Monday, May 21, 2012

FMM time!

It is a crazy week for this mama, but I wanted to take just a few minutes to whip out a quick FMM post.

And I apologize for my visiting slackerness!!  I'm working on getting back into the groove!

Here are the questions from Kenlie for today:

1- Three of your favorite movies:

Clear and Present Danger
A Knight's Tale
Son's of Provo

2 - Three of your favorite things to drink:

Dr. Pepper
Cherry lime-aid from Sonic

3 - Three of your favorite songs:

So hard to narrow down!  I'll go with:

All In - Lifehouse
The Spirit of God - Hymn
O' Holy Night - Christmas

4 - Three people who have recently been a positive influence in your life:

Elder Samuel W. Clark (LDS General Authority who spoke in our Stake Conference this weekend)
His wife
My primary children I serve in church.

5 - Three things you do to keep yourself entertained:


6 - Three things you are attracted to in the opposite sex:


7 - Three things you love about yourself:

I'm passionate
I'm involved with my children's education
I'm loyal

8 - The last 3 people who text messaged you:

My mom

9 - Three things you are looking forward to this week:

The end of it
The end of it
The RSL game

10 - Three wishes specifically for yourself - what are they? (be honest and be selfish)

RSL season tickets
To be skinny
To have my bills paid off

11 - Three of your favorite quotes:

I actually have a ton - here's a few off the top of my head.  Not necessarily my top 3.

"Heaven - don't miss it for the world."
"You can do anything, but not everything." ~ David Allen
"Never confuse education with intelligence."

12 - Three of your biggest fears:

Losing a child (physically)
Losing a child (spiritually)

13 - Three of your favorite TV shows:

NCIS: Los Angeles
Hawaii five-o

14 - Three of your favorite things to purchase when you're shopping:


15 - Three things you enjoyed last week:

Girls night with my daughters while my boys were at a school camp out
Pixie's first piano recital
Stake confrence

16 - Three things that you always have in your bag, or close to you:

cell phone
church phone directory

17 - Three types of food that you wouldn't want to give up:

Mexican food
Sea food

18 - Three things you do to enjoy burning calories:

Yeah right.
Okay, I like swimming/water activities, but haven't done them in a loooong time.
Laughing - it burns calories and it is awesome.
Dancing - also neglected for a loooooong time.

19 - Three things you dislike about blogging:

Guilt when you don't get around to leave comments.
Disappointment when others don't leave comments for you.
The time commitment.

20 - Three ways blogging has changed your life:

I'm finally a little consistent at keeping a journal for my family.
The great inspiration/ideas I've implemented in everything from decor and crafting, to food storage and prepareness.
Most important of all - the friendships.  Real friendships that go beyond blogging and will continue whether we continue blogging or not.

DONE!  Go visit Kenlie to read more answers or to link up!!


Macey said...

Haha you mean stake, right??
And water?? Really??

Rebecca said...

this is great

Our 365 Days said...

that was fun!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I used to get cherry limeades from Sonic all the time. I miss them!