Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random thoughts from me, as I sit here at 1 in the morning.

Remember the TV show Without a Trace? I'm watching reruns on ION television right now. Eric Close is hot. Just sayin'.

I like sparkly things. Like a LOT. My newest favorite sparkly thing? I'm LOVING this Glimmersticks Diamond eyeliner from Avon. LOVE.

I'm also loving this Co. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint.

Also? I tried some of this at Victoria's Secret the other day. Pure Seduction is my most favorite scent. I use the shower cream, lotion, and body spray. I'm running low. I went in to check if they were having any kind of sale on my stuff and found SHIMMER body lotion! How freaking awesome is that?? It really did make my skin shimmer! I'm totally getting some when it goes on sale. Between my eyeliner, lip gloss, and shimmer lotion - I'm totally going to look like a Cullen. (Threw that in there for you JK).

Eric Close is pretty hot. Just had to point that out again, cuz he's on the TV right now...looking good.

Anybody watch DWTS? I've never watched a full season. Even the season that Donny was on. I still rooted for him and was happy he won. This year I tuned in to see Ralph Macchio. I had such a crush on the Karate Kid. And Kirstie Allie (I never had a crush on her, just tuned in to watch her). I can't seem to not love her - no matter how mouthy and crass she gets. And mouthy, crass women usually bug the crap outta me. They are the front runners - which makes me happy.

I was glad to see the guy who was paired with Lacey Schwimmer go.

Because I can't stand her.

Back when she was on SYTYCD I couldn't stand her. Glad I won't have to watch her anymore.

Roselyn Sanchez is really beautiful. They never hooked her character up with Eric Close's character on the show - but that would have been a lovely pairing. TV shows should hire me to tell them which characters to hook up on the show. I'd be good at that.

Am I the only one who finds it astounding the HUUUUUGE list of possible side effects listed in the "disclaimer voice" on prescription drug commercials? Especially when the "condition" seems to be a relatively mild inconvenience compared to the possible side effects from the medication used to treat it?

Also, I consider myself a fairly intelligent girl. I use proper grammar (unless I'm purposely using a slang word). I'm pretty well-read. I pronounce most words correctly. Until this very moment I have said "PERscription". It's "PREscription". I only just discovered that when the spell check put a little red squiggly line beneath my word. How could I be saying such a common word incorrectly my whole life? It's like saying "bob-wire". I'm so humiliated.

I guess it's about time I wrap this up. It's 1:40 a.m. now, and I'm still not sleepy. I still have to go through and add links and pictures to my post. Maybe that will make me sleepy.


Shawn said...

Several things...

Do you have ADHD? Just wondering.

Honey would love that eyeliner. I must find an Avon rep for Easter baskets goodies!

You're sparkly like a Cullen? I'm so proud of you cuz it's so much better than being hairy like Jacob!

I liked RM too when I was younger, Peanut loves him in The Outsiders {yes, it's one of her favorite movies}. But does he seem a little dorky on the show.I hate to be mean but really, he seems kind of awkward as a grown man.

I say prescriptions correctly but I guess I say bob-wire wrong. How do you say it? You can tell me on the monthly vlog link up on the 4th!

Hope you got some sleep!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh my gracious! I love Without a Trace and yes, Eric Close is sooooo hot! Rosalyn Sanchez is gorgeous! I pretty sure I hate her. Okay, not really.

Okay. I loved Ralph Macchio too, but I have to root for Kirstie. I loooooove her! I met her once and she was so precious and sweet. Love her!

I'm so glad you shared about the sparkly lotion!! I have some sparkly stuff from Bath and Body from several years ago that I use very sparingly because they don't carrry it anymore. I love me some shimmer lotion. I did buy some sparkly powder from VS with the big brush a few months ago for the trip with my Hubby - not that he even noticed that my pushed up cleavage sparkled like a Cullen - but lotion is soooo much better! YAY! I'm totally getting some of that!


I love Without a Trace. did you watch the new Dana Delany (China Beach) show last night? she is a medical examiner...very good.

Macey said...

ADHD!!! Hahahaha.
This is an awesome post cuz it's all over the place!
That poster of Karate Kid...I had that. He was hawt. I lurved him. Still do.
I like Kirstie Alley somewhat, but Wendy WIlliams scares me. She really creeps me out. Like creepy creeps.
I said that on another blog today too...I just can't like her.
I want to check out that Avon liner...and that scent from VS DOES smell good! I LOVE IT! :)
Thanks to you!
I like sparklies on my eyes...but if I have it anywhere else I feel like I need a shower. Weird?

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

OK, I'm gonna get hate mail for this, but Ralph Macchio's Karate Kid character kind of bugged me because he was such a DORK. I kinda thought he deserved to get beat up for a couple of things.
Don't watch the dancing shows, but I love to hear the analysis you've put into them. You crack me up. I don't know who the people are. (Except I just heard today that Psycho Mike 1) was on the show and 2) was sent home.) He's on a radio show out here.

Anonymous said...

I wish they still made Without a Trace, that was a awesome show. And yes Eric Close is hot!

I want to sparkle like a Cullen, that would be awesome stuff.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

This made me laugh so hard!! I like KA and RM on DWTS the best. I don't hate Mark Ballas' partner like I thought I would. I think she could be pretty good.

I love funny posts. :)

Alicia said...

That was incredibly entertaining. Thank you!
(sorry, I had to! Hope you don't mind! Gatta get the word out! =)

Emmy said...

The only season I watched the whole thing is when Donny was on. And you know I think I say prescription both ways- I flip flop

jennykate77 said...

I love that you're sparkly like a Cullen!! Thanks for the shout-out! :)

I'm LOVING DWTS this season. Of course, I'm always a faithful watcher. Maks owns me. I can't turn away. I'm really loving Ralph and Kirstie! They're doing great!! Makes me so happy. I was worried.

Oh, and I LOVE Mentha Lip! Yum!

Sarahie said...

Oh, my word! I am falling in love with the Karate Kid all over again when I watch him dance! How awesome is he?

And, yeah, I can't stand Lacey Schwimmer either.

I've never seen Without A Trace, though, (sorry), so I can't say much more there.

I love all your sparklies! Someone once told me that a woman shouldn't wear sparklies after age 25. I laugh in their face. Sparkly is always good.

The disclaimers at the end of prescriptions: That always makes me laugh a little. Geesh! I do medical transcription and have to type lists like that for surgical risks. The list always ends with the word "death" and the doctor always moves on like it is no big deal. Crazy.

Myya said...

You are all kinds of crazy with this post, but I love all kinds of crazy!

I agree, Eric Close is pretty hot. Wonder if it is the eyes? GOREGOUS eyes.

I've got glimmersticks. PERTY! I need a few more though.

Oooh OoOhhh OOOH if you get picked to match couples up in shows can I help you out. I wanna play, I wanna play!

Bob-Wire? Isn't it Barb-Wire???
Yeah, don't be too impressed I still spell their wrong every single time I type it & then I have to go back & fix it.

shortmama said...

I was wondering about those eyeliners from I have to get me some!

The side effects of medicines thing is hilarious...I always make comments about how much worse they are then the actual issue!

Sami said...

HAHAHA! I just love you!
I can't believe you've never said "prescription" right. TOO FUNNY!
I totally think Eric Close is HOT! Always have, always will. Okay, maybe I shouldn't say that. HE may be a really ugly old guy someday...
You don't think it would be worth taking a diet pill if it caused anal leakage??? Why?!
Or an ED med that could cause loss of vision?
Yeah, sometimes the benefits don't seem to outweigh the risks...