Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Someone

Dear Appetite,

Would you get lost already? I've been trying to ditch you forever...but just when I think I've given you the slip, you show right back up again!

Don't you know how hard you are for me to ignore? And you're not a nice little appetite that just craves enough to give me the nourishment I need, and then you're satisfied.

Nooooo, you have to be this raging monster that never quits! And you are not satisfied with whole grains and fruits and veggies. Nope, you demand nachos and pizza and salty, greasy foods of every variety. No, you are not a good companion to have.

So, please, I'll ask you again, could you just get lost?

The one who can't get you under control

Dear Responsibilities,

You are seriously overhelming me this week. You've had me commited to multiple things every. single. day. The Board meeting you had me commited to last night last until 12:30 a.m.! And now I have slush to make for Saturday's baby shower, piano and violin lessons for the kids this afternoon, a Young Women's event to attend this evening (which I have to help prepare a display for), a birthday dinner to host tomorrow evening, and Soup to make for Saturday's shower, and a shower to help throw!

Could you lay off already?

The woman who may be bald before Sunday!

Okay, thanks for listening to my whining! For more letters head over to Short Mama's!


Krissy said...

I think if I were to write a letter to my appetite it would sound just like that, haha.

FrouFrouBritches said...

You sound just like me. It's really sad when I eat just as much as my hubby and he complains about being full and I say, "Hm, I could eat a little more!"

shortmama said...

My appetite needs to take a hike too!

Macey said...

So if our appetites got together it would be like Godzilla...they'd destroy a whole city.
Guess what?! You are at 300!!! Followers!