Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why are some people so clever?

I really wish I was clever.

Do you ever look at people who have just said or done something clever, and wonder how they got to be so clever?

Do you see something online, or on TV and just ponder the cleverness of others?

Do you have cleverness-envy? I do.

What, you think I'm over thinking this whole cleverness thing?

Maybe. But I've always wished I was clever.

One of my favorite ways to waste pass the time is to watch funny/cute/clever videos on youtube.

Today I'm going to share with you a family favorite - I cannot tell you how many times we have watched this in our family.

I promise you'll enjoy it - so just take the time to watch it...kkthanks.

Don't you love the way young children tell stories? It's hilarious. And when some clever person comes up with the idea of the ADULTS acting out the story as told by the children - well you get a little something like this:

You are welcome.

I'll be sharing 3 more episodes for your viewing pleasure in future posts. You're welcome again.

So tell me, am I the only one with cleverness envy?

I probably am. Considering how clever the rest of you already are.


Impulsive Addict said...

LOL! I wonder how long it took them to make that video! That little girl was my favorite! She's adorable.

I'm clever. Be jealous.

I lie sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Video's hilarious!

I gave up envy for Lent.

Macey said...

That video is awesome! The little girl! LOL
Also. You're clever. Hello?
Voodoo People McDorkle?

Alicia said...

OK, that was AWESOME. I really did laugh out loud.

No, not the only one with cleverness envy - and just for the record, I think YOU are VERY clever. So maybe we all are just a little insecure about our writing? Sounds natural. =)

FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh my gracious!!!! I nearly fell out in the floor when she said "then he went to the potty". That is hysterical! I love the way the adults acted out every single sound uttered from those kids. So funny! Thank you!

I'm totally jealous of clever people. You know what I hate? When Hubby and I see some new reinvention of an everyday thing and wonder, "Why didn't we think of that? We could've made so much money!" It stinks to be a big ole dufus! Oh well!

Sometimes_Carol said...

That video was super cute! I too have cleverness envy... although some have called me witty before, is that the same thing?

Also, I'm new to your blog & am enjoying your posts! *waves hello*

shortmama said...

That video cracked me up! That is so funny!

Myya said...

My hubs swears that everyone steals his ideas. Ummm hello that is why you should get a patient. I am not clever AT ALL!

Ok so that video was super cute. That little girl is soooo stinkin adorable. I love when they are trying to think of what to say & thier eyes go to the side like they are going to find it somewhere. ha ha ha

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

No. You're not the only one. Me too.

Sarahie said...

Oh! I love Kid History. So funny it makes me cry and snort!

And, I suffer from a lot of cleverness envy among other types of envy that I am not able to come up with names for right now. I'm not clever enough. =)