Thursday, May 10, 2012

PMM - My Son

I thought I'd join up today with Emmy Mom and Kmama, to do a little braggin' on my son.

If you remember here, I told you about our school's Pedals for Hope cancer research fundraiser.  As part of the event, my son committed to ride his bike 40 miles and collected pledges from friends and family.  I was a little unsure if he'd be able to complete the full 40, since he doesn't really get a chance to ride much, and he had only been on a bike ONCE since winter got over.

But I'm proud to say my boy did it!  He completed the full 40 miles.

Not only that, but we picked him up from the trail and immediately dropped him off at his Scoutmaster's to head to scout camp.  He returned from Scout camp and changed his clothes and immediately went to his soccer game (they won!).  Let me tell you that that boy was sore for a good couple of days after!!

Thank you to those of you who helped him pass his fundraising goal.  He ended up having the highest amount of all the students!  We love you!  The students ended up raising just over $4,000 this year.

I also need to brag on him on the personal development front.  This year Bookworm joined a youth chamber orchestra on the suggestion of his violin teacher.  The orchestra is conducted by his daughter, and he wanted Bookworm to have that ensemble experience and since he is not yet in HS, and our school is quite small, he isn't able to participate in a school orchestra at this time.  He didn't really want to at first, to add to his time commitment for violin.  But their end concert was a few weeks ago (he missed the 1st one because it was the same night as opening night of the school musical), and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  He is excited to audition next year for the advanced orchestra that is conducted by his violin teacher (who is a member of the Utah Symphony).  I left my camera home, so I only have Hubby's cell phone video, but this was one of the favorite numbers of the night (he is on the left with the burgundy tie):

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Rebecca said...

wow i'm exhausted just reading all he did but way to go he rocks

Macey said...

Go Bookworm!!!
The thing is, I don't even like to DRIVE that far...

Emmy said...

Holy cow he is busy! Is that what I have to look forward to?

So so awesome that he was able to do all of that. And glad he enjoyed the orchestra.

Thanks so much for linking up!

Myya said...

Quite the young man you are raising. You definitely should be soooo proud!

Trina said...

I'd be proud too! What an amazing kid. I'm still reeling over the 40 grateful he's good at the violin. Maybe you'll get to rush by screechy orchestra concerts in no time.- We've dealt with years of those- but I never had a kid in the advanced orchestra either.

Over from the Proud Mommy Moments Mines Browning Dirt.

Kmama said...

That is awesome!! 40 miles is quite a feat!

Thanks for linking up!

Naptime Review said...

New follower from Tuesday Hop. Not a fan of cremation. Just did it for both my grandparents this year and there was no service. Wasn't very personal. Just my opinion. Follow back when you can!