramen was almost a daily thing here... so we just had to go cold turkey. My kids do like it.

Unknown said...

Well you are right about word verification being a pain, especially since some are so little I can barely read them. I do have mine on but I'll consider changing it but I HAVE gotten over twenty spam commenters. That was during the short one week period I tried going without awhile back. Yes I did delete but it was annoying.

The top ramen certainly got my attention! I'll be ready for this month's Mod Podge Mania, I finally finished what was supposed to be up LAST month. So it's summery but better late than never, right?

Boulter trouble said...

Have you looked at the sodium in Ramen??
I about had a heart attack when I saw it.
I agree with you. And my girl L-O-V-E-S it. But there is not an ounce of nutrition in it.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Laughing SO hard about the Ramen!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, seriously, that word verification takes up WAY too much time!

Jen @ said...

Great post! I agree - I wish everyone would take off word verification! I fixed my comment box - thanks for helping me with that!

Also, I have a really fun project for mod podge mania - I am so excited!!!



Amen is all I can say. You hit the nail right on the head....only,...I DO by Ramen Noodles...because....#4...I actually like the things (throwback from college life).

Lynn said...

Amen Sista on the comments suggestions.
I haven't had any spam either!
I spend a lot of time blogging!

Jenny said...

I hate Ramen noodles! ICK!

I so agree on the word verification thing. It is so annoying!

Desert Rose said...

My handy dandy friend IRL shortmama removed word verification for me when she set up my blog for me...what would I do without her?! And yep, we've been friends IRL since we were the tender age of 8..but never been as close as we are now. She's wondermous!

Jen said...

I agree with the word verification thing!! I too changed mine a couple of months ago and haven't gotten any spam. I did however get them when I first started blogging like three years ago but I totally agree that it's a pain when commenting, espeically on my iPhone!

Your reasons for not having Ramen Noodles is too funny! I actually enjoy having some every now and then!

I am so excited for Mod Podge mania! Can't wait to get more ideas of how to use this great stuff I just found out about!!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Funny. I had to read 3 times why I DON't buy Ramen. Until I read the explanation.

Amy said...

This was interesting. I still need to stop by for Halloween stuff. I hope today.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Great post! I certainly agree about the word verification thing...takes twice as long to leave a comment.
LOVE the pumpkins the kiddos made below! So cute!

Macey said...

Is mine in a pop-up window?? I don't even know! I don't have word verification and if you read my post today, you'll see why!!! Haahaha!
Hey, I'm READY for Mod Podge Mania, baby! That's what I was doing yesterday instead of commenting on my favorite blogs! :)

kado! said...

LOL!!! I was SOOOO just typing the same thing about pop-up comments...and word verification!!! I can't agree with you more!!!!

Carol Kennon said...

I fixed the pop up window and word verification on my blog...just for you! Actually I didn't realize it was so annoying and so easy to fix. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I totallty agree about the comments thing- I am so glad you put that out there!!

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Your Blog:
1. You are funny
2. You are sweet
3. You write REAL stuff!!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Puh-leeze change the word verification/have to go back to the home page and scroll back down after leaving a comment. Ugh!
And what's with the word verification AND blog owner approval. What?

jennykate77 said...

I don't like word verification either...except I like to make up words out of the ones they give you. It is REALLY annoying though.

You're so funny. I love ramen noodles sometimes, but they are so not healthy and really high in WW points, so I haven't had them in a long time. If Isaiah had it his way, he would eat lunchables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh, but he does like V8...he'll drink like 2 with his that weird?