Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini Entrepreneur

Today I'm linking up to PMM, so I can brag on Cowgirl.

She's in 6th grade.  One of the things they do is called Mini Society.  I'm sure you've seen or heard of similar things at your kids' schools.  But basically their classroom is a mini society.  They have to earn "money", pay for their privileges, etc.  They regularly have a day where they run a business in order to make more money, and also have the opportunity to spend their money.

Before the first time, Cowgirl was brainstorming, trying to figure out what she could sell.  I remembered a couple of weeks earlier I had seen that she had taken one of the composition notebooks I had gotten her for school, and scrapped it all cute and girlie.  She did it on her own, just for fun.  I suggested she could sell cute, scrapped "journals".  She loved the idea and got to work.

I have been pretty useless in the evenings as far as helping my kids out with stuff.  I'm just so exhausted by then.  So I sat on the couch giving moral support and encouragement, while she quietly worked away with my Cricut, cute papers, hot glue, double sided tape, and some cute embellishments from my bow-making stash.  She designed them all herself, and they turned out really cute.  She paired them with some cute pencils from the dollar store and they were a big hit.  Not only did she sell nearly every journal (the only one left was her attempt at a "boy" one, and I guess no boys were interested), but she got 3 custom orders!

Today is the second time they are doing their businesses, so she was up last night making more.  Including some miniature ones as well.  I think they turned out really cute - especially since once again she was all on her own!  I hope she has some great sales again today.

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Emmy said...

Those are seriously so so cute! And even more awesome as she figured it out and did it on her own. Love that kind of creativity.

Thanks so much for linking up.

Outcast said...

This is definitely a cool idea, it's so impressive of your daughter to be up to this kind of thing already, best of luck to her, it's no wonder you're so proud!

Macey said...

She is SO crafty and talented! She gets it from her momma!!
I want that giraffe one. Would it count as a sale to her if I bought one??

Valerie said...

Those journals are so cute! She did a great job!!!

Limefreckle said...

GREAT JOB! Etsy worthy I think!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, those are adorable! I simply love them. How old is she? That is impressive work! Beautiful.

Angie said...

Those are absolutely adorable! Hope her sales were good today too :)