Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Decorating Dilemma time again!

I can't believe it's already time for another edition of Amanda's Decorating Dilemmas Party! We all post about a dilemma we are facing, or some helpful decorating solutions, and go over to Amanda's to link up and share our thoughts with each other. So c'mon!

Last time I got such great feedback, I know just what I want to do with my front porch! Thanks ladies!

So, I'm going to show something I have been ashamed, embarrassed, horrified to show on this here blog. I. hate. my. kitchen. The previous owners did a hideous decorating job. It is blue and white. Not that that's so bad in and of itself, but they painted the top cupboards white, and the bottom ones blue. Who does that? As if that weren't enough, they put this hideous country apple border around the top, and it's peeling off!

So my intentions for this room are to completely remove the border, and repaint all the walls and cupboards. I'm doing a country red, baby maize yellow, and sage green, with copper fixtures. Eventually. When I get money.

Anyway, this is the top of my cupboards, all the way around. PLEASE - this time for real Amanda! - don't enlarge the picture. These are filthy...I don't know the last time the tops of these cupboards saw a dust rag!

Right now you can see I have a bag of copper dishes I want to use when I redecorate, and then the ice maker for our freezer that has never been installed. I will be of course getting rid of that crap, and I need some fun ideas for how to accessorize the WHOLE top!

So let the ideas begin!!!

Again...so embarrassed about the dust, and the clutter on top of my cupboards!
Well, my whole kitchen in general!


shortmama said...

I love that you have the ledge above your cabinets. I have the same and it was my biggest challenge to figure out what to do with. I ended up going to Goodwill and finding different things in the colors I wanted. I wanted lots of green, blue, rust and yellow. I found easy (and cheap) ways to do it. I found bottles in the colors I wanted. I found vases that could be filled with fake fruit or beads. Serving dishes in the right colors. I think its the little things that really pull it together!

Paula@SweetPea said...

Do you have a collection of any one thing that you could put up there? If it were in my house, I'd have various antique bowls, plates, cups and saucers, mixed in with some antique tins.

Unknown said...

I like Paula's idea of antique bowls, tins, and so on, if you have those.

I have a ledge on top of my kitchen cabinets, too. My parents and my in-laws, who live in older homes, have that space filled in; at first I didn't know what to do with it! Over time we filled it with an assortment of things: an old-style Ritz Crackers tin, a vase that belonged to my great-aunt, two cookie jars that have special meaning to us, a stoneware dog-treat jar, and a set of glass jars filled with tri-colored dry pasta. It's a mis-matched set of things have sentimental value to us.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hey, Xazmin!! :) I PROMISE that I did not enlarge the pictures. :)

Our cabinets are very similar! Will your walls be more than one color? My kitchen walls are yellow (not the exact shade I'd like, but it can--eventually--be remedied) and it makes the pretty white of the cabinets stand out.

FYI, I can't remember the last time I dusted up there either.

If you have a color on the walls, maybe a collection of white platters, bowls, cake plates, etc. might look nice with your copper pieces. Throw in some other pieces in your accent colors, and it would really pop.

I have the brass handles/hinges on my cabinets too, and I am dying to try painting them, but the hubs is skeptical. I may have to suck it up and try it on my own. ;)

Also, I don't know how hard it would be, but it looks like the top of the cabinets are a clean edge. Maybe at some point, adding a piece of molding would finish them off?

I think it has great potential! I like blank slates. So much easier than if you had fluorescent orange walls or something. ;)

Thanks for linking up again!!! :)

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Hi! Stopping over from the decorating dilemmas party. This may be a totally different direction than you were looking for, but when my hubby and I lived in our first condo we had a tiny kitchen with very little storage space. Your kitchen is much bigger, but I still thought this might work- I hung a tailored-looking fabric panel from the ceiling to the tops of the cabinets so that we could store boxes on top of the cabinets and they were hidden behind the fabric. I think I may have a photo somewhere- I'll see if I can find it. If you didn't want to do the fabric thing but would still prefer storage space to display space you could also find large baskets that fit the space perfectly. If you could find ones with lids that would be even better so the things inside wouldn't get grimy.
Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

You've lost me on this one. I'm a decorating idiot. I know nothing! good luck on your project.
Just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do thre same.

randee said...

hey - everyone's ledge is dusty! & the more you put up there, the more dust you'll have. i can't figure out what to put up above mine, either :(. i do like pam's suggestion if you're short on storage space.

sarah said...

I saw on Pottery Barn's website these neat glass jars with number on them-very pricey, but you could make your own with canning jars and vinal lettering. They would be simple but add a little something:)

Brigetta Schwaiger said...

I am a crazy paint lady- love to pick colors/finishes- so before you put anything up there, I would love to see you take down that border and paint the walls a color in a matte finish so there is some contrast with the white. It would do wonders. But, that's just me.

Tiffany said...

My first question for you is...how long is it going to be before you re-do everything? Months? Years? Longer? If it's going to be more than months, you might seriously consider making some painting improvements now. With $100 and a weekend, I'm guessing you could make a kitchen that you like or even LOVE to get you through the next couple of years. So, that being said, I would...

1.Take down the paper
2.Paint the upper and lower cabinets, (or just paint the lower cabinets white)
3.Spray paint your current pulls, maybe a nickel finish?
4.Paint your walls a color you love.

Then...I would use all that copper stuff you have sitting in the bag to decorate. Head over to the goodwill and find platters and bottles you like the shape of. Spray paint what isn't the right color.

Ok, that's my 2 cents, but I'm no decorator, just a frugal gal who likes to make the most of what she has. :)

Macey said...

I love the ledge above my cabinets!
My kitchen is sort of a mustard yellow color, with red, burgandy and navy accents. Your kitchen is gonna look great when you get it the color you want! I have no ideas for you because you already have good ones! :) Okay, I thought of one, the cabinet pulls. Spray paint. I did that and I loved it!!! And they are so ridiculously overpriced.

Macey said...

By the way, I could send you pictures of my ledge if you want. There is this one part of the ledge that I don't really have anything good on. I have some antique kitchen tools up there but you can't see em very well, so I have to figure out a way to display them.

Amy said...

Maybe some pretty green leaves, and birdhouse or little houses would look cute.

Unknown said...

Hi! We've all been there! Or in my case, I'm there now with ya! Got a whole house I want to wave a magic wand at and turn into a HGTV house!
;-) I like Paula's idea of a collection of something you have. Also, Amanda, the good idea lady, had a wonderful one to display white items up there. That would look great against a colored wall. Really, so many of the suggestions you've already gotten are good ones.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me out with my window seat dilemma!


Koko said...

I wish I was a decorating genius, but I'm not. I have friends come over to tell me what to do. haha And many times I don't get around to that...for along time. I like your color choices, though. My kitchen right now is mostly yellow and people who come in seem to like it. At enrichment they told us that the colors purple and blue take your appetite away, so we all joked about how we need to paint or kitchens purple and use blue dishes (or vice versa). haha Green is a great color (my living room color). Good luck -- can't wait to see pics someday!

Koko said...
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Koko said...

Someone suggested glass jars -- they have pretty ones and cheap ones at Tai Pan there in Sandy. Also, I like the idea of painting the bottom cupboards white and a color you love in the background.

Unknown said...

Hey girl! I love Amanda's idea of white dishes, especially if you paint the walls a color. Or, just look for dishes whose shape you like and then paint them an accent color. Check out the thrift stores for ideas! I love platters above cabinets.

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

I actually would love to have white cabinets. I think I would go with a beachy theme. I would leave the cabinets white and paint the walls a soft blue-green. Then I would accessorize with beachy things above the cabinets. Starfish, beachy wood, glass containers with beach glass, a big canoe paddle painted black...

I would paint the bottom cabinets to match the tops. And I would put on some really fun knobs.

What a fun project! I will come help you if you would like... I love to paint!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I would choose a new fabric for your window first (making sure it kind of coordinates with the room closest to the kitchen) and pull a wall color from the fabric. I would paint both upper and lower cabinets a creamy white... possibly rubbing an antique glaze on them.

I would also add crown moulding to the top ledge and I would add moulding to the faces of the cabinet doors, giving them some detail for pennies.

Spray painting the existing hardware with that hammered copper rustoleum will save you a lot of money. I would get cute baskets to put on the ledge and store items you don't use on a regular basis. I like the idea of the plates up there as well. I would NOT do silk plants up there.

I'd also get a different light fixture for over the sink. If you get one with a good shape/good deal, you can spray paint that too. You didn't tell us what your counter-tops are like...

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

If possible, definitely take down that paper and paint. I think if you have large collection of something, it would look nice up there. One of the blogs I read has a collection of old kitchen canisters. The white dishes sounds nice, too.