Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Cousin Cowboy,

I just wanted to let you know what your friendship has come to mean to me.

Also I wanted to say sorry for all the times your older brothers and I tried to ditch you when we were growing up and I would come up for family reunions. But, well, c' ARE 4-5 years younger than us, and back then that was A LOT! We were these cool teenagers, and you were this annoying little kid (in our minds). So anyways...sorry for being a jerk back then.

But seriously, as adults, you have become one of my best friends. Thanks for the kind words when I am hurting, the putting me in my place when I am whining, the political arguments, the smiles and the laughs. Your testimony uplifts me, your "tough guy" act doesn't fool me, and your country-boy heart endears you to me. Truly you have become one of my favorite people ever!

I can't wait until April when we all get to come up and visit you in good ole Idaho! Cowgirl is TOTALLY looking forward to getting some riding lessons from you! And please don't try to get back at me by ditching ME...because remember you promised to take me shooting? K...thanks!

Love your guts!
Xazmin - your City Girl cousin.

Dear New Kids,

Seriously? You wait until I purchase my Daughtry tickets to announce you are going on a tour again, and that the one and only Western city you will be visiting is VEGAS? You know, the city where I was supposed to see you this past summer but then my world came crashing down and I had to SELL my tickets to some chick who then sent me pictures of how up close and personal she was able to get with MY tickets?

Now what the heck am I supposed to do? I can't really justify (or afford!) going to the Daughtry show, then 2 weeks later taking a road trip to Vegas to see you guys. Why didn't you tell me SOONER?

Heartbroken (still) and missing you,
Joey's girl.

Dear Belly Fat,

Just die already. I loath you beyond description and can't stand looking at you.

Your Mortal Enemy

For more letters or to link up a letter of your own head on over and visit the always hilarious Shortmama!

I decided that I should probably make some sort of an effort at being a wife and mother today, so I may not be by to visit until later tonight...but I WILL be by!

Last, but absolutely NOT least! Don't forget that Mod Podge Mania is coming up in just a couple of weeks! I hope you're all working on a project to share!!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a sweet letter to your cuz! I feel the same way about mine. :) He's 6 years younger than me, and I spent a good deal of time torturing him. ;) Can you forward your letter to Belly Fat to mine? ;)

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

I love your letters! Great job and of course I am working more mod podge projects than ever!

Koko said...

These are so funny! Love the cool teenagers ditching the younger cousin. Funny how all of our ages mesh together eventually! Ah Belly of the privileges of motherhood/maternity! :D

April said...

The first letter was so sweet. I totally feel ya on the belly fat thing!!

shortmama said...

oh sweet belly fat how I loathe thee!

Sami said...

I gotta say, I'm busting a gut over the whole "New Kids" thing! Totally takes me back!
I'm also fighting a losing battle with my belly fat. Maybe it's because I'm on the chocolate and Dr. Pepper diet. What? It is so a diet plan!

Desert Rose said...

I sure hope my oldest offers up that apology to my son when they are older! Now wait a minute here...are you sayin' that you'd rather go to a New Kids concert than a Daughtry concert????!!!! Oh mah goodness, tell me it ain't so! I'd rather go to Daughtry any day!

And did ya have to bring up belly fat?! ;)

jennykate77 said...

I love your Dear Someone's as always. I'm really feeling the one to the New Kids...I totally feel the same way!!!! Why did they wait until I already have two trips planned to decide they're going to post most tour dates?! WHY?! They KNEW we wanted to go together! GAWH! What is their deal? I want to see them soooooo bad and I was really hoping the next time I see them that you would be there too!!

Well, hope you're having a good week! Love you!♥

Macey said...

NKOTB!!! Dangit!
Belly fat...what's that? Oh! That big thing hanging from my middle section...that's right.
What a sweet cuz you have...besides ME!!!

kimert said...

I could write the same note to my belly fat. Ugh. What is it with that stuff hanging around?!!?

Sorry 'bout the New Kids.

Emmy said...

It is funny how 4-5 years as a teenager is a huge deal, just ask my little sister who I was too cool for for so many years; but now it is nothing.

Amy said...

Oh no fun for NKOTB..

Jen @ said...

LOL - belly fat -- die! So funny!