Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Remember how I told you all I've been taking French lessons?  I am having so much fun with them.  I know I'm not learning as quickly as if I were younger, and taking lessons every day, but I so appreciate my weekly visit from a dear friend who takes the time to teach a slow learner a beautiful language!

I took French class in middle school, and my teacher told me I had a gift for the language.  Back then my bestie and I used to say that we would live in twin chateaus in France.  We knew the names of the boys we would be married to, what they looked like, how many kids we would have, and their genders and names!  Man we had it all figured out!

Back then, I imagined that because of my gift for the French language,  I would one day be working for a translation agency contracted by the government.  Or maybe I would get to be an undercover intelligence agent that used my bi-lingual skills to infiltrate international criminal organizations and help bring them down.

Of course, that would be my secret life.  To the world I would just be the nice wife and mom living in a French chateau with her beautiful kids, and next door to her best friend.

Please tell me I'm not the only adolescent who had such crazy imaginings?  Right?  Or I'm just weird?  Okay.

Now my aspirations are much more down to earth, I would love to some day be able to carry on a half-way decent conversation in French with someone who speaks the language.  and actually be able to understand them, and have them understand me!

I'll share more stories from my secret French life in future posts.  Because I just thought of 2 funny French things to share!  

To be continued....