Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awkwardness, craftiness and a party!

Very first I need to get a small, uncomfortable item of business out of the way. I'm a little nervous about handling it appropriately, and hope I do not offend or hurt anybody.

Yesterday I linked up (for the first time) to a popular blog party I had seen floating around, without actually reading the blog first. I unintentionally linked to a post that had a number of profanities in it. Although I believe that everyone has a right to say whatever they want on their blog, I wouldn't intentionally direct any of my readers to a post with this content. I try to keep my blog clean, and try hard to represent well the things I believe in. I have girls in my Young Women organization at church who have access to my blog, as well as family and friends whom I know wouldn't appreciate such content, and I really want to apologize if my blog led anyone to a post they might not appreciate reading.

In no way am I trying to insult this blog author, or any of my blog friends who link up to this party. Please don't take it that way. I just really felt a responsibility to apologize for my negligence in making sure the content I directed my readers to was appropriate for each of my different readers.

Whew! Now that that's out of the way...on to the fun stuff! Yesterday I went shopping with my mom to score some supplies for an adorable Valentine project I saw from Michelle. Hobby Lobby has all their 12x12 papers and paper packs 50% off! SCORE! So I got an adorable Valentine's paper pack so we could make THESE!

These are for Cowgirl's and Pixies's classmates at school. Aren't they Ca-UTE!?! Go here for detailed insturctions! They were not very time-consuming, and my girls really could practically do them all on their own.
The hardest part for them was picking out the papers they wanted to use out of the fabulous paper pack!

Monkey's contribution was to eat the suckers.

Pixie was very intent on folding her papers as evenly as possible!

Here Cowgirl is inking the edges of the paper.

Next they glued on their hearts...
And after securing them to the suckers with some ribbon...VOILA!!!

Pretty adorable, right? They just signed their names on the back, and now their classmates will know that they appreciate them enough to make their Valentines by hand!

Now if you're here for the fabulous Amanda's Decorating Dilemmas may have noticed the, shall we call it "vintage" table my girls were working at.

This is the dining set from my parent's cabin that was built in the 70's. We inherited it when they sold the cabin. And don't get me wrong, we're VERY grateful. But I would LOVE some ideas on what I could do to update the look of this thing.

Here's a closer look. The top is that hard, formica? I think. And the legs are aluminum.

The chairs also have aluminum legs and back, and then this berber type upholstering. These may also be from the early 80's. I'm not sure.

So c'mon all you furniture make-over experts! Start suggesting already!!!


Macey said...

Ever since my on-going table and chairs re-do I am having a self imposed moratorium on furniture re-do. And that stuff looks harder than what I was dealing with! Yikes!
Don't worry about linking up to a post riddled with bad words...if people are like me, they're lazy and they didn't check it out!

Tanielle said...

Cute Valentines!!! I wish I had more motivation right now!!!

Sarah said...

I wonder if you could get a sheet of plastic or glass that's the shape of the table then you could put your kids pics, or misc pics of things you love underneath.....I would paint the table and chairs black or brown too, and then get new fabric for cushions that match the color paint you choose maybe with one other accent color so your main focus is the table, but you still have something pretty to sit on. Hope that helps!

kimert said...

No worries on the blog link up. I link up the same said party and it never occurred to me to give those "words" a second look! I read the funny stuff without the profanities! ha
Love the Valentines! We are doing handmade this year and I can't wait to show those off too! :)

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

I think you handled it beautifully, Xazmin :) And, you know, *someone* has to contribute by eating suckers ;) I love it!

Kendall@ Finesse Your Nest said...

Oh yeah, that's an 80's flashback alright!

It looks like the table has gold trim, yes? I would spray paint (if the table is formica, use the Rustoleum spray paint for Plastic. It works great!) it either black or white. If you're really bold you could do a fun color too!

The chairs -- unscrew the seat bottom and the backing (if the backing doesn't come out, just cover with an old towel or sheet and tape it up good) and spray paint your choice of color (if you're doing white on the table, black on the chairs might be cute and vice versa!)

For the upholstery, go pick a really great upholstery fabric. Make sure you get the thicker fabric for durability. The seat will be easy. Just wrap carefully around the cushion and staple gun to the back. You'll have to take some time with the corners to get them to look right (lots of stretching and stapling)

For the backing, same idea but wrap your fabric over the top of the piece and then staple at the bottom down in the crease as much as you can to hide the staples.

Show us after pics! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Those Valentine gifts are just TOO CUTE!!!

alanna rose said...

Found you at Amanda's party!

I'm all for spray painting the table and chairs - but I think the shape really gives away their "vintage" age ;) I'd think about making short slipcovers for the chairs to disguise the shape, plus they'd be easy to wash which is always a plus when you've got kids.

I'm not sure what your style is, but a chocolate brown paint and slipcovers sewn from drop cloths would be really sweet :)

Pottery Barn used to have slipcovers like these but they had a nice pleat at the bottom, I'm picturing something like this.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I agree with Kendall...spray paint that baby!!! I think it has a great shape and lots of potential. Slipcovers on the chairs would be nice, but you'd probably have to make them because those chairs don't look like average sized chairs. Good luck and let's see pictures when you're done.


AP Mommy said...

I appreciate you taking the time to be thoughtful on what you link to and thinking about the ramifications that *might* occur (but I'm sure didn't) - it is always nice to see someone be aware of their blogging and their words and the linking of others words. I've recently been subjected to some nasty words directly on my blog from a Ms. Anonymous who disagreed with my parenting and *suggested* I take a different course of action... it would have been pleasant for her to have thought through those thoughts a bit more before lashing out so abrasively - because her message (I hope) was merely meant to help... but her tone and accusations were hurtful. WOAH tangent - obviously I have some scarring still healing :-$

I guess all that to say - I am sure no one was offended by your linking to that site - but it is refreshing that you are mindful of your words (and links!)

I absolutely love the Valentine's. I can't wait till my son is old enough to work on them - and I hope wants to ;-)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

First of all, I think anyone who knows you would know that you'd never intend to offend anyone. :)

I think recovering those cushions (dark, patterned fabric would probably show less wear?) would be the easiest and first fix. I'm sure that Google would have all sorts of tips on how to prime/spray paint Formica. Personally, I'd stick with white b/c it would be easy to cover up later. Even just covering the gold would be helpful.

I bet changing out your blinds for some long/wide curtain panels that can close to cover the window would help too. I got a big big drop cloth at WM for less than $20. :)

Thanks for linking up, friend!!

Sami said...

You're so sweet, and AWESOME! I'm with MiMi, and was too lazy to link back to it, so I hadn't seen, but thanks for being concerned!

LOVE the valentines!, LAZY. Ring Pops with the stickers on them for all! Kinda sad too, since I'm a room mom. Should maybe be a little more, shall we say, motivated? Nope!

If I had any talent when it came to furniture, I would throw in my two cents. But, I don't, so I'll just say "good luck" and I can't wait to see what you decide to do!

shortmama said...

You are so considerate. I would have never even thought about where I was directing people too! You are such a good person!

Holly said...

Okay, now I'm all nosy and wondering who has a popular blog party that would use that language? (Don't tell me, I don't really need to know)
Now your dining set is a tough one. It's going to be hard to really disguise the era because of the design. But you could sure improve it with paint and changing the fabric on the chairs.

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Wow they came out great!! I am glad you had a good time making them, and I have to say- tutorial pictures are much better with children in them! I can't wait until I am able to do these types of activities with my daughter, but she needs to work on being born first lol.

Rachelle said...

OK, so when you showed the table, I had to do a double take cause we had a table that looked exactly like that (even the chairs) when I was young! Ah, fond memories.

I have no clue what you could do to the table and chairs to update them. Good luck with that!

Emmy said...

Those are so so cute!

And the table, yeah I have no idea :)

Paula@SweetPea said...

I would find fabric for your chairs first and then paint the table a coordinating color second. Those chairs look like they'd be pretty easy to do. Maybe you can take one apart and see how it's upholstered. It's probably just a bunch of staples holding the fabric in place.

Cute Valentine's project. Your girls look like they are having a lot of fun!

FrouFrouBritches said...

First of all, we know you didn't mean to offend anyone. don't worry about it!

Second, you are such a good mom for making Valentine's with the kids. I went to Wal-Mart.

Third, I'm also liking the idea of painting the table, but I like the slipcover idea for the chairs.

Can't wait to see what you do!

Desert Rose said...

I know that some blogs can be over the top with stuff...there are some days when I post something that I think some people may find offensive, so I put a warning before I post about it so people know that it may be offensive and can choose to not read it. I don't have any personal friends/family that already read my blog that would be offended by it, but I never know who will run across it and be shocked.

Jessi said...

Hello there, and thanks for visiting my blog! I haven't had a chance to read through everyone's comments, so forgive me if my suggestions are repetitive. I would get a glass topper for the table, one that is just a bit larger than the table so that it creates an overhang. As for the chairs, I believe you can sand them and use spray paint made for aluminum/plastic. The chairs look like they would be easy to reupholster.
Good luck, and be sure to post whatever you do!

Jenny said...

Those are cute Valentine's! I don't know what to do with the furniture! I'm so scared of painting things.

Sare said...

Two words. ModPodge. okay one word. but seriously couldn't you do something similar to those trunks?? Cute paper and your favorite adhesive, and voila! new table! Oh and pray paint, and just cover those chairs! the back and cushions should be easy enough to get off. just staple some fabric over them. DONE!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I totally agree with Alanna Rose about the chocolate (or espresso)paint and drop cloth slip covers. It won't be enough to re-upholster the chair, because they truly do have the 80's shape.
Cute Valentines, and I am so sorry to hear that Turkey, er, Monkey, ate them.